Roobet Crash Gambling: A Detailed Review in 2024

Roobet is among the most popular crypto gambling platforms worldwide in 2024. The site differentiates itself from other platforms by focusing on client security and a high-quality gaming experience. 

Among the many games Roobet offers is Crash Gambling. The site offers a unique take on the game by incorporating premium features and creating an interface that most Crash players will love.

This article provides a detailed review of Roobet’s Crash game by dissecting the key features and what makes it stand out. The article shall also touch upon the Roobet Snoop HotBox.

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Highlights of the Article

  • The Crash game on Roobet presents players with two gameplay modes – a simple manual mode and a more intricate automated mode.
  • Data security on Roobet is maintained through a top-tier firewall, two-factor authentication (2FA), and advanced encryption to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Roobet exclusively accepts cryptos such as BTC, ETH, and XRP, ensuring quick deposits and withdrawals.
  • Developers optimized Roobet’s website for mobile devices, featuring a design that seamlessly adjusts to smaller screens for fast page loading without compromising quality.
  • Roobet has a high Crash Gambling game RTP rate of 97%.
  • Regional restrictions for accessing Roobet depend on the game provider.
  • Immediate customer assistance is provided through Roobet’s Live Chat option, connecting them with friendly and knowledgeable agents in an average of 30 seconds.
  • Snoop Dogg’s HotBox is a unique feature introduced by Roobet, where the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg is smoking a joint that represents the multiplier.

The Roobet Crash Gambling 2024 Quick Review

roobet casino review

Roobet blends Crash’s fast pace with the site’s algorithm to give bettors a smooth gaming time. The game offers small wins and massive payouts, proving to be among the top Crash gambling sites globally.

The site presents its Crash title as one of its premier casino games, incorporating a sleek design that new and seasoned Crash gamblers can appreciate and entice them to keep on betting.

The next section will dissect the critical features of Roobet’s Crash game, exploring the inner workings and factors of why gamblers should play Roobet’s Crash in 2024.

Review Rundown: Roobet Crash Winning Features

Roobet Crash Game Screen

The Roobet Crash attracts gamblers looking for a fun and fruitful time. The site is among the most prominent crypto gambling platforms worldwide, providing bettors with a secure and convenient betting session.

Roobet’s Crash operates on Provably Fair and can run on mobile devices. The game implements protocols such as SSL encryption and 2FA to ensure players can gamble without any security issues.

The section below highlights the Roobet Crash Game’s notable features, proving why many online and crypto casinos have been following in the site’s footsteps in innovations and services.

Roobet Crash Theme

Roobet’s Crash game is an exciting casino game with a space-themed interface unlike any other. The site designed its Crash game to provide an immersive and thrilling experience out of this world.

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Did You Know?

Concerning the most iconic Crash game themes, Aviator is at the top of the conversations. Aviator revolutionized the crash gambling industry in 2019 by introducing themed crashes. The game was instrumental in opening up new avenues for developers to explore themed design. This unique style stood out in the crowded online gambling world and inspired others to experiment with different game themes and designs.

Crash Payout Options

Roobet Crash has an auto-cashout option, which provides a hands-free option for those who prefer relaxed gameplay. The game also offers a substantial $500,000 profit limit to ensure responsible gaming for those looking for a massive payday.

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Did You Know?

In 1997, an Australian businessman, Kerry Packer, shocked the gambling world after winning about $20 – $40 million in blackjack at the Las Vegas MGM Grand Casino.

Roobet Crash Game Algorithm

Gamers can confidently engage in the game as they participate in a game governed by a Provably Fair Algorithm. This advanced technology enables players to verify fairness independently.

RTP For Roobet Crash

Roobet set its Crash game’s Return to Player (RTP) rate to a high 97%. While this figure may not be as high as other sites, gamers can still expect a substantial portion of their bets to return as winnings over time.

