A Quick Step-by-Step Guide On How To Play Crash Gambling in 2024

Since 2021, the popularity of crash gambling has been growing. In fact, it is growing even at a faster pace than Bitcoin casinos did from 2014 to 2016.

To cover all of this, we did an extensive guide of 3500 words. For those who consider it too long, we summarized it below.

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Highlights of the Article

  • You can use cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on most crash gambling sites.
  • Players can reduce their intervention and maintain control using the Auto Bet, Auto Play, and Auto Cash Out elements in crash gambling.
  • Crash gambling games utilize Pseudo Random Number Generators (PRNGs) or Provably Fair Random Number Generators as their algorithm. 
  • When playing, the odds of the multiplier instantly crashing is 3%.
  • Free platforms are offering crash gambling simulations for beginners to practice.
  • Applying a strategy would not beat the algorithm of a crash gambling game, but it can help increase your odds of winning.
  • Variables like house edge percentage, return to player rate, and randomness of algorithm affect your chances of winning in crash gambling.
  • When choosing a gambling site to play crash, you must scrutinize its security, safety, and reputation.

How To Play A Crash Gambling Game?

how to play crash gambling

Crash games are simple yet tricky to play. Let’s explore all the ins and outs of this high-stakes game step-by-step.

Step #1: Understand Crash Gambling Basics

One of the key ways to learn how crash gambling works is by familiarizing yourself with its elements, such as:

Bet – It is the amount of cryptocurrency or fiat currency you would wager or risk on a crash game. You can decide how much you want to bet on a crash game round. However, you should have the required amount deposited on your Crash Game site account. Most Crypto crash gambling sites accept the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin BTC
  • Litecoin LTC
  • Ethereum ETH
  • Dogecoin DOGE
  • Bitcoin Cash BCH

Some crash gambling sites accept the following fiat currencies:

  • USD
  • Euros
  • British Pound Sterling
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Quick Tip

Most crash gambling sites do not have a minimum bet requirement. Gamblers can start as small as 0.00001 BTC or $0.1 and have some crash gambling entertainment.

Multiplier – A Multiplier starts at 0.0x when a round of a crash game starts. It increases for an unpredictable time as the game round of crashes progresses before it crashes. The random point when the multiplier stops is referred to as a crash. The main goal of any crash player is to cash out before the crash. When you do, the multiplier value at a point when you cash out and your bet amount define your winnings.

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Quick Tip

The formula for that is:


Bet (ex., $100) x Multiplier during cash out (ex., 3.43x) = Winnings (ex. Total, $343)

Auto Bet or Auto Play – This is an optional feature for those who want to bring some sophistication to this simple game. Most players use this feature to help them with their strategy.

Auto bet, as the name specifies, automates your betting process. You need to set the following:

  • Number of rounds: The number of rounds that your bet will be automated.
  • Cash decrease and increase limit: The automation will stop if cash decreases or increases by X amount.
  • Single win limit: The process will stop if your single win exceeds Y amount.

Auto Cash Out – Auto cash-out is another option that makes your process automatic. You only need to set a specific multiplier. Once the graph reaches that multiplier, it automatically cashes out your winnings. 

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Quick Tip

Auto Bet reduces the urge to bet more. Auto Cash Out prevents you from losing money waiting for a bigger multiplier.

House Edge – The casino or game provider will always have better odds than the player. The house edge is proof of that, which is the mathematical advantage the gambling operators always have over the player.  It will take a percentage off whatever amount you bet when gambling. 

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Quick Tip

In crash gambling, most sites have a house edge of 1 – 3%. That means for every dollar bet, the casino provider keeps $0.01 – $0.03.

Return to Player – RTP works together with the house edge. Since most crash gambling sites have a 1-3% house edge, the RTP is 99-97%. In the previous example, the operator takes $0.01 from a $1 bet, while the player receives $0.99 back based on the 99% RTP.

RNG – Crash gambling games depend on randomized algorithms to create randomness. In crash gambling, the randomized element is the multiplier. The specific range of numbers varies in each game. Some have unlimited multipliers, while others have a threshold.  What happens in a randomized algorithm is that it generates a number, X, from the specific range set by the operator. Then, it decides on a result based on X’s value.

Step #2: Understand How Crash Gambling Rules And Odds Work

There is no way to trick crash gambling’s randomized algorithm. The best you can do to tip the odds in your favor is to understand the essential rules and mathematics involved.

