How Much Does an Average Casino Make?

Worldwide, approximately 4,792 Casinos offer legal gambling experiences to locals and tourists. Millions of patrons and gamblers are going to large casinos around the globe, and the public tags this industry as the home of the world’s riches.  

The casino industry has enticing opportunities to attract wealthy tycoons, celebrities, and gamblers to spend money on the industry. 

This article will unveil the casino revenues and its profit on games and trends through statistics.

So dive in!

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Highlights of the Article

  • The world’s casino capital is Macao, with almost MOP$87.6 billion in revenue.
  • Nevada casinos earn $13.3 billion in revenue. 
  • Around £692 million in Gross Gaming Yield was generated by casinos in Great Britain.
  • Canadian gamblers spend an average of $16 billion in casinos annually.
  • Slot Machines make revenue of $8.83 million.
  • $2.50 billion was contributed by Table Games in revenue.
  • The total generated revenue from the sports betting market is $2.79 billion.
  • Around 24.7% of revenue was generated from American online casinos.
  • 34% of Europe’s online gambling is from online casinos
  • Smartwatches now offer 17 online casino games.

What is the Average Casino Income?

how much does average casino make

In 2021, the average casino income was $20.42 billion annually. It is expected to reach $21.83 billion in 2024. With the influx earned by casinos annually, it is undeniable that these gambling facilities are home to wealthy people and gambling addicts

Although the public sees casinos as the enablers of earthly sins, there’s no denying that it brings massive revenue to their countries, and the industry shall keep thriving. 

Now, look at the statistics about how the casino makes revenue and discover the trends that made it survive throughout the digital age.

Casino Revenue Statistics

The growth of the global casino market is increasing, and it is forecasted to reach $152.2 Billion by 2026. The driving force of this increase can be accounted for the reasons below:

  • countries legalizing the gambling market
  • offering online casino channels
  • patrons’ overwhelming and uncontrollable gambling habits. 

Take a look at the revenue of casinos worldwide through statistics. 

1. Macao is the top casino capital in the world, with gross gambling revenue of almost 87.6 billion Macau Pacatas recorded in 2021.


Macau led casinos worldwide in revenue with roughly MOP$87.6 billion in 2021. It is the only part of China that allows legal gambling, attracting wealthy individuals from Asia, Europe, and even America to fly to the city just to play casino.

Due to this, many investors are investing large sums of money into developing the gambling market in China. 

2. Casinos in Nevada earn $13.3 billion in gross gaming revenue in 2021.


Nevada’s Brick and Mortar casinos are still the highest among the largest casinos found in America. A total of $13.3 billion in gross gaming revenue was reported in 2021. 

The top states that contribute the most to the growing casino revenue are Pennsylvania ($4.83 Billion) and New Jersey ($4.73 Billion). 

3. Great Britain profited around $692 million in Gross Gambling Yield from casinos in 2022.


With the help of 144 brick-and-mortar casinos, it contributed a total of GGY of £692 million in March 2022 to the Gambling industry in Great Britain.

The casino industry ranks 2nd, following the national lottery as the most profitable gambling sector with  £8.1 billion.

4. Canadian gamblers spent an average of $16 billion in casinos.

(Analytics Insight) 

Despite the growing market in online betting channels, only $4 billion were recorded from online betting channels. At the same time, Canadian-based casinos still received more money from gamblers and patrons, with an average of $16 billion spent annually.

However, it is expected that more players will choose to gamble in online platform channels than go to an actual casino and resort. 

Casino Profit Per Game or Machine 

Casinos are not just resorts but establishments that offer everyone opportunities and leisure activities. Most gambling activities in casinos are slot machines, table games, and sports betting.

Below are the profit statistics for slot machines, table games, and sports betting.

6. In 2022, a total of $8.83 million in revenue was produced by slot machines.

(American Gaming Organization)

In the middle of the 2nd semester of 2022, robust growth in the revenue earned by brick-and-mortar casinos in America with a 7.7% increase. 

Approximately 70% of casinos’ revenue was from slot machines; this is why when you enter casino resorts, you can see a lot of sparkling and tempting slot machines to play. 

7. Table games contribute a total revenue of $2.50 billion.

(American Gaming Organization)

In the 3rd quarter of 2022, only 5.2% of casinos’ revenue was recorded from Table Games like blackjack, poker, and many more. 

Blackjack is the most popular card and table game among gamblers in casinos due to its simple gameplay and low house edge fee. 

8. $2.69 billion was generated by casinos in their sports betting market. 

(American Gaming Organization)

The US recorded a 70.1% back-to-back year increase in the sports betting market, totaling $2.79 billion in 2022, overcoming a slight difference from $2.61 billion in 2021.

This increase in revenue of the sports betting market in 2022 was anchored to expanding operations of the betting market with 15-26 newly established betting stations in Kansas, Massachusetts, and Ohio.

Casino Revenue Trends

Throughout the years, casinos have been progressing and earning large sums of money despite the pandemic challenges that brought to the industry. 

Let’s look at the trends that made the industry survive and flourish.

9. America’s online casinos generated 24.7% of total revenue.

(American Gaming Organization)

Almost 25% of the US revenue was from online gaming casinos during the first quarter of 2023. Forms of online games are iGaming and online sports betting, with a total share of $4 billion. 

States that have high revenue in online gaming in the US are Michigan, with 63.3%, and West Virginia, with 24.3%.

10. Casino online gambling contributes to 34% of online gambling in Europe.


People in Europe prefer online casinos, with an annual revenue of 34% in 2021. Instead of booking a flight to a casino, some Europeans are contented with their experience with online gambling. 

With the advent of technology, it saves players hundred to thousand of dollars booking a flight to play casino.

11. 17 online casino games are available on smartwatches.

(Income Access)

Jackpot City is the first online casino offering 17 online gambling games for Apple Watch users, including poker, bingo, and slots. 

Trends in the casino have been evolving as technology development progresses, from brick-and-mortar gambling avenue to computer and mobile wagers. Presently, online casino games can be played on smartwatches.  

Final Thoughts

Casinos are an integral part of a country’s economy; they bring large sums of money to economic growth and investment in the tourism industry. Most casinos are riding technological trends to effectively recover from the pandemic and continue providing services to its patron. 

It is essential to sustain the success and growth of the casino industry worldwide because it gives many people a job, and gambling winnings are taxable, significantly affecting every country’s economic growth. 


Among all of the games in casinos, what are the most popular?

Most patrons invest heavily in blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, and slot machines.

How much is the average spend of a gambler per visit to casinos?

The average spend of a gambler per visit is $68.92 per visit.

Among all the casinos in the world, what is the largest casino?

The largest casino is WinStar World Casino in Oklahoma, with 600,000 square feet.