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Quick Tip

When choosing a casino game, the game’s RTP percentage is one crucial factor to consider to increase your odds of winning. Roulette is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a game with a high RTP percentage. This classic game has a high RTP of 94% to 97%.

Roobet Crash Game Modes

The Roobet Crash offers two gameplay modes – manual and automated. The section below shall cover both modes to help bettors navigate the game seamlessly and maximize their gaming experience.

Roobet’s Crash Manual Mode

Roobet Crash Manual Mode

Crash gambling newbies should start with manual mode to experience simple and engaging gameplay that helps them understand the game’s dynamics and gives them more control over their funds.

In manual mode, bettors can:

  1. Place single bets before each round.
  2. Choose your bet amount and use buttons like 1/2, 2x, or Max for easy adjustments.
  3. Use the auto cashout function for automated cashouts (not available in demo mode).
  4. Click the yellow “Place Bet” button to initiate bets, manually cash out by clicking the same button, or wait for automatic cashouts.

Roobet’s Crash Auto Mode

Roobet Crash Auto Mode

After getting comfortable with manual mode, bettors can test complex Crash strategies by switching to auto mode, which offers more features. When in auto mode, explore the following features:

1. Bet Amount:

Similar to the manual mode, decide on a bet amount or establish a base bet amount for automated betting.

2. Auto Cashout:

Determine your auto cashout multiplier; the game will automatically collect profits upon reaching this multiplier.

3. Total Bets:

Automate the bet-placing process by specifying the number of games to play. Leaving it empty allows continuous betting until the player empties their funds or the process manually stops.

4. On Win:

Enhance your strategy with the “On Win” function, adjusting your initial bet amount by a percentage or resetting it to the base after a successful round.

5. On Loss:

Utilize the “On Loss” function to adapt to losses, doubling your bet amount or applying chosen strategies like Martingale.

6. Stop On Profit or Loss:

Exercise control over your gameplay by setting parameters to halt automated betting when you achieve a specific profit goal or a predetermined loss threshold is reached.

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The Auto mode in Roobet’s Crash game offers a variety of automation options, but studies recommend that you never leave it running unattended.


Safety and Security

Raw Entertainment B.V. established Roobet in 2014, acquiring its license from the Curacao Government. Since then, Roobet has consistently become among the leading crypto casinos and sports betting sites worldwide.

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Did You Know?

Acquiring a license from the Curacao government costs around $21,000 – $26,000. The Curacao license is among the cheapest and easiest licenses to acquire. Curacao licenses are also the most scrutinized because of how easy and cheap they are to get.

Roobet employs Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) verification checks on all data collected from players, ensuring that only registered gamblers can wager on the games, especially Crash gambling.

The site takes security seriously and employs advanced technology and robust security measures, including a high-end firewall, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and high-end encryption.

These measures ensure that all data are safe from unauthorized access, legitimizing Roobet’s Crash game. For gamblers looking for an online casino that prioritizes security, Roobet is the site to explore.

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Side Note

The UK is among the top gambling countries globally, amounting to $18.6B in betting revenue. The country achieves this by enforcing stringent yet profitable gambling laws.

Among the many issues that the UK gambling industry constantly combats is AML issues. The UK augments its UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) to address this concern.

Roobet Crash Bonuses and Promotions 

While Roobet doesn’t follow the conventional online gambling bonuses model, the site offers a selection of exciting promotions to elevate the gaming experience for new and existing players.

The bonuses Roobet offers its Crash gamblers show the site’s generosity and how the platform balances player empowerment and profitability.

1. New Player Perks: Welcome Gift

No Deposit Free Spins:

Screenshot of Roobet Book Of Dead
  • Newly registered accounts will receive 20 free spins to use on the classic Book of Dead slot game. The zero deposit requirements make this offer even more enticing, allowing players to explore Roobet’s slot offerings risk-free.

Welcome Free Spins:

The welcome free spins bonus adds excitement to the experience and allows one to explore the Roobet slots without using your deposit wallet.

