Gambling Laws in Poland Explained 2024

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Poland’s gambling laws represent the country’s complex history and desire to provide a profitable and responsible gaming experience for its gamblers, resulting in a competitive and thriving market.

The Polish betting industry is a heavily regulated scene worth PLN41.21 billion. The market has increased in the last five years and looms to grow with the country’s growing betting population.

This article explores the legality of the Polish betting scene, explaining the complexities of Poland’s gambling laws in 2023 by discussing the following parts of the industry:

  • Rules and regulations,
  • Governing bodies,
  • Gambling market size.
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Highlights of the Article

  • Gambling is legal in Poland but under heavy regulation by the Gambling Act of 2009.
  • The Finance Minister is the primary regulator of Poland’s gambling industry.
  • Poland has four legal gambling games: Games of Chance, Betting, Card Games, and Slot Machines.
  • Poland’s entire casino industry reached PLN 43.4 billion in turnover in 2021.
  • Online casinos had the highest revenue in 2021, which amounted to PLN 18.34 billion
  • The lowest revenue among Poland’s gambling games came from Audiotext Lotteries, amounting to PLN 0.06 billion.
  • Illegal gamblers can be fined up to PLN 4.4 million
  • Operators without licenses are liable to a fine of up to PLN 28 million. They may also face a custodial sentence of up to three years.

The Legality of Gambling in Poland

gambling laws poland

Gambling in Poland is legal but strictly regulated. The country legalized betting through its Gambling Act of 2009, incorporating casinos and sportsbooks in the discussion of its legal framework.

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Side Note

A sportsbook is the same as a bookmaker (bookie) since their purpose is the same.

The Act makes Poland a safer country to gamble in than its neighboring states. With the country’s economic developments, its citizens now have more cash to bet with. 

Bettors planning on going to Poland must familiarize themselves with these regulating laws. Let’s dive into Poland’s gambling laws: its scope, function, and specifics.

Poland’s Gambling Regulation: Act of November 2009 on Gambling Games

Poland Gambling Act Provisions

The Gambling Games Act of November 2009 provides the rulings for Poland’s betting activities. The Act does not categorize online and physical gambling but focuses on specifying the features of each game.

Poland’s Gambling Act defines the country’s four legal gambling games: “Games of Chance,” “Betting,” “Card Games,” and “Slot Machines,” specifying which games fall under strict State monopoly.

The Polish Finance Minister governs the country’s gambling industry. The entity provides licenses and scrutinizes applicants on management, shareholding structure, and technical capabilities.

Here are the critical offenses that the Act outlaws:

  • Organization of gambling games monopolized by the state
  • Unlicensed gambling operation
  • Breach of license conditions
  • Violation of advertisement restrictions
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Foreign operators without licenses should block access to their websites in Poland. If not, they will be blacklisted and written under Poland’s Register of Illegal Gambling Websites.
Online gambling licenses are expensive but necessary. Site operators must pay a fee of around $21,000 – $26,000 to acquire a permit and another $25,000 annually for license retention.

Failure to abide by the Law and its provisions constitutes punishments and penalties, such as: 

  • Administrative fines
  • Blocking of websites used for gambling
  • License revocation
  • Criminal liability under penal and fiscal regulations, which include: 
  • Fees
  • Imprisonment for up to three years.

This law also compels foreign operators to acquire a Polish gambling license. Operators without a license are blocked and listed in the Register of Illegal Gambling Websites. 

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Did You Know

Illegal online casinos are prevalent in Poland. In 2021 alone, unaccredited online casinos made a turnover close to PLN 20.1 billion. Legal online casinos only generated PLN 17.4 billion.
On average, legal online casinos worldwide make around PN3.31 billion, a measly amount compared to the revenue generated by illegal gambling sites.

As of September 2022, blocklisted domains totaled 26,200, showing that illegal gambling is still prevalent in Poland, regardless of the strict regulations. 

Amendments to the Gambling Act of 2009

In 2009, the Polish government faced a public backlash regarding how it handled the proceedings for developing the country’s gambling regulation.

Before the Act became official, significant political turmoil erupted as Poland’s public officials allegedly used their influence to lessen the gambling taxes of the country’s casino industry.

