What Are the Most Frequently Called Bingo Numbers?

According to a recent public study and articles, the most frequently called bingo numbers, along with those 6 and 4, were 42, 62, 72, and 47.

The chances of winning a bingo game are always the same, regardless of whether the ticket numbers are fixed.

Unlike more skill-based games like poker and blackjack, Bingo’s results are guaranteed to be completely random.

The analytics underlying the most frequently called Bingo numbers will be examined in this article. Let’s get started.

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Highlights of the Article

  • The odds of 75 or 90 balls in a Bingo game to come out are constant.

  • Researchers believe that the number 6 is the most common called-out number in Bingo.

  • The Granville Strategy is a popular bingo strategy widely recognized because it was designed for stock market research.

  • Modern Bingo games are now electronic machine automated, replacing human tellers.

  • Most numbers being called out often have no definite scientific reason.

  • The place where you play Bingo influences your odds of winning.

Most Called Bingo Numbers

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Assuming proper manufacturing, no intentional tampering, and the blower machine running perfectly, every seventy-five balls has an equal chance of being used in a game.

In Bingo, you should know that some are called out more often than others, making it so much fun. Here are what the study says:

Number 6 or Top-Mix 6

6 is the most frequently called-out bingo number. Since 6 and 9 are similar, the announcer may confuse one for the other.

Number 42 or Winnie the Pooh 42

The second most often mentioned number is 42. As for the exact reason, some theories indicate its nickname is “Winnie the Pooh,” making it a popular number being called.

Number 62 or Tickety Boo 62

For non-native English speakers, particularly, the numbers 42 and 62 rhyme and have similar pronunciations. Despite the mistake, statistics experts consider this number among the most often called numbers in Bingo.

Number 72 or Six Dozen 72

Bingo “Dozens” include this number. These Bingo callers call 72 after 6 from the Dozen group. Bingo callers call 72 after 6 in the Dozen group. 

Number 47 or Four and Seven

Most Bingo players consider 47 a lucky number since it lies in the center of the 90-number range. Also, 47 is the number in the middle of all the repeating numbers yelled out in Bingo.

Number 4 or Knock at the Door 4

Aside from being an accruing number, the number 4 is occasionally yelled out as often as the number 6. The proximity of 4 and 6 in the numerical sequence suggests that most recurrent numbers are very close together.

Why Number Frequency in Bingo is a Myth

Bingo ensures that every game is fair for all gamers and that the numbers called are randomly drawn with no discernible pattern. This makes number frequency a myth.

However, some numbers may show up more frequently than others. 6 may likely show up 60 times more often than other balls. It might be called more than 20 times next week or another month. All outcomes are possible without guarantee.

Several analysis tests can be done. Some experts have studied games across a wide variety of results and found no statistically significant evidence of number frequency in games like Bingo.

Therefore, it remains the only logical conclusion until someone can explain why it isn’t and then prove it. No one has been able to provide solid evidence, making frequency a myth.

Tips to increase your success at Bingo

tips to win bingo

Learning about various Bingo games can help you choose the best Bingo variation to suit your playing style and improve your win probability. If you’d like to increase your success, read our 4 tips.

1. Buy More Bingo Cards

Increasing your chances of winning begins when you have more bingo cards. It is like Keno, but the gameplay is different because, in Bingo, you’ll need to swiftly mark the numbers and watch the flashing board, so make sure you can handle every card you buy.

2. Find the best place to play

Where you play Bingo influences your chance of winning. For example, if you play Bingo online, your winning odds may improve by observing the number of live players: the fewer gamers, the higher your odds of winning

3. Understand the rules

Bingo games played in clubs and online are different. The game may be changed, and the stakes are sometimes raised with a bonus or “special.” 

Before starting with Bingo games, you must understand the mechanics of the game, the Bingo variations, and its objective. These games are frequently structured to have larger prize pools, so you don’t want to play blind and distracted.

4. Use a bingo strategy

Playing with strategies and cheating are two different things. Strategies are acceptable, and it is impossible to cheat during Bingo games.

  • Granville Strategy

Granville has discovered a balanced distribution of high, low, even, and odd numbers. So his plan recommends that players pick diverse numbers and avoid using the same ones repeatedly.

  • Tippett Strategy

The “Tippett Strategy” suggests that 75-ball Bingo games lasted longer if the numbers drawn were closer to 38. Select a card with many high and low numbers.

Blackout Bingo, where the goal is to play for a long time and cover the card, favors numbers closest to 38.


It’s important to note that any frequency with which numbers are drawn in Bingo should be treated as coincidental. Each number has an equal chance of being drawn randomly. Bingo is a game of pure luck, unlike poker or blackjack.

Additionally, Bingo can be played and enjoyed by people of all ages. Whether your lucky numbers are frequently called or not, the excitement of Bingo comes from the game’s inherent unpredictability.


How is the randomness of Online Bingo assured?

Several methods exist for legitimate online bingo sites to guarantee the actual randomness of games, such as Random Number Generators, fraud detection systems, and several third-party security audits.

How many numbers are in Bingo?

In a classic game of Bingo, players use the numbers 1-75. Then, from left to right, the card’s five columns are labeled with the initials of Bingo.

Is Bingo a casino game?

No. Since Bingo is a game of luck, it cannot be played at a casino. Each bingo card must have the same chance of winning, and the game cannot entail playing or risking against a bank.