Refer a Friend:

Roobet Referral Link Sample
  • Roobet’s referral system offers players a unique code to share with friends. By bringing in referrals, gamers can earn a percentage of their friends’ net losses during the first 30 days, fostering a sense of community.
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Side Note

Referrals are an essential part of the gambling industry. In casinos and sportsbooks, there are entities called gambling affiliates that refer people to various betting products and services.

Depending on the involved betting company and the offers, a gambling affiliate can earn between $1,000 and $50,000 monthly (or higher).

2. Regular Promotions: Continuous Excitement

Prize Drops:

  • Roobet offers frequent prize drops multiple times daily. These drops allow players to win exciting rewards such as cash prizes, free spins, and bonuses, adding a sense of excitement to the gameplay.


  • Daily and weekly leaderboard races add a competitive edge. Cash prizes go to top performers based on the bets placed, providing an ongoing thrill for those who enjoy the challenge of racing to the top.


  • Roobet allows players to participate in paid entry tournaments, including Crash. These tournaments offer substantial prize pools, making the experience more competitive and rewarding.
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Helpful Article

Click this link to discover the basics and complexities behind competitive slots. Learn how to enter a slot tournament and the strategies to win the jackpot.

Seasonal Promos:

  • Special promotions aligned with major holidays and events offer players unique opportunities, such as free spins, enhanced odds, and exclusive prizes.

3. Loyalty Program: Elevating Rewards for the Devoted

Roobet Loyalty Program Promotional Picture

Roobet’s loyalty program, known as Roobet Level, is designed to reward high-volume players. The program consists of the following tiers:

  • Silver (Default Level)
  • Gold (Unlocked with 25,000 cumulative bets)
  • Platinum (Unlocked with 100,000 cumulative bets)
  • Diamond (Unlocked with 250,000 cumulative bets)

Players ascending through these tiers unlock increasingly valuable rewards, including personal account managers, faster withdrawals, and additional free spins. The loyalty program adds value by rewarding active players for their dedication.

Payment Methods

Roobet accepts various cryptocurrencies and cash for transactions. The site also launched its special currency, Roobido, equivalent to $1 worth of ETH, LTC, or BTC.

The site’s banking selection offers players flexibility and options, ensuring a wide range of bettors—from crypto enthusiasts to old-school bettors—can seamlessly engage with the platform.

Roobet List of Accepted Currencies

Instant Deposits, Charge-Free Transactions

Roobet allows instant deposits and withdrawals. The site takes a player-friendly stance by not imposing any deposit fees. This aspect streamlines the deposit process and ensures players get the most out of their gaming funds.

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Side Note

Optimizing your device is crucial for bettors looking for a top-notch mobile gaming experience. The process includes mobile-friendly payment transactions that provide convenient methods like Apple Pay.

It is essential to remember that some online casinos may not have a withdrawal for Apple Pay. To locate Apple Pay casinos, refer to the article in the link above.

Swift Withdrawals with VIP Considerations

Roobet has created a user-friendly withdrawal process. Unlike other platforms, Roobet does not charge any withdrawal fees, which makes it more appealing to players.

Typically, payouts are processed quickly, and the funds go to a bettor’s crypto wallet within 24 hours. However, the withdrawal limits are based on the player’s VIP status, and higher membership privileges come with higher withdrawal limits.

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Side Note

In the US, gamblers must understand the specific betting regulations governing their state to guarantee a safe, legal, and responsible gambling experience. US gambling laws vary greatly, like the country’s diverse terrain. While some states allow all types of gambling, others enforce stricter laws, making it difficult for gamblers to enjoy their favored activity.

Roobet Crash Mobile Optimization

Mobile Optimization of Roobet

Roobet is committed to providing its users an unparalleled gaming experience. The site has optimized its mobile platform so players can enjoy their favorite games effortlessly. 

The mobile-optimized site has a responsive design that resizes flawlessly for smaller screens, ensuring quick page loads without compromising quality.