As a result, lawmakers rushed to pass the Gambling Act in 2009 to regulate Poland’s betting scene and to signify that the government was firm against the lobbying made by corrupt public officials.

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Did You Know

The provisions of the 2009 Act did not initially comply with the European Union’s laws. Poland failed to notify the EU before passing the law. The EU immediately compelled Poland to amend its rules.

The Polish government passed the Gambling Act in as fast as two days. Some errors and inconsistencies made interpretation hard, leading to amendments in the succeeding years.

Below are the significant amendments to Poland’s Gambling Act of 2009.

2011: Amendments to Slot Machines
Gambling Games Act 2011 Amendments

On June 31, 2011, the Polish parliament amended its gambling law to limit slot machines to 70 units per casino. The changes brought the following regulations:

  • Only registered operators with physical establishments in Poland and owned by Polish nationals could apply for a license.
  • Players must pay a 10% tax on sports betting winnings.

After debates and commentaries, the court added new provisions to the law. It allowed the use of e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller as payment services for gambling transactions.

In March 2015, the Polish government allowed foreign gambling operators to offer services in Poland. They legalized it even without a physical facility in the country.

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Side Note

There are several ways that Slot machines can be manipulated, such as hacking RNGs or using unregulated machines.This example is why countries aim to regulate Slot machines to prevent game manipulation and protect Slot players and operators.

2017: Amendments to the Blocking System
2017 Amendments Visualizer

The 2017 amendment established the Blocking System for Internet Service Providers. Under this amendment, the system automatically blocks unlicensed gambling websites and transactions.

The Polish Parliament adopted significant amendments in December 2016. With the revisions, the Gambling Act now focused on: 

  • Specific types of gambling and betting
  • How games are offered to the public and their limitations 
  • Licensing
  • Government Fees for operators 
  • Tax rates
  • Fines for violating the law
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Side Note

Aside from administrative fines, there are criminal sanctions for gambling violations.
These provisions are regulated under the Penal Code (Kodeks karny) and Fiscal Penal Code (Kodeks karny skarbowy).

Relevant Legislations to Poland’s Gambling Scene

In Poland, several other legislations shape the gambling industry. While the 2009 Act is comprehensive, the State implements these other legislations to cover relevant market issues and concerns.

Read on to learn about these laws and how they affect the country’s gambling scene. 

National Revenue Administration Act of November 16, 2016

The National Revenue Administration (NRA) has been operating since March 2017. Under the NRA, the Polish government implements policies concerning the following State responsibilities:

  • Tax Administration
  • Fiscal Control
  • Customs Service

Poland’s Minister of Public Finance is the key person tasked with cooperating and coordinating NRA policies. The Head of the NRA also manages the administration.

Critical tasks regarding the NRA involve the following responsibilities: 

  • Handling significant taxes, 
  • Uniform tax and customs information, 
  • Crime prevention. 

Gambling taxes are paid and filed to the Tax and Customs offices under the NRA. 

The Treasury Code of September 10, 1999

Chapter 9 of Poland’s Treasury Code of 1999 deals with treasury offenses against the organization of gambling. The following are the offenses as provided in the Code: 

  • The organization of games on vending machines or mutual establishment
  • The conduct of random games, such as slot machines or reciprocal bets, without the necessary official check
  • Destruction of evidence of participation in the lottery and bingo
  • Theft or defeat of an automaker or gaming device without notifying authorities
1. Sale of tickets for games of chance
2. The arrangement or organization of the lottery
3. Attending Gaming and Mutual-Infringing Establishments
4. Illegal Advertisement
5. Participation of Minors

The Gambling Act of 2009 addresses and regulates legal issues concerning Polish betting activities. However, the Penal and Fiscal Code 1999 contains specific criminal sanctions for illegal gambling.

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act of March 1, 2018

Poland’s Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act of 2018 aims to counteract money laundering and the financing of terrorism. 

The 2018 Act created the Financial Security Committee, which includes the head of the NRA, which oversees the country’s gambling taxes.

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Side Note

Poland was among the 5 EU nations that issued specific anti-corruption laws to address match-fixing incidents in its sports industry.
The move was in response to the money laundering reports in FIFA, wherein FIFA executives received $150 million worth of bribes for over two decades.
Football is Poland’s most loved sport and has been since the 1900s, which is why the country has made moves to keep the sport free of corruption in Poland.

