15 Slot Machine Myths That Make Gamblers Broke

Worldwide, people hold several myths about gambling, whether it’s a superstition that adds misfortune or luck to the odds. Myths in gambling persist in the minds of new and seasoned players alike.

The growing popularity of Slot Machines isn’t immune from myths and misinformation. Slots are linked with rumors that have no solid proof. These rumors influence the motivation of other players. 

In this article, you will unveil the truth about the most persistent myths you heard about brick-and-mortar and Online Slot Machines.

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Highlights of the Article

  • The chances of Slot machines being rigged by operators are almost impossible.
  • Streaks in winning or losing do not affect the outcome of Slot Machines.
  • Using Slot club cards in Slot Machine does not affect the winning odds.
  • You can improve your winning in Slot Games.
  • There are better choices than using the maximum bet to win in Slot Machines.
  • RTP is the estimated amount you can get when playing Slots, not the total amount you can take home if you lose.
  • No matter how often you lose, the probability of landing a win will always be the same. 
  • There’s no payout cycle in Slot Machines. 

15 Slot Machine Myths and Truths

slot machine myths

There is an overload of misinformation and myths about the Slot Machines found in thousands of online casinos and the largest brick-and-mortar casinos in the world. Most of these misconceptions stem from the need to understand better how Slot Machine works

The odds in Slot Machines depend on pure luck since it’s operated by a Random Number Generator (RNG). The likelihood of Slot Machines being manipulated by operators is closer to none. 

This article will unveil the truth about the myths and misconceptions about Slot machines. Buckle up and look at the explanation behind the 15 Myths about Slot Machines.

Slots Run on Cold and Hot Streaks

Based on recent payouts, players tend to label Slot Machines found in the casino as hot and cold. Slot Machines that provide the most wins are called Hot, and those that lose more are labeled Cold.

These myths are baseless observations; Slot Machines are operated through a Random Number Generator (RNG). Win-or-lose streaks do not directly affect the outcome of the game.

Certain Times in the Day are Better to Play Than Others

One of the rumors gamblers tend to believe about Slots is the specific time or day that machine makes you score big time, which is not valid.

Slot Machines are not programmed to increase the odds of winning at specific times, days, or weeks. The payout percentage of the machines depends on the actual RNG, which is entirely erratic. 

Online Slot Machines Are All Rigged

Online bettors are suspicious of how a virtual Slot Machine works since it’s operated in a virtual setup. They do not see the machine giving more reasons to doubt its fairness.

The chances of winning in virtual Slot Machines are unpredictable. Online operators cannot control them since the developers program the RNGs. It will be complicated to rig it due to the security block.

Online Slot Machines run by casinos that hold a license from reputable gambling regulations, such as Curacao, UKGC, Malta, and many more, cannot control their Slots. They can be sanctioned and will lose their license. 

Your Slot Club Membership Affects Your Chances of Winning

Many players think that having a Slot club membership will give them the privilege to win more than non-members, which is untrue.

Slot cards provide bonuses, rewards, multipliers, and many more, but it does not directly influence the software of Slot Machines. The RNG works separately from the TITO (Ticket In – Ticket Out). 

The membership card only tracks how many times you played the game to determine what the casino offers. 

The Duration Since the Last Jackpot Affects Odds and Win Amounts

Most gamblers avoid Slot machines that recently released a payout from another player. It would take a week or month for the Slot machines to make someone win.

The odds of Slot machines will remain the same no matter how many players win, and the winning amounts will not go lower after someone hits the big pile of cash. 

Again, Slot Machines work with the RNG algorithm to pick what symbols will appear on the reels. 

Casino Employees Can Assist in Finding Loose Slots

One of the quests of gamblers when playing casino Slots is to find where the loose machines are placed. People think that casino employees are the best person to ask where they can find the hottest Slot Machine.

Unfortunately, no right person can accurately answer which Slot Machine can give you the best outcome. The machines in casinos operate on RNGs, and there’s no way casino employees can give you the odds you’re looking for. 

Casino employees usually rank the Slots based on a mere observation of which has the most winnings from this month to this year.