What sets Roobet apart is its cross-device accessibility, eliminating the need for mobile app downloads. According to a review from, the mobile version performed spectacularly during testing on various smartphones, maintaining a glitch-free performance.

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Side Note

In 2023, over 191,000 people in the US used their mobile devices to play games, accounting for 9% of the total mobile gamers worldwide.

Roobet’s Restricted Countries

While Roobet implements a strict and robust security system for its gamblers through KYC, AML, and SSL measures, the site faces a drawback with its extensive list of restricted countries.

Access to Roobet and its games depends on the regional restrictions imposed by the casino game publishers and developers. The platform provides a more comprehensive list of country restrictions on its Help Center.

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Side Note

Roobet’s list of restricted regions for its game developers includes Singapore. This is unsurprising since SG is among the strictest countries globally for enforcing gambling regulations.

Singapore outlaws all forms of unlicensed gambling, whether online or land-based. The country has also yet to create regulations that allow crypto casinos.

Roobet limits accessibility due to regulatory considerations and global restrictions, banning access to the casino’s website and cryptocurrency transactions for residents in specific nations.

Players residing in certain countries are prohibited from accessing the Roobet website or making cryptocurrency transactions:

AustraliaStatia IslandLiechtenstein
Bonaire IslandHungaryMalta
GibraltarUnited KingdomSlovakia
CyprusFrench GuianaPortugal
GuernseySint MaartenMartinique
SpainEthiopiaFrench Polynesia

While many countries allow players to wager before submitting the requirements, verification is mandatory before withdrawals. In certain regions, users must complete the verification process before betting:


Roobet refrains from operating in countries facing armed conflicts and political unrest, a strategic decision to prevent the platform’s misuse for illicit activities, especially money laundering.

The online casino restricts access from the following countries due to political instability:

IraqMauritaniaNorth Korea
SomaliaMoroccoThe Democratic Republic Of The Congo
AlgeriaCentral African RepublicNiger
Burkina Faso
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Did You Know?

In North Korea, only foreigners can gamble in the country’s two casinos: Yanggakdo Hotel Casino and Imperial Hotel Casino. However, the machines in these casinos only let bettors win tokens and not real money.

Customer Support

Roobet prioritizes client satisfaction, prioritizing reliable customer support. Roobet offers 24/7 customer service through live chat and email to ensure optimal assistance.

Live Chat

Roobet Live Chat Pop-up Window

Live Chat is the quickest and most efficient option for players needing immediate assistance. It connects bettors with friendly and knowledgeable agents within 30 seconds on average.

Players can ask queries related to their accounts, such as deposits, bonuses, and technical issues. The chat support also provides options for their preferred language, including English, Russian, German, and Portuguese.

Bettors can locate Roobet’s Live Chat feature by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking “Live Support,” which will prompt a pop-up of the site’s live chat.

Screenshot of Roobet Live Support Location


Email support is perfect for customers who want to provide detailed information or have complex issues requiring more time. Bettors can reach and expect a response within a few hours.

Help Center

Roobet’s comprehensive Help Center is another great option for customers with questions or concerns. The platform provides resources, including FAQs and guides on various topics. 

These resources cover various aspects, such as:

  • Creating an account,
  • Making deposits and withdrawals
  • Troubleshooting technical issues
  • Exploring promotional offers
  • Adopting responsible gambling practices.

Roobet Review Rundown in 2024: Snoop’s HotBox

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Legal Disclaimer

PlayToday does not promote any activity involving the usage of drug substances. This article is for informational purposes only.
Using this article or any links doesn’t create an attorney-client relationship. The writer’s views do not reflect the opinions of the firm or any individual attorney. 

Snoop’s HotBox Free Demo GIF

Snoop’s HotBox is Roobet’s unique take on a classic casino game, and what makes it even more exciting is that it features the infamous Snoop Dogg as Roobet’s partner. Players can also enjoy watching Snoop smoking a joint while winning.