Chapter 1 of the 2018 Act lists the provisions for assigning an “Obligated Institution” to enact necessary terms and conditions in conducting economic activities.

Through the Act, Poland’s Finance Minister acts as the Obligated Institution, enforcing policies for gambling following the Gambling Act of 2009, with the following mandates:

  • Apply customer due diligence to their customers
  • Spot the risks of money laundering and the financing of terrorism in business transactions. 
  • Document the identified risks.
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Side Note

Some of the due diligence measures by Obligated Institutions are:

  • Identification of customers
  • Identification of beneficial owners to define ownership and control structures
  • Monitoring of customers’ business relationship

As the Obligated Institution, the Finance Minister must enforce customer due diligence measures when betting rates are equivalent to or higher than €2,000.

The State of Poland’s Betting Scene

Text Visualizer of Poland’s Gambling Market CAGR (2020-2026)

Despite strict gambling regulations, Poland has a competitive and thriving betting industry. Experts forecast the country’s gambling revenue will generate around PLN10.1 billion by 2026.

With a CAGR of 5.1% over the forecast period (2020-2026), increasing bettor spending and Poland’s growing online casino market contribute to the steady growth.

Poland’s gambling industry is strictly regulated, with specific governing bodies overseeing various segments. Below are the agencies responsible for managing Poland’s betting scene:

Ministry of Finance (The Department of Games of Chance and Betting)– Licensing of Casinos
– Permits for bingo halls and betting shops
National Revenue Administration (NRA)– Supervises the market and gives permits for specific gambling activities
Tax and Customs Office– Collection of fines and taxes

Many games and activities are permitted based on Poland’s gambling law. Experts suggested that the total turnover of Poland’s entire casino market reached a whopping PLN43.4 billion in 2021.

Let’s try to break down these huge numbers. Check out the table below for the breakdown of revenues of individual sectors of Poland’s gambling market in 2021.

Number GamesPLN4.11 billion
Cash LotteriesPLN1.88 billion
Slot MachinesPLN1.91 billion
Online Casino GamesPLN18.34 billion
Gaming CasinosPLN4.3 billion
Counter BetsPLN10.6 billion
Audiotext LotteriesPLN0.06 billion

According to a study, the most addictive games in Poland are casino games such as Roulette and Poker. Second to this is slot machine games.

Another study found that men and younger people who earned less are more involved in e-Gambling. Out of the 2,000 respondents, 26.8% of them were problem gamers.

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Did you know?

Gambling addiction is widespread in Poland, especially among college students.
A 2020 study suggested that 75% of college students have gambled, with students between 20 and 30 years old having severe gambling problems. Additionally, 1 in 20 college students are compulsive gamblers. 

The gambling tax is paid to the Tax and Customs Office monthly.

There are no specific provisions for the taxation of online betting in Poland, meaning that the process follows the exact taxation mechanisms as land-based gambling.

Check out the Poland gambling tax per game in the table below: 

Slot Machines50%
Casino Games (other than Poker Tournaments)50%
Cash Bingo, Telebingo, Premium Rate Lottery, and Poker Tournament25%
Number Games20%
Cash Lottery 15%
Other Forms of Betting12%
Raffle Lottery—Raffle Bingo Game10%
Sports Betting for the Competition of Animals2.5%

Brief History of Poland’s Gambling

The first-ever casino in Poland stood in 1920 in Sopot. The town is located near the sea, which provides an excellent spot to establish a casino.

Grand Hotel Poland Visualizer

In 1927, the owners upgraded the facility to a Casino Hotel, which became the city’s primary source of income. Its popularity encouraged the creation of other casinos to accommodate the increase of players.

Sopot Casino attracted many tourists from across the country. It offered games like roulette and blackjack. The casino transformed into a field hospital during the Second World War.

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Fun Fact

The Casinò di Venezia in Venice, Italy, is the first-ever casino in the world. It was constructed in 1638 and continues to operate and accept guests as of 2023.

During the war, strict gambling laws implemented by the Soviets led to the shutdown of the casinos in Poland. It was not until the 1990s that the Soviets reversed their ban on gambling.

