Where To Play Plinko Online With Bitcoin (Rules and Guide)

In this modern digital age, Plinko is a reminder that players can still enjoy a simple game from the past. Today, it is one of the most straightforward Bitcoin casino games, and you do not need any complicated strategies to win.

One of the best sites to play Plinko with BTC and other cryptocurrencies is BC.Game Casino. The site has a vibrant yet clean interface and is generous with bonuses and winnings from its low house edge percentage.

Since Plinko is growing in popularity, more sites are challenging BC.Game Casino. Learn more about them below.

Sites to Play Bitcoin Plinko at

play plinko online with bitcoin

Choosing the right site to play Plinko can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of options that can make or break your whole experience.

When picking a Plinko site, you must inspect the following essential factors:

  • Security of your data
  • Safety of your money
  • Promotions and bonuses
  • Customer support reliability
  • The company’s gaming license
  • Game interface and appearance
  • The operator’s history and reputation
  • The minimum bet and maximum win amount
  • The game’s Return to Player (RTP) rate
  • Guaranteed fairness using Provably Fair RNG 

You can find the best sites below, which pass the factors mentioned.

BC.Game Casino

This is the leading site to play Plinko with BTC. It also offers casino games like slot machines, roulette, and blackjack

What attracts players to BC.Game is its commitment to fair gambling, making it one of the best Provably Fair Crypto Casinos. It is currently the best Web 3.0 Casino in the industry.

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Quick Tip

BC.Game is among the best-rated casinos worldwide to play Crash Gambling. The online casino offers great bonuses and a good RTP of 99%.


  • Smooth user interface
  • Unlimited withdrawal for BTC
  • Sleek and modern website appearance
  • Up to 5 BTC bonus from Wheel of Fortune
  • Supports 19 languages on the website, customer support, and live chat.


  • Limited support for fiat currencies
Year Established2017
Cryptocurrencies acceptedBitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Binance Coin BNB, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Dogecoin DOGE, Litecoin LTC, and 21 more.
RTP 99%

Stake Casino

Another popular site for Plinko is Stake. You can play hundreds of casino games like crash gambling if you ever grow tired of Plinko. It is also one of the leading gambling companies in sports betting.

Stake Casino has one of the largest player bases in the online gambling industry. It is so huge that it is responsible for the following transactions in the crypto world:

  • 5% of Bitcoin 
  • 15% of Litecoin
  • 12% of Dogecoin 

Most of all, the daily $100,000 race and weekly $75,000 raffle attract players to sign up and keep playing at Stake. 


  • Instant payouts
  • Its games are Provably Fair
  • Unlimited withdrawal for BTC
  • Free daily wheel spin to win small prizes
  • Accepts more than 65 cryptocurrencies, also available for exchange
  • Its website supports 15 languages, while its live chat and customer support are available in 4 languages


  • No welcome bonus for new users
  • Payment method options are limited
  • Customer support is inaccessible via phone
  • The terms and conditions translate to limited language options
Year Established2017
Cryptocurrencies acceptedBitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Binance Coin BNB, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Dogecoin DOGE, Litecoin LTC, and 2 more.
RTP 99%


In this list, Cloudbet is the oldest blockchain casino. It is a decade old and has grown with the trends in the online gambling scene. If you are looking for an experienced operator and market leader to play Plinko, Cloudbet is the way to go.

Cloudbet is among the leading crypto casinos globally due to its unique gambling offerings and comprehensive game library, including an exciting and diverse series of Provably Fair Crypto Dice games.


  • Unlimited withdrawal for BTC
  • Wide selection of casino games
  • Live chat support is accessible 24/7 
  • Up to 5 BTC for 100% matched deposit bonus
  • Exciting advantages for loyalty club members


  • Players can only access live chat after registration
  • Its website supports 16 languages, but only live chat and customer support are available in English.
Year Established2013
Cryptocurrencies acceptedBitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Binance Coin BNB, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Dogecoin DOGE, Litecoin LTC, and 13 more.
RTP 99.29%


Although this is a new site run by a small international casino, Metaspins is gaining popularity in online gambling. As a newcomer, Metaspins have to draw gamblers to play. It does so by offering players attractive bonuses.

Newbies can receive a welcome bonus of up to 100% of 1 Bitcoin. That means if you deposit 1 BTC, you will receive 1 BTC as a bonus, putting your total to 2 BTC. You can use that to bet on more than 2,500 games on the site, not just Plinko.


  • Interesting tournaments and promotions
  • Get up to 60% Rakeback by playing more
  • Offers a collection of Provably Fair games
  • The house edge gets lower the more you play


  • It is a new casino whose reputation is still being tested
Year Established2022
Cryptocurrencies acceptedBitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Binance Coin BNB, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Dogecoin DOGE, Litecoin LTC, and 3 more.
RTP Varies per game


Bets.io is the smallest online casino, revenue-wise, in this list. However, the site is new and has yet to prove its reputation.

