An In-Depth Guide to Top Slot Machine Types

American Gambling Association reported that slot machines generated $8.83 billion in gross gambling revenue in Q1 2023.

These slots vary on the odds, the amount you can win, and features. Despite having one of the highest house edges among casino games, slot machines are still popular. 

Discover different slot machine types and the best kinds of slots to play, and start spinning.

🏆 Top Slots Gambling Sites

Based on all big and small factors, here are the best online slots sites based on different geo locations:

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    -> Super Slots (💰 250% Bonus up to $1,000).
    -> Wild Casino (💸 300% Crypto Bonus up to $3,000).
  2. 🌍 Other countries:
    -> Stake (Best Sweepstake Casino with 🎁 Weekly Raffles).
    -> Thunderpick (💶 €2,000,000 Prize Pool)
    -> Casino Days (🎰 Get up to $1,000 cash + 100 Free Spins)
    -> Trust Dice (🏦 First Deposit Up To $30,000 + 25 Free Spins).

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Highlights of the Article

  • The creators of the first slot machine displayed it in Brooklyn, New York pubs.
  • Multipliers can go as high as x10000.
  • More coins give a higher multiplier in Multiplier Slot Machines.
  • Wager the maximum bet to enjoy winnings in Buy-A-Pays.
  • Players must play 15 billion times to win a jackpot in Big Berthas Machine.
  • Class III machines depend on RNG to generate random combinations in slot machines.
  • Multi-Game Machines allow players to simultaneously play casino games like Keno, Blackjack, Poker, and Slots.
  • Winnings in Class II slot machines are non-taxable.
  • Learning the slot machine’s House Edge and Return to Player (RTP) percentage helps players bet wisely.

The Different Types of Slot Machines

Slot machines, with their replayability and simplicity, continue to become the go-to casino games for many. The objective of this game is as simple as landing a winning combination of icons. 

Some slot machines offer progressive pot and bonus spins, and some can be played in virtual reality.

Here are some exciting slot machines to try on.

Traditional Slot Machines: Know What Works Best

The first slot machines were designed in Brooklyn, NY, and were found in pubs. Players placed 50 cards on five reels, and a good poker hand would win the player a free beer or similar drink.

Traditional Slot Machines, although bulky and heavy, are far from old school and dull. 

Here are fun-to-play types of traditional slot machines:


Multi-Coin/Multi-Line slot machines have multiple pay lines, giving players better odds. This game usually has a high hit frequency but pays relatively less than other slot machines.

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Multi-Coin/Multi-Line Mechanics:

  1. The player must choose the number of lines to activate. Each line costs separately.
  2. The player then sets the number of coins to play per line.
  3. Start spinning.
  4. The player wins when the combination the player sets shows up.


Multi-line slot machines are simply slot machines with multiple pay lines, typically five or more, and either between fixed or adjustable pay lines. 

It gives players flexibility in the minimum money they should wager.

Multi-Line Slot Machines
Row of Modern Casino Slot Machines with Shallow Depth of Field. Gambling Industry.
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Multi-Line Mechanics:

  1. For adjustable pay-line machines, players must set the number of lines for activation.
  2. Start spinning.
  3. The player automatically wins as soon as the lines that they have activated show up.


Always play with the maximum amount when playing Buy-A-Pays. Each coin wagered activates a winning combination.

Buy-A-Pays Slot Machines
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Buy-A-Pays Mechanics:

  1. The player inserts coins to buy winning combinations. Each pay table costs separately.
  2. Start spinning.
  3. The player wins when the wagered combinations show up.

Hidden Buy-A-Pays

While the Buy-A-Pays machine activates a winning combination in each coin wagered, Hidden Buy-A-Pays have bonus games that players can enjoy only if they wager the maximum amount.

Hidden Buy-A-Pays Slot Machines
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Hidden Buy-A-Pays Mechanics:

  1. To enjoy bonus games, the player must wager the maximum bet.
  2. Play the bonus game and start spinning.
  3. If the combination shows up, the player wins.

Straight Multipliers

Straight multipliers pay players for each winning combination multiplied by the number of coins wagered. Usually, the minimum multiplier is x2 and can go as high as x10 or even x100.

Straight Multipliers Slot Machines
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Straight Multipliers Mechanics:

  1. The player sets the number of multipliers by the number of coins wagered.
  2. Start spinning.
  3. The player wins if the combination they wagered shows up.

Bonus Multipliers

Bonus Multipliers multiply winnings by the number of coins wagered. 

Winnings on the bonus are multiplied by a certain number and are usually unlocked when players wagered the maximum amount.

Bonus Multipliers Slot Machines
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Bonus Multipliers Mechanics:

  1. The player wagers the full amount to reach the bonus.
  2. Start spinning.
  3. Play the bonus round and enjoy the Bonus Multiplier.
  4. If the winning combination shows up, the player wins.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slot machines’ jackpot prize increases every spin until a player wins. This gives players a higher jackpot after losing many times. 

Progressive Slot Machines
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Progressive Slots Mechanics:

  1. The player must place their bet.
  2. Start spinning.
  3. Continue betting to increase the jackpot prize until the player wins.

Combination Slots

Combination Slot Machines combine almost all the slot machines mentioned earlier, including progressive slots, buy-a-pays, multipliers, and more.

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Combinations Slots Mechanics:

  1. The player wagers depending on the combined slot machines.
  2. Start spinning.
  3. The player wins as soon as the combination of any of the slots the player wagered shows up.

Top 6 Online Slot Machines To Check Out

Slot Machines have taken over online casinos since the early 2000s. Soon, various slot machines come out and show no signs of slowing down.

These are some online slot machines worth trying:

Three-Reel Slots

Three-reel slots give players enough headspace to decide quickly, as a few winning symbols only need to emerge.