The Polish Government constituted the Law of July 29, 1992, on Gaming and Wagering to legalize betting, establishing the legal framework for gambling and keeping it within strict limits.

The 1992 Act provided specific stipulations that operators must follow for developing and managing their gambling hubs.

Below are the requirements and provisions that operators must consider when constructing the betting facilities:


  • Developers can only build a casino in a city with at least 250,000 population
  • Operators are not allowed to advertise the casino
  • Gamblers must be 18 and above to enter the gambling premises
  • Operators must strictly check and require patrons to register personal data to enter
  • The Polish government is authorized to monitor all Casino activities

Slot Machine Arcades:

  • Developers can only build a Slot Machine Arcade in a city with at least 50,000 population
  • Operators are not allowed to advertise the Slot Machine Arcade
  • Gamblers must be 18 and above to enter the gambling premises

Bingo Halls:

  • Developers can only build a Bingo Hall in a city with at least 100,000 population
  • Gamblers must be 18 and above to enter the gambling premises
  • Operators must strictly check and require patrons to register personal data to enter

Betting Forms Available in Poland in 2023

Available Gambling Forms in Poland Visualizer

Poland’s gambling act might be strict, but it doesn’t prevent Poles from betting. Almost half of Poland’s online betting businesses operate illegally. In 2020, it had a turnover of PLN 12.6 billion.

The Gambling Games Act of November 2009 contains provisions for the legal and illegal forms of gambling that Polish people can partake in.

Under the Act, gambling activities are categorized into four types: games of chance, betting, card games, and slot machine games.

Gry Losowe (Game of Chance)

Games of Chance or “Gry Losowe” is a general term for games that mainly depend on chance to win. Bettors can play these games online to win either cash or in-kind prizes. 

The court deems it a “game of chance” as long as a slight element of luck exists in a gambling activity.

Games that fall under Games of Chance are: 

– Number Games– Dice Games
– Cylindrical Games – Raffle Bingo
– Cash Bingo – Telebingo
– Raffle Lotteries– Cash Lotteries 
– Promotional Lotteries – Audio Text Lotteries


Cash Bingos are only playable in Bingo halls. One Bingo hall is allowed per 100,000 inhabitants. Currently, no Bingo Halls are operating in Poland.

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Fun Fact

Based on several studies and articles, there are Bingo numbers that are called more frequently than others. They are numbers 6, 4, 42, 72, and 47.
However, Bingo results are always guaranteed to be random, unlike games such as poker and blackjack.


Poland regulates the National Lottery with its physical lotteries and iLottery through the Totalizator Sportowy. The Polish Lottery started in 1955 and has been flourishing with its eight available games:

  • Polish Lotto
  • Mini Lotto
  • EuroJackpot
  • Ekstra Pensja
  • Kaskada
  • Multi Multi
  • Keno
  • Rapid 600

These Lottery games are available on every street in Poland, with more than 16,000 outlets nationwide. Prizes range from thousands to hundreds of millions of PLN. 

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Quick Tip

Keno and Bingo are two famous gambling games that some people confuse with each other. Both games involve drawing numbers and machines to determine the winning combinations.
The games’ objectives, how numbers are drawn, strategies and odds, and the payout decide the key differences between Keno and Bingo.

In 2020, various types of Lotteries were Poland’s most popular games to bet on. 47% of Polish bettors preferred Stationary Point Lottos, 22% bet on Online Lottos, and 18% wagered on the Lotteries.

The Gambling Act does not control the venues that sell national lottery tickets. State-owned companies operate the trade, and the Act does not enforce limits on their number.

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Fun Fact

Poland’s cash lotteries sector generated around PLN1.88 billion (US$465 million) in 2021, 4.5% of the country’s total gambling revenue.
The figures from Poland pale compared to Great Britain’s 2021 lottery market size, which amounted to £8.3 billion

Land-Based Gambling

Visualizer of Land-Based Gambling in Poland

Land-based gambling in Poland can only open in specific locations where the permit or license allows. Each venue has its own set of rules and restrictions.

The number of casinos allowed in an area is dependent on the number of its inhabitants. For every 250,000 inhabitants, the law allows only one casino.