Return-to-Player (RTP)97%
House Edge3%
AlgorithmProvably Fair RNG
Mobile SupportYes
Maximum Win$500,000
Maximum Bet AmountUnlimited
Minimum Bet Amount$0.01
Maximum Payout MultiplierUnlimited
Unique Features– Snoop’s actual voice in sound effects- Live bets- Provable fairness


How To Play Snoop’s HotBox Crash Game

HotBox has the same rules as a regular crash game, where players must cash out their bets before the multiplier crashes. However, this game is unique because a marijuana joint becomes the multiplier instead of a rocket.

Snoop’s HotBox does not provide advanced automation features for betting except for the auto-cashout feature. The game presents itself as a “No-limit” casino with unlimited max bet amounts and max payout multiplier.

To participate in a game of Snoop’s HotBox, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose your bet amount
  2. Set the auto-cashout multiplier
  3. Click the “Place bet” button.

Note: Players can cash out during the game by clicking the “Cashout” button. This allows them to withdraw their winnings before the game has ended.

HotBox Game Features

Snoop’s HotBox Welcome Page

The HotBox game is one of the many events from Roobet’s partnership with Snoop Dogg. HotBox offers features similar to Roobet Crash, with the selling point being the rapper’s involvement in the game.

Since Roobet hosts HotBox, bettors can expect a casino game with significant features that provide a worthwhile betting experience for newbies and veterans in the crypto gambling scene.

The section below shows why bettors should wager on Snoop’s HotBox beyond novelty and the premise of watching Snoop “hit a joint.”

celebration emoji

Fun Fact

Aside from its own Crash Gambling, Roobet also developed its version of the classic Mines Game.
Roobet’s Original Crypto Mines game takes the vintage Minesweeper and incorporates Provably Fair into the game, with a minimum bet of 0.01 Roolion (Roobido).

Provable Fairness

Roobet has implemented a system to ensure transparency, where each bet on Snoop’s HotBox goes to the blockchain. This system assures the randomness and impartiality of every round for the bettors.

Live Bets

Snoop’s HotBox live betting section lets players track the bets other crash gamblers place in every game round. Players can also check the time and amount when they cashed out, adding excitement and competitiveness to HotBox.

Player Leaderboard

Beneath the game, a leaderboard may catch players’ interest. This leaderboard is a compilation of the most significant and luckiest achievements in Snoop’s HotBox game over the past seven days and all time.

Snoop HotBox Leaderboards Screenshot

HotBox Pros and Cons

Snoop’s HotBox allows players to wager on a multiplier in the same vain as Crash gambling. Roobet provides the site’s usual features and services behind the game to ensure the gamblers experience the Roobet standard.

To understand Snoop’s HotBox better, below is a straightforward list of the advantages and disadvantages of the game.

  • Provably Fair gameplay
  • Impressive graphics and animations
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Easy-to-understand interface
  • Automate betting process is not available 
  • Average RTP

Final Thoughts

Many bettors appreciate Roobet’s Crash game for its features, such as intensive security measures, various bonuses and promotions, provably fair algorithms, and mobile optimization. 

Roobet Crash has unfortunate setbacks, such as its inaccessibility in countries like the USA and the UK, which are included in the list of the biggest gambling countries globally.

Despite this, reviews from the consensus indicate that Roobet shall remain at the top of the casino experts’ list of leading crypto casinos and sportsbooks for a long while.


Are there games besides Crash on Roobet?

Yes, Roobet offers a variety of games, including Crash, Slots, Blackjack, Roulette, and more. Game availability may vary by region.

Can I use fiat currency on Roobet?

No, Roobet exclusively accepts cryptocurrencies and does not support fiat currency transactions.

What's the maximum multiplier in Roobet Crash?

The maximum multiplier in Roobet Crash is limitless; there’s no cap.

Is there a maximum win limit in Roobet Crash?

Yes, there is a maximum win (profit) limit in Roobet Crash, set at $500,000.