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Our aim is to provide gamers with a comprehensive and enriching gambling experience. We created a team of dedicated enthusiasts to deliver top-tier content and services to cater to gamblers of all levels, ensuring you gain the skills and knowledge you need to make the most out of your gambling pursuits.

Gaming Basics

Gaming Basics

Whether you’re a novice exploring your options and preferences or a veteran gambler optimizing your knowledge, our Gaming Basics resources have you covered!

Guides & Tips

Guides & Tips

Our team of experts and passionate gamblers collaborate to bring you comprehensive and research-driven guides, expert tips, and practical advice covering a wide range of games and betting activities.

Stats & Facts

Stats & Facts

We dig deep into the data, analyzing industry growths and trends, odds and probabilities, and performance figures to provide a definitive picture of what’s happening in the gambling world.



From illustrating winning strategies to showcasing the probabilities of various outcomes, our infographics provide you with an easy and digestible way to learn key gambling concepts.

Who we are

We are a dedicated collective of gambling enthusiasts, industry experts, and research-driven writers teaming up to create a venue offering a unique and valuable experience for gamblers of all backgrounds.

Kiko Badillo

Once wrote serious life-saving stuff for the government, now unleashes his inner geek on the blog world. When not taking a deep dive into comics and video game lore or performing music, he dreams of chilling in a cold, cozy spot with a beer in his hand – probably somewhere the government won't find him. Sports and gaming enthusiast by day, cartoon and gastronomy detective by night.

Florence Desiata

Florence is a writer and editor who can turn complex ideas into simple words. Not only does she write about cool techie stuff, but she also dives into sports, casinos, and the exciting world of gambling. Beyond her professional pursuits, she enjoys reading, going on food trips, and watching football games with friends and family.

Angel Migue

Angel officially started exploring sports writing in middle school, developing an early enthusiasm for the sensational world of sports. She went from writing analyses based on game replays to covering live collegiate games nationwide and uploading her work one hour after the match. When Angel takes a break from sports and writing, you will find her reading or studying the life around her.

Chavdar Vasilev

After earning his business administration degree in Miami, Florida, Chavdar spent years managing multi-million-dollar eateries. He enjoys writing user guides and training materials, as well as leading new projects. In his spare time, Chavdar loves researching and reading about sports (especially soccer), fitness, health, and travel. Discovering new cultures and people is a personal passion. One day, he hopes to visit all the countries in the world and write about it.

Damjan Jugovic Spajic

Damjan's career took a lot of twists and turns, veering away from humanities towards sports and tech. Now, he combines his interests and experience to bring you the latest news, helpful guides, and trustworthy recommendations from the worlds of gambling, sports, and video games.

Milica Stojanovic

Milica is a language aficionado, with a passion for literature and writing. Besides her English language and literature degree, she likes to study other languages in her free time. With experience in translating, writing, and teaching, she is always keen to learn more and try something new. She tries to transfer her love of research and learning something new to all her texts. When she is not working, she enjoys her dance lessons, spending time with her cat, and watching basketball.

Artem Minaev

Artem, a seasoned serial entrepreneur, is dedicated to helping more people to be successful with online businesses. His relentless pursuit of creating exciting digital ventures is evident through his diverse portfolio of digital assets: dynamic websites, engaging blogs, unique NFTs, and crypto assets. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to pushing boundaries.

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Our mission is simple: to provide beginners, enthusiasts, and seasoned players with a much-needed resource hub that enhances their knowledge and experience of the world of gaming!

Responsible Gaming

We promote responsible gambling practices, encouraging players to establish limits, maintain a healthy and balanced gaming routine, and enjoy gambling the right way.

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We prioritize trustworthiness over clout; delivering content that is reliable, well-researched, and aligned with the highest standards of accuracy.

Expertise and Passion

We blend proven expertise and unfiltered passion in betting to deliver content that reflects our deep understanding and genuine love for the art of gambling.

Gamblers Empowerment

The site offers a dedicated catalog of content to empower and inspire gamblers with knowledge and resources to confidently make informed decisions, maximizing their gambling experience.

Dedicated Support

We provide technical and general assistance to gamblers, ensuring they have access to the help they need in an apt and timely manner.

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We actively foster a sense of community, encouraging respectful connections among gamblers and creating a healthy space for shared experiences and mutual growth.