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Side Note

Casinos are an exciting and controversial concept among countries. Many are divided between the moral and financial implications that gambling hubs bring to an area.
Some countries ban or limit the number of casinos while others heavily invest in them, which is unsurprising as physical casinos generate an average of $20 billion yearly.

Remote Gambling

Poland’s Gambling Act does not differentiate between land-based and online gambling. Betting provisions apply to both of these forms. Operators are mandated to adopt a responsible gaming policy.

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Did You Know?

 Poland requires a specific capital from every gambling operator. The country requires PLN4 million for casino games, while games in cash bingo halls require a capital of PLN2 million.

Totalizator Sportowy is the only legal online casino available in Poland. It is a state-owned company that operates the Total Casino and sells Lottery tickets online.

In 2020, Poland’s remote gambling market, through its Totalizator Sportowy, generated around PLN15.38 billion (€3.5 billion), around 10% of Europe’s total online gambling revenue that year.

The Polish government encourages its citizens to play responsibly and learn to control their gambling impulses.

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Fun Fact

While Totalizator Sportowy is the only registered online casino in Poland, there are around 4,792 global casinos and online gambling companies worldwide worth exploring.

Zakłady Wzajemne (Betting)

Zakłady Wzajemne is Poland’s form of sports betting. The sports betting market has consistently been one of Poland’s leading earners, with experts forecasting a PLN2.561 billion revenue in 2026.

The Poles love sports, and they also love sports betting. Having various choices for sporting activities allows Polish bettors to pick their preferences and enjoy their gambling experience.

Poland’s Zakłady Wzajemne involves material and monetary winnings, where the deposit-to-winning ratio determines the prize agreed upon between the bettor and bookmaker.

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Helpful Articles

There are complexities and mechanisms behind sports betting that gamblers and new players need to understand.
Bettors should understand specific terms, types of bets, and odds to avoid confusion and help navigate their way into a fun gambling experience.

The two subtypes of Zaklady Wzajemme are:

  1. Bookmaking
  2. Totalisator System
Difference between Bookmaking and Totalisator System

The Totalisator system is a type of pool betting. The winnings depend on the sum of all stakes every participant pays. Totalisator is only available for sports competitions.

In Bookmaking, the bookie accepts bets without a pool. They base the prizes on a fixed ratio of the paid stakes, known as fixed-odd betting, with bettors used for:

  • Sports competitions,
  • Virtual Events, 
  • Computer-generated sports competitions.

Horse racing is among Poland’s most followed and wagered forms of sports betting. The Polski Klub Wyścigów Konnych is the country’s official Horse Racing Club, regulating four official Polish racetracks:

1. Służewiec Warszawa
2. Partynice Wrocław
3. Hipodrom Sopot
4. Krakowski Tor Wyścigów Konnych

The Polski Klub Wyścigów Konnych ensures that its racetracks implement the Pari-Mutuel betting system to wager strictly on thoroughbred horses.


Pari-mutuel betting is a system where punters combine their wagers in a pool and, after deductions, are shared by all winning bettors. Horse Racing and Pari-Mutuel go hand-in-hand, with the latter being the primary betting system for horse race bets in France and other countries.

Due to the strict regulations, there are only a limited number of sports betting operators in Poland. Below is a list of the legal sports betting operators in the country: 

1. Totolotek
2. Fortuna Entertainment
3. STS
4. Millenium

Aside from Horse Racing, there are other sports competitions that players can choose from, with Football being the most beloved and wagered game in the country since the 1900s.

1. Football/Soccer
2. Tennis
3. Baseball
4. Volleyball
5. Basketball
6. Ice Hockey
7. Motorcycle Speedway
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Helpful Articles

There are equally interesting sports betting scenes in the world, like Poland’s Zakłady Wzajemne, that people should know about.
Explore the complexities and regulations behind sports betting laws worldwide to learn how each country manages its betting industry.

Gry w Karty (Card Games)

Card Games or “Gry w Karty” are only subject to gambling regulations if played for cash or in-kind prizes. These games include: 

  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
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Did You Know?

In history, Blackjack had a different name in the 1400s. The Spanish had a very similar game to it called Trente-Un.
Known as “Thiry-one” in English translation, the game aimed to match a hand value approaching thirty without exceeding it.