You Can’t Improve Your Chances of Winning

When playing Slots, it’s impossible to land a definite win. Most players think you cannot do anything to increase your chances of winning the game, which is incorrect.

There is no way you can put luck automatically in your favor, but there are strategies that you can do to increase your odds of winning in Slot Machines.

Pulling the Lever Gives Better Odds Than Pushing the Spin Button

Players think pushing the spin button will give lesser odds of winning than pulling the machine’s lever, which is a myth. Whether you push or pull, it will not give you better odds.

When players pull the lever, they stop the RNG queue. They will continue producing random symbols in the reels afterward. This myth is a waste of their time and energy.

The Temperature of the Coins Matters

Some players rub their coins before putting them in the Slot, believing that the warmer the cash, the better the odds it could produce.

Slot Machines do not have the software and the detector to determine the temperature of the tokens. No matter how you rub off the coins or tokens, the machine will always give you an erratic result.

Rituals like making your coins warmer or colder do not influence the odds of winning on Slots.

Always Play the Max Bet

Slot Machines found online and in land-based casinos have regulations about their pay table. Putting the max bet does not grant you an automatic win, just a bigger chance of winning.

Max bets in Slot Machines differ from one another, and they might be as low as $20 or as big as $400. Putting your stake at the max level is not advisable, and it is more likely that you will lose more money. 

The Slot Machine’s Location in the Casino Matters

Whether a Slot Machine was found in the back or the front, no factual evidence supports this claim. This myth is most likely similar to a superstition in Chinese culture that the spirit of luck stays in a specific part of the room. 

Don’t let this myth ruin your gambling experience. Playing Slot should be fun.

The Newer Games Perform Better Than the Old Ones

Gamblers tend to line up at newer Slot Machines, thinking it has better odds of winning because they are new in the market. This might be true only on a case-to-case basis.

Not all new Slots releases have better odds than the older games. Players can check with its RTPs and variance whether the new Slot Games have favorably higher RTPs than the old ones. 

Most of the time, developers produce new Slot Games not to offer better returns but with better graphics, new features, and trendy concepts.

“96% RTP Means I Get 96% of My Bets Back.”

The common misconception among new players of casino games, most especially in Slot Machines, is believing that RTPs in Slots would give them back the same percentage of the amount they bet after losing the game. 

RTP estimates the money you can get from playing the game in the long term. This significantly impacts the chances of winning and the approximate amount you can get over time. 

RTP does not give you 96% of your total bet.

Your Favorite Slot Has Not Paid Out Big in a While, So It Must Happen Soon

Most gamblers losing in Slot Machines believe losing streaks mean they are closer to hitting the jackpot. No matter how many times you lose in Slots, the probability of landing a win will always be the same.

The previous spins do not influence the next ones since an RNG controls them. If you have lost in one game several times, moving on and finding another game with a higher RTP is wise. 

Avoid Slots With Recent Jackpot Payouts

Players assume that Slot Machines have a payout cycle; once someone wins, it will reset, and it will take weeks or months for someone to win again. This is incorrect, and the payout cycle does not exist in Slots.

There’s no such thing as a payout cycle in Slot Machines. This game uses RNG, and every symbol found in reels is entirely random. 

Final Verdict 

There is an overwhelming number of theories that gamblers believe when it comes to the fairness, system, and odds in playing Slot Machines in either brick-and-mortar or online casinos. 

What’s more important than clearing these rumors is the experience you should feel when playing. Whether you believe in these myths, you should always gamble in moderation, and don’t forget to enjoy while playing. 


Is there a trick to Slot Machines?

Yes, but it’s not some of a hack. It’s more like a strategy to increase your odds in playing Slot Machines, such as finding games with high RTPs.

Are Slot Machines luck or skill?

You cannot control your odds of winning Slot Machine since an RNG facilitates it. What you can only do is find a slot game that has higher RTPs greater than 96%.

What is the luckiest Slot machine to play?

Try playing Slot Machine that has very high RTPs, such as Ugga Bugga (99.07%), Mega Joker (99%), Ooh Aah Dracula – Bacrest (99%), and Jackpot 6000 (98.8%).