Number of Bets: You can specify the number of bets to be placed during the Auto Bet session.

Rounds: You can play a crash game in just one or multiple rounds. Usually, there is a small time gap between rounds for you to place bets.

Odds: Like all other casino games, crash gambling also has odds.

  • Crash gambling’s return is 97-99%.
  • You have a 48% chance of winning from 2.00x and above multiplier. That means you have a 52% chance of losing money at a 2.00x multiplier and above.

Multi-Player Game: Crash games on some platforms like Stake are multiplayer games. The round multiplier is the same for all players participating in a given round.

Upper Limit For Betting On Crash Games: There is an upper limit for betting and withdrawal on most crash casinos.

Increase or Reset Bet on Win or Loss: This option allows you to increase your bet or reset it to the original amount after a win or a loss.

Stop on Profit or Loss: You have the ability to set a win or loss limit. The Auto Bet will stop once this predetermined amount is reached. This helps manage overall risk and protect your winnings.

Step #3: Understanding How to Play Crash Gambling Game

A simple crash gambling game involves a few moves players go through.

👣 5 Easy Steps to Playing Crash Game:

  1. Place your bet before the round starts. Decide how much you want to wager.
  2. Once the round begins, the line or rocket on the graph climbs, representing the increase of the multiplier. You can wait until the game reaches your desired multiplier.
  3. However, remember that it is bound to crash anytime, as determined by the random algorithm.
  4. The game ends after the crash:
    • If you cashed out before the crash, the multiplier during your cash out determines your winnings,
    • If you did not cash out before the multiplier crashed, you get nothing and lose your bet.
  5. A countdown for another round will begin when you place your next bet

Here is an example of how crash gambling works:

Say you placed a bet of 1 BTC manually or through Auto features. The game officially starts, and the multiplier begins to increase. You cash out when the multiplier reaches 2.30x. With that, you win 2.3 BTC. However, you lose all your stake if the multiplier crashes before you can cash out.

This is the simplest use case of a crash gambling game. But, if you want to add more sophistication, you can use auto-bet and auto-cash-out features.

Step #4: Play Crash Gambling Games Demo on Free Platforms

Now that you know the mechanics, it’s time to test it on free crash gambling platforms. Doing this lets you get acquainted with the game better before placing a real bet and potentially losing money.

AviatorX from Spribe is one such free crash gambling platform to practice on.

Step #5: Understand Crash Gambling Strategies

After understanding the basics, the next step is to familiarize yourself with crash gambling strategies. Here are some of the best crash gambling strategies that most players suggest:

  • Automatic Cash Out Strategy

This is more than a crash gambling element. You can use the Automatic Cash Out feature as a strategy, where your winnings will automatically cash out once they hit the multiplier.  It ensures you do not increase the risk of losing all your bets by waiting for the multiplier to go higher.

  • The Martingale Strategy

Paul Pierre Levy introduced this system. The Martingale is a strategy based on the premise that you cannot always lose. The player must double their losing bets and reduce winning stakes by half. Doing this can help you recover your initial investment and ensure good winnings. 

However, be warned that the larger your betting size, the riskier Martingale’s strategy gets.   

  • The Fibonacci Strategy

This strategy is based on a mathematical sequence called Fibonacci. The Fibonacci sequence starts with 0, followed by a 1. Adding them up is equal to 1. Those are the first three numbers of the sequence. The next ones are determined by the sum of the previous two numbers. With that, the sequence becomes 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, and so on.

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Side Note

In crash gambling, you apply the Fibonacci sequence to ensure a 50/50 chance of winning. When you lose a bet, proceed to the next higher stake in the progression. Say you lost your $2 bet. Your next bet should be $3. 

Every time you win, move two numbers lower in the sequence. For example, your $8 wager was paid out. That means you should bet $3 on the next round. This strategy lets you quickly recover your losses and protect your winnings. In addition to these traditional mathematical strategies, other common-sense strategies can turn out valuable while having some fun with crash gambling.

  • Bankroll Management

For crash gambling beginners, setting firm budgets for the total event and a spending limit per round is crucial. This strategy, known as basic bankroll management, involves adhering to your budget regardless of game outcomes. It’s an essential practice to mitigate risks and maintain control over your gambling habits. Adjusting Accordingly is another key step in Bankroll Management. Adjust your per-session budget accordingly if your total bankroll increases or decreases significantly.