Regardless, it attracts users to play their 3,000+ games with a generous welcome bonus and an easy registration procedure. Meanwhile, players stay because of Bets.io’s fast deposit and withdrawal processes.


  • Use fiat currency to buy crypto
  • Up to 1 BTC 100% deposit match
  • Customer support is reachable 24/7
  • Requires KYC, but the process is swift and not strict


  • Low maximum bet
  • It is an English-only website
  • Does not accept fiat payment
  • Accepts the least cryptocurrencies
Year Established2021
Cryptocurrencies acceptedBitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Dogecoin DOGE, Litecoin LTC, Ripple XRP, and Tether USDT.
RTP Varies per game

How to Play and Win at Plinko Bitcoin

Read the step-by-step guide below on how to play and win at Plinko before playing your first actual game:

Step 1: Understand how Plinko works

Plinko is a straightforward game. It looks and works like a pinball machine, but Plinko is a pyramid instead of a rectangle. The game has 4 simple elements you must know about:

  • Bet: There is a very low minimum bet for most Plinko sites. You are free to choose your preferred wager. Remember that the higher the bet, the bigger the potential payout is. 

Your bet will turn into the ball that goes through the maze and lands in the payout slot.

  • Number of rows: The Plinko maze is a triangle whose size depends on the number of rows. You can choose from 8 to 16 rows. The more rows in the maze, the wider the triangle gets. That means more slots or multipliers for higher chances of winning big. 
  • Risk level: You can choose from low, medium, and high-risk levels. Choosing will define the multiplier ranges located at the base of the triangle. In the end, it will determine your payout.

The lower the risk, the less money you lose and win. Meanwhile, the higher the risk, the higher your potential payout or loss.

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Fun Fact

Speaking of higher and lower, Crypto Hi-Lo is a game that incorporates number prediction mechanics with fast-paced gameplay. Unlike Plinko which uses balls and patterns, Hi-Lo has a simple number and range interface.

  • Multiplier: Each slot at the end of the maze has a multiplier. Its range depends on the number of rows the player sets. 

The multiplier in the middle is usually 0.00x. The 3 or 5 middle values range from 0.10x to 0.90x for most games. Landing on these multipliers means losing. 

Some Plinko mazes also have a 1.0x multiplier on each side of the triangle, which is neither a loss nor a win. 

From then on, the slots hold more than 1.0x. The corners of the triangle hold the largest multiplier. The main goal is for you to land the balls into the corner to win the biggest prize.

Setting the risk level to low will reduce the values of “losing” multipliers in the triangle. However, that will also reduce the winning slots at the corner. Meanwhile, playing at a high-risk level will increase both winning and losing multipliers.

  • Auto Bet: This optional element makes betting automatic for you. With it, you only need to place your bet once. Then, set a certain number of rounds you want the game to repeat your bet. 

After that, it will automatically dispense balls in the Plinko pyramid. All you must do is watch them go down and hope they land in the high-multiplier slots.

Step 2: How to play Plinko with Bitcoin

Once you are familiar with the elements involved, it becomes easier to follow the game’s mechanics.

  1. Adjust the pyramid based on how much you can lose or plan to win. Select a risk level and set the number of rows. 
  2. Place your initial bet amount. You can adjust it using the + and – symbols. You can also set the Auto Bet feature in this step.
  3. Push the start button to dispense the ball into the pyramid. If you set the Auto Bet element, the number of rounds you put will be the number of balls successively dispensed in the pyramid.
  4. Gravity will do the rest for you in this game. All that’s left is to wait for the ball to land on a multiplier slot. Whatever amount it falls on will determine your winnings or loss.

Here’s a sample game of Plinko that will help you understand the mechanics further:

Say you adjusted the pyramid to a low-risk level and 10 rows. That puts the multipliers in a range of 0.90x to 12.90x. Then, you placed your initial bet amount of 0.0015 BTC.

Now that everything is set, you can press the start button to dispense the ball. You immediately get your payout when it lands on the multiplier. 

For example, it landed on the 1.1x slot. That means you win 0.00165 BTC. If the ball landed on 0.90x, your payout is 0.0009 BTC, which is a loss.

Step 3: Learn the odds and variables that affect your winnings in Plinko

Even though it is a simple game, Plinko still has notable odds and variables that will affect your winnings. Let’s discuss them individually:

  • Odds in Plinko: The more rows you add to the pyramid, the slimmer the chances of landing the ball to a higher multiplier. However, that also reduces the odds of the ball falling into a losing slot.

You can discover the chances of landing on a specific multiplier by hovering your cursor over the slot or clicking it.

Say you set the Plinko pyramid to 10 rows, you will get 11 slots, and the chances of landing on one of them are: 

1 and 11 (corner slots)0.097%
2 and 100.97%
3 and 94.39%
4 and 811.71%
5 and 720.50%
6 (middle)24.60%

Compare that to the odds of a 16-rowed pyramid with 17 slots:

1 and 17 (corner slots)00.0015%
2 and 160.024%
3 and 150.18%
4 and 140.85%
5 and 132.77%
6 and 126.66%
7 and 1112.21%
8 and 1017.45%
9 (middle slot)19.63%

Based on the tables, the ball has the highest odds of landing at the middle slot. Unfortunately, that is where the lowest multiplier is. 