Here are some of the casino card games that players can enjoy in Poland: 

American RoulettePai-Gow Poker
Classic BlackjackPoker Plus
7 Card Stud PokerBaccarat
Mini PokerCasinos Poland Poker

Poker games are the most popular casino games in Poland. The locals and foreign players appreciate the thrill of the odds and probabilities that Poker offers.

Gry na Automatach (Slot Machines)

Gry na Automatach are games played on mechanical or computerized e-gaming Slot machines. Polish bettors can also play slot games in the country’s legal online casino.

Slot machine gaming is available in casinos operated by the Totalizator Sportowy. The number of slot machines in a parlor depends on the number of inhabitants in a district. 

One slot machine is allowed per 1,000 inhabitants and should be 100 meters away from schools and churches. As of 2022, there are 1,000 slot machines in Poland.

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Fun Fact

In the gambling world, there exist myths about Slot Machines, one being that operators can rig their online Slot games, which is false.
Operators cannot manipulate the outcome of Slot games due to the Random Number Generators that run the machines, ensuring fair play.

In countries such as Poland, where gambling is allowed, one of the most basic and necessary prohibitions is the age restriction, aiming to protect children and promote responsible gaming.

Learn about this rule and the other responsibilities of gambling operators below.

Gambling Penalties in Poland

Visual representation of gambling penalties in Poland

The National Revenue Administration and the Ministry of Finance strongly warn about illegal gambling, a criminal offense with fines of up to PLN4.4 million. 

Under Article 23 of the Fiscal Penal Code, the penalty for illegal gambling can be the entire winnings made by a player plus the cash wagered or lost.

Operators without licenses are liable to a fine of up to PLN28 million. They may also face a custodial sentence of up to three years.

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In March 2023, Polish authorities arrested seven members of a crime group that operated an illegal betting ring in Warsaw. Among the evidence found during the arrest were four unregistered Slot machines.

Poland’s Stance on Offshore Gambling

Visual representation of offshore gambling

The Polish authorities outlaw offshore gambling. Only licensed betting and promotional lotteries are allowed by law to be conducted online.

It is also illegal for foreigners to join and play in unlicensed gambling in Poland. The same applies to gambling from operators abroad while the players are in Poland.

Poland’s government deems these acts as prosecutable as a Fiscal criminal offense. 

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Side Note

Offshore gambling is illegal in Poland, as is in many countries, due to concerns about how offshore betting activities can affect the relationship between the involved parties.
For example, China strictly outlaws offshore gambling and has actively called for the cease of the Philippine Offshore Gambling Operators (POGOs) in the Philippines.
Chinese President. Xi Jinping appealed to the PH government to shut down the POGOs to address the reports about inhumane crimes committed by Chinese nationals against their own.

Betting Age Restriction in Poland

Policies regarding responsible gaming must always be upheld by gambling operators. Just like in other countries, there is an age requirement to be able to gamble. 

Gambling age restriction in Poland

In Poland, only people 18 and over can gamble and enter casinos or betting premises. A notice of prohibition is required in every gambling premises to remind players about this rule.

Online Gambling Site Notice of Prohibition

Operators are also obliged to comply with the following rules of responsible game-playing: 

  • Display the information about the game and persons under 18 are prohibited from playing, 
  • Make a procedure to verify that players are 18 and over
  • Establish a participant registration procedure
  • Develop mechanisms to prevent players from over-playing after their resources are exhausted
  • Ensure the protection of minors. 

The rule also applies to online casinos and gambling websites. Operators must strategically display the notice to protect minors from the harmful effects of addiction.


Poland has a strict yet comprehensive gambling law framework that protects its residents and provides them with a fun, engaging, and responsible gaming experience via its four legal betting forms.

The gambling laws in Poland are there to protect players and keep them safe from malicious operators, making the Polish gambling market something to take an interest in– for locals and foreigners alike.


Which countries have the strictest gambling laws?

Some countries with the most stringent gambling laws are the United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Cambodia, North Korea, and Japan. They enforce laws that make gambling illegal.

What is the poker tax in Poland?

Poker Tournaments are taxed at 25% in Poland.

Is Poland a low-tax country?

Poland has a high tax rate on gambling. Slot machines and casino games are taxed for as high as 50%.