  • Risk-Free Gaming 

As discussed earlier in the definition section, crash gambling is a game where risk is directly proportional to winnings. Based on that fact, you can use a low-risk strategy to increase your chances of making small returns.  This is a strategy of betting small and cashing out early for beginners who are just familiarizing themselves with the game. 

  • Don’t Chase Lost Money 

Don’t chase lost money is a very traditional yet relevant strategy in the gambling world. In a crash gambling game, it is even more relevant as every round of a crash casino game is independent of the result of the previous round. Combining this with proper bankroll management will control the damages to a large extent on an unlucky day.

Step #6: Choose the Right Crash Gambling Site

choose the right crash gambling site

After learning the basics and trying some free crash game simulations, it’s time for crash gambling with real money. As mentioned earlier, crash gambling is very popular everywhere, including in Russia, Africa, Europe, and North America. No wonder there are many new crash-game-centric casinos with different types of crash games, making it quite a task to choose the right crash gambling site. Here are some key factors that can help you decide the best crash gambling site.

Things to Consider Before Choosing a Good Crash Gambling Site  

Things to ConsiderWhat To Look For?
License, Age of Casino, and Reputation of the CasinoLicenses Top crypto casinos often hold licenses from jurisdictions like Curaçao or Malta, but there are also others like Kahnawake, Gibraltar, or Isle of Man licenses. Look out for these licenses in the crash casinos you choose.
Reputation – Assess a crypto casino’s trustworthiness by cross-tabulating its age with complaints volume. Remember, a good casino is transparent and dedicated to resolving all complaints raised on its customer support platforms, third-party gambling forums, and elsewhere.
Betting LimitsSome casinos, like Stake.com, have upper and lower limits – if you are keen on how much you can bet, you should consider this factor.
Type of Crash GameAll crash gambling games share a similar core concept, but crash game providers add unique aesthetics like rockets, balloons, or trend lines to their game graphs for visual variety. If you prefer simplicity like us, opt for basic line graphs like those on Stake.com.
Geographical RestrictionsIf your country bans gambling, you may not access many legit crash gambling sites. Some countries even prohibit specific casinos. Before choosing a casino, check these restrictions. For details on geo-blocking and how casinos manage players from restricted countries, see our dedicated article.  Most crash casinos offer their games in multiple languages. If you are from a non-English country, check if the casino has its pages in your native language.
Crypto CurrenciesWhen choosing a crash casino, look for fiat and cryptocurrencies they accept for deposits and withdrawals and if they offer an exchange feature. Also, prefer a casino that offers provides End-to-End crypto transactions.
Payment and Withdrawal RestrictionsBefore choosing a top crash gambling site, knowing how much you can deposit, how much you can withdraw at a time, the requirements to withdraw, and the time it takes to deposit and withdraw is good.
Quantitative Casino MetricsHouse Edge – The sign of a top-tier crash casino? A house edge of just 1-3%.
RTP – Our analysis shows that crash game Return to Player (RTP) rates vary from 99% to 97%. 
Anonymity – Not all crypto casinos guarantee anonymity. Ensure your chosen casino offers complete anonymity with an end-to-end crypto feature.
KYC Verification – Check if your crypto casino requires KYC verification for depositing or withdrawing winnings.
Provably Fair Crash GamesVerifiable randomness of multiplier crashing assures fairness and transparency, fostering trust between you and the crash casino. So choose casinos that have provably fair crash games.
Security featuresSSL – Make sure the casino is loading with SSL; you can use this guide to do that.
2FA – A good casino will make 2FA security a must for all user accounts, assuring the safety of deposited crypto or winnings residing on your casino account.
BonusesWelcome Bonuses, Deposit Bonuses, Cashback, Regular Promotions, Weekly Promotions, Vacations for VIP players, and other VIP perks are a few ways crash casinos use to encourage players to use their websites. Check restrictions associated with these bonuses before choosing a crash gambling site.
Mobile Gaming Crash is a simple game that can be enjoyed on a mobile device. If you’re a fan of mobile gaming, ensure your chosen crash gambling site offers a responsive, fast, and lag-free experience on your smartphone.

Based on the above factors and process, we listed these sites we like and recommend.

Stake.com – Simple yet interesting Original Crash Game

Stake.com, a well-known name in the crash gambling industry, is popular for its original crash game’s simplicity, low house edge of 1%, and high RTP rate of 99%.