On the other hand, the corners holding the largest multiplier have the lowest odds.

  • House Edge: The casino operator always sets a mathematical advantage that guarantees better odds over the player. It determines the percentage the operator takes from the player’s bet. 

Luckily in Plinko, most sites offer a low house edge, ranging from 1% to 2%. If you bet 0.001 BTC on a Plinko site with a 1% house edge, the operator keeps 0.00001 BTC. 

In some companies, the house edge percentage starts high. When you play more, the house edge gets lower.

  • Return to Player (RTP): It is the percentage off of your bet that goes back to you. RTP proves that while fate and luck matter, the RTP still pre-determines your winnings.

With most Plinko sites with a 1% house edge, the RTP is 99%. With your 0.001 BTC bet, you will get 0.00099 BTC.

Step 4: Play a free demo of Plinko first

Plinko doesn’t require you to practice any skills. Regardless, having a feel of the game will be great before you bet using money. 

By playing a simulation of Plinko, you will find out how the elements and variables apply in the game. 

Here are some sites that offer free Plinko simulations:

  • BGaming
  • Slots Temple

Step 5: Choose the best Plinko site for you

After familiarizing yourself with the elements, variables, and feel for the game, it’s time to choose a Plinko site. Remember to select the best one that works for you while prioritizing the critical factors mentioned earlier. Feel free to use this article as a reference.

All about Plinko Bitcoin

Find out the story behind Plinko and why players love it so much.

The history of Plinko before the Internet

Created by producer Frank Wayne, Plinko first appeared in “The Price is Right” in 1983.

Before it reached the online gambling world, Plinko became an arcade game. Then, it became available as a casino game. 

Introducing the Plinko crypto game

A team of innovators at iGaming, a development company based in Kiev, Ukraine, introduced Plinko to the crypto casino world. 

Since then, Plinko has become a staple in the industry, especially in Bitcoin gambling. It attracts players because of its fast-paced and engaging gameplay. 

Why people love Plinko

No one has to “outsmart” the game of Plinko. You do not need to employ any complex mathematical strategies when playing it. Simply drop the ball and let gravity do the rest.

Plinko algorithm and strategies

Moreover, Plinko is a Provably Fair game, which means its random algorithm is impossible to modify by the gambling site or players. All results are random and can be proven fair.

Fate and luck are one of the most significant factors that can affect your winnings. Regardless, you can still maximize your chances of winning big in Plinko.

The following tips and strategies do not 100% guarantee you win big all the time. They can help you lessen your losses and protect your earnings. That is why they are worth the try. 

High risk and maximum number of rows strategy

The original and physical Plinko game lets you drop the disc wherever you want on the board. But since the online crypto version of Plinko is a pyramid, there’s no choice but to start at the center.

With that, focus on other elements of Plinko that you can control, which are:

  • Risk level
  • Bet amount
  • Number of Rows

The best strategy in Plinko is to tip it to a high-risk level and set it to 16 rows. Setting it to a higher risk level increases the potential payout. Meanwhile, making the triangle wider decreases the odds of the ball landing in the middle area.

Another thing you will need for this is a ton of patience. You must keep clicking the “drop” or “start” button until you either lose it all or win big. You will need a significant budget to try this strategy.

Be reminded that this strategy is not for the weak. Players who use this admit to being close to losing it before finally dropping the ball into the biggest payout. 

Medium risk, higher bets, and 10 to 12 rows strategy

This is another strategy perfect if you have a significant budget to spare. You need to pay larger bets, which will payout more. 

Then, set it to medium risk level with 10 to 12 rows. The payout multiplier might be smaller than when you set it to high risk, but your strong bet will compensate for it.

Take advantage of promotions and bonuses

If you have a tight budget or are simply controlling spending, this tip is for you. 

Most Plinko sites are generous with promotions and bonuses. You must use them to increase your funds and chances of winning big. Watch out for these:

  • Rakeback
  • Welcome bonus
  • Regular price drops
  • Wheel of Fortune (daily, weekly, or monthly)


Playing Plinko brings nostalgia to some people. For its younger players, it is a simple yet fun wager to win cryptocurrencies. It is the perfect blockchain casino game to try when you get tired of complex games.

However, winning in Plinko is not as effortless as it seems. You can try simple strategies to maximize your chances for higher payouts. As you do, you will find yourself excited to see where the ball falls, which will keep you playing.


How do you play Plinko gambling?

To play Plinko gambling, set your desired risk level, number of rows first, and bet amount. Then, press the “drop” button until the ball lands on a chamber, defining your payout.

Does Plinko pay real money?

Playing Plinko can pay you real money and cryptocurrencies.

What is the best Plinko site?

There are many fine choices to play Plinko online, including the well-known BC.Game and Stake Casino.