  1. There are three vertical rows and five pay lines.
  2. Each symbol has a winning value that players need to spin to win.
  3. Depending on the winning combinations, players win as soon as the combination shows up.
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Did You Know?

The odds of winning in Roulette are better than in Slot Machines. This is because the game favors the gamblers more than the house.

Five-Reel Slots

Five-Reel Slots, unlike their counterparts, have more chances of hitting the winning combination due to a decent number of combinations available.


  1. There are five vertical rows and 20 pay lines.
  2. Each symbol has a winning value that players need to spin to win.
  3. Depending on the winning combinations, players win as soon as the combination shows up.

Six And Seven-Reel Slots

Six and Seven-Reel Slots are a rare type of slot machine. As the number of reels increases, so does the number of pay lines, which makes winning harder to attain.


  1. There are six or seven vertical rows and 200 or more pay lines.
  2. Each symbol has a winning value that players need to spin to win.
  3. Depending on the winning combinations, players win as soon as the combination shows up.
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Progressive Slots

A fun type of slot that can be played by an individual or in groups. Progressive Slots refer to small bets progressing as the slots spin until someone wins.


  1. Each player places a small bet.
  2. This continues until someone hits the jackpot and gets to take all the wins.

Interactive Slots

Often referred to as I-Slots, Interactive Slots take players on a journey. Every stage comes with exciting bonuses and rewards.


  1. The player places a bet for every stage.
  2. Each stage has a particular winning combination that players need to spin.
  3. Players who finish playing until the last stage win more bonuses.
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Virtual Reality Slots

This is a typical slot game. The difference is that players wear a headset and immerse themselves in the 3D world of the casino. 

Virtual Reality Slots, or VR per se, are still a niche market and, therefore, still up for discovery.


  1. Players choose a slot game they want to play.
  2. With equipment, players must select their preferred winning combination and start spinning.
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Slot Machines That Multiply Win in Tenfold or More

Gamblers love multipliers simply because it gives them more chances of winning. Multipliers can increase your bet from x2 to x1000 or more.

There are various slot machines in casinos that offer this great feature. Here are some of them:

1. Multiple Payline Machines

Multiple Payline Machines can take on many forms, such as V shape, diagonal, horizontal, or vertical. Lines can go as high as 100, giving players higher chances of winning or playing.

2. Wild Play Machines

Symbols such as fruits and other items make up Wild Play Machines. These symbols have their winning value, which allows players to spin in double or quadruple.

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While slot machines are designed to have a higher house edge, it does not mean they are all rigged. 


Avoid this and other common myths in slot machines that make a player go broke.

3. Big Berthas

Big Berthas is one of the biggest slot machines in the world and one of the hardest to win. Players must spend 15 billion times to win the biggest jackpot.

4. Multi-Game Machines

Poker, Keno, Blackjack, and Slots are games you can play in Multi-Game Machines. From the name itself, this allows players to play and bet simultaneously by switching from one game to another.

5. Touch-Screen Machines

Touch-screen machines are the easiest to navigate. It gives players more control with their hands, making their gaming experience convenient.

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Slot Machine Classes: Find Out The Difference To Get Ahead

Slot machines are classified according to their functions. Although it’s hard to identify what class a particular slot is, Random Number Generators (RNG) make it easy to do so.

RNG plays a vital role in slot machines as this will make the game fun, unpredictable, and exciting.

Here are the slot machine classes and their pros and cons:

Class II

Bingo results predict class II slot machines instead of the standard RNG. They are available in tribal casinos, which means accessibility will be a challenge.

The odds of winning are low as it often favors the house. But if players win, they get to take it all.

Class III

The government licenses Class III slot machines. Their RNG feature is checked occasionally to ensure it works according to industry standards.

Wins are higher compared to Class II slot machines, but they are taxable.

Class II Slot MachinesClass III Slot Machines

✅ Fixed Amount of Win

✅ Non-taxable Wins


✅ Accessible to Big Casinos

✅ Bigger Amount of Wins

✅ Higher Chances of Winning


⛔ Not Accessible to Some Casinos

⛔ Rely on Bingo Results

⛔ High House Edge Percentage


⛔ Taxable Wins

Game On: Factors to Consider When Playing Slot Machines

From the sound and looks of it, slots are one of the easiest and most exciting casino games to play. It does not require particular skills to score a win.

Before diving in, check out these factors that will be useful when playing slot machines.

💡 Convenience. From proximity down to accessibility, make sure that playing such a simple game does not require much time and energy.

🕹️ Gameplay. Assess if the game is easy or complex. Go for easy regardless of whether on a tight budget or not, as the chances of winning are higher than in complex games.

🤑 Winnings/Payouts. Find out about the game’s frequency and success rate. This will help set the right amount to bet on.

🤔 Odds. Research the game’s Return to Player and house edge percentages online.

💰 Bonuses. Always bet on slot machines with unlimited bonuses for more chances of winnings. 

The Winning Combination

Slot Machines have always been one of the go-to casino games for all players. It’s easy, but the odds of winning are relatively slim. 

To choose the best slot machine that works for you, research the house edge, RTP percentage, and casinos with Class III slot machines.

Knowing the basics can go a long way for a game that relies on luck, chance, and gut feeling.


Which type of slot machine is the best?

Both traditional and online casinos have their fair share of good qualities. In choosing the best slot machine, look for the ones with great bonuses and high RTPs.

What are Class III slot machines?

The government licenses Class III slot machines, which are prominent in some of the biggest casinos. They use Random Number Generator (RNG) to predict results.

What kind of game is a slot machine?

Slot machines are a no-brainer casino game based on luck and chances, making it one of the best.

What is the most famous slot machine?

Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune are some of the most famous slot machines ever.