Stake crash game screenshot

Its extensive player base enjoys a variety of crypto betting options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more. The platform offers efficient 24/7 support, featuring a live chat, enhancing user experience. Transactions are fast, with minimum requirements on deposits. Prioritizing security, Stake.com implements 2FA for accounts and promotes responsible gambling by setting limits and alerting players spending excessive time on the site.

Stake.com also keeps the gaming experience exciting with numerous promotions such as Daily Races, Weekly Giveaways, and challenges checking out all the crucial factors you need to look out for in a crypto gambling site and secures the tag as the top platform for crypto gamblers.

BC.Game – Highest Welcome Bonus (Up To 360%)

BC.Game is the best crash gambling site for bonuses with their generous 360% deposit bonus, intriguing BCD offer, and wheel spin offer that can reach up to an impressive 5BTC. Added bonus to this list of bonuses is that they are trustworthy and generous with Provably Fair RTP.

Operating under a Curacao license and the randomness of their games being independently verified by ITech Labs, this crypto casino is trustworthy and transparent. In terms of transactions, BC.Game supports all major cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, making it accessible and convenient for users worldwide. Regarding payments and withdrawals, they have fast processing times, often just minutes.

While BC.Game prioritizes user anonymity, they also uphold legal standards. Therefore, larger withdrawals may trigger KYC procedures, balancing user privacy with regulatory compliance. In essence, BC.Game is not just a platform for playing but a community where fairness, transparency, and user experience are paramount.

Thunderpick – 18 Crash Games to Pick From

Thunderpick, famous for its association with eSports, it is a legit crash gambling website many prefer. It accepts cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and USDT. 

Moreover, Thunderpick’s crash gambling game was recently revamped, which gave it:

  • Enhanced gameplay sounds, design, and animation
  • Increased prize pool from €30,000 to €300,000
  • Metaspins

Although it is a new crash game, Metaspins is one of the most reputable sites to crash gamble. You can bet using BTC, ETH, and USDT. It also passes on the crucial factors mentioned earlier.

CloudBet- Good Aviator Crash Casino Game

Cloud Bet has a secure website that has been in the industry for close to 10 years. Along with many other games, it is well known for its crypto-gambling section with provably fair games, like Aviator Crash, Plinko, Mines, Keno, and Dice.

When it comes to the welcome bonuses, they are better than many other crypto gambling sites in the industry, with offers up to 5BTC in bonuses.

As for crash gambling, they offer the Aviator version with 97% RTP. If you are a beginner, you can try their free version to get acquainted with their rocket crash gambling game. Cloudbet layouts and color pallets are another positive for Cloudbet.

With clean and user-friendly, they take extra care to provide a great gaming experience to all gambling enthusiasts. From a security standpoint too, Cloudbet holds a strong reputation. They offer a secure site with SSL encryption, provably fair games, and two-factor authentication and SMS verification options. Cloudbet also assures anonymous play as you need only an email address to get started on the CloudBet crash gambling game.


Launched in 2022, Vave became one of the most highly regarded crypto crash gambling sites. It accepts 8 types of cryptocurrencies. Most of all, Vave ensures security through a 2FA system and SSL encryption. 


Established in 2004, BetOnline has a solid reputation in the online gambling community. Their website’s security is strong, with a wide gaming selection. What draws people to BetOnline is that they can wager on 18 cryptocurrencies. 

Final Thoughts

Crash gambling was introduced in 2014 for the Bitcoin community. Regardless of its recentness, crash gambling immediately became one of the favorite gambling activities of online gamers.

Today, crash gambling accepts a variety of cryptographic and fiat currencies. Plus, more websites are coming up to offer crash gambling games. All of these attract more players to try it. People keep playing crash gambling games because they are fast-paced and thrilling. That said, crash gambling will only continue to rival other online gambling games and gain the interest of more people.


Can you win on crash gambling?

Generally, a player has an excellent chance to win adequate money from crash gambling. However, it will still depend on the variables set by the operator of the game’s website.

Is crash gambling legit?

You can win money by playing crash gambling. Reputable crash gambling websites ensure security through 2FA and SSL encryption. The safety of funds is also guaranteed.

How do you lose money in crash gambling?

The idea of playing crash gambling is to cash out your winnings before the multiplier stops or crashes. Otherwise, you will lose your bet.