2024’s Most Expensive Arenas to Watch an NHL Game: A Quick Guide

The NHL is among the world’s most-watched sports events, with 22.4 million total arena attendance for the last two seasons. The average ticket costs an individual around $80 to $350.

Getting up close and personal with your favorite athlete and state-of-the-art facilities make up the ticket prices. Ticket sales are the players and arena’s bread and butter, especially in the NHL.

If you plan to watch NHL games someday, read on to find out the most expensive NHL arenas to watch at, their ticket prices, and other additional costs.

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Highlights of the Article

  • The NHL games saw a 7.9% increase in attendance after the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • There are 32 NHL teams so far, and 7 of them are from Canada.
  • Chicago Blackhawks has the largest NHL fanbase.
  • The top 10 NHL teams have more or less a million devoted fans.
  • The American Airlines Center is the most expensive arena to build.
  • The Air Canada Centre is the priciest NHL game to watch.
  • Staples Center was renamed to Crypto.com Arena in 2018.
  • The Backstreet Boys Concert is the most attended event in Wells Fargo Center.
  • United Center is the largest arena in the NBA and the second largest in the NHL.
  • Madison Square Garden is known for being “The World’s Most Famous Arena.”

The Most Expensive NHL Arena to Watch At

most expensive nhl arenas featured image

NHL teams have some of the biggest fanbases. Chicago Blackhawks, for instance, has amassed 2.7 million fans to date, making them the NHL team with the largest fanbase.

With this number of crowds supporting and watching the NHL games, it is no wonder a stadium or an arena is needed, not to mention the technicalities and the demands for a hockey game to be organized.

Here are some of the most expensive NHL arenas to watch at this 2023:

ArenaLocationConstruction CostYear BuiltSeating Capacity
American Airlines Center2500 Victory Avenue

Dallas, Texas 75219

$420 million200118,000-20,000
Staples Center1111 S. Figueroa Street

Los Angeles, CA 90015

$375 million199918,000-20,000
Prudential Center25 Lafayette St

Newark, NJ 07102

$375 million200816,000
PPG Paints Arena1001 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219$321 million201014,000-19,000
Bell Center1909 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal

Montréal, Québec H3B 4C9

$270 million199615,000-21,000

1. American Airlines Center

Owner: City of Dallas

Team: Dallas Stars

Ticket Prices for NHL: $21-$489.27

Biggest Events Hosted: 

  • 2007 NHL All-Star Game
  • 2008 NHL Western Conference Semifinals Game 6
  • 2006 NBA Finals
  • 2011 NBA Finals
  • 2017 Women’s Final Four

Fast Facts:

  • AAC will undergo a $15 million worth of major renovation in 2023. Including:
    • Changing all 19,134 seats that are spill, stain, and cut resistant
    • Four (4) screens with 360-degree video capability that increases viewing capacity to 55%
    • Roof replacement
  • Materials used in building AAC include brick, limestone, and granite with signature arches
  • American Airlines Center is still the most expensive arena in NBA and NHL history

2. Staples Center

Owner: Anschutz Entertainment Group

Team: Los Angeles Kings

Ticket Prices for NHL: $15-$738

Biggest Events Hosted:

  • 2004 and 2011 NBA All-Star Weekends
  • 2002 NHL All-Star Game
  • 2000 Democratic National Convention
  • 2011 World Figure Skating Championships
  • Grammy Awards

Fast Facts:

  • Staples Center was renamed Crypto.com Arena in 2018. Crypto.com bought the naming rights for $700 million, the biggest in any sports deal in history.
  • Staples was the first arena to receive an ISO 14001 certification in 2010 for its environment-friendly facilities and equipment.

3. Prudential Center

Owner: Harris Blitzer Sports & Entertainment (HBSE)

Team: New Jersey Devils

Ticket Prices for NHL: $24-$665

Biggest Events Hosted:

  • All Nets, Devils, and Seton Hall games
  • NCAA East Regional Men’s Basketball Semifinals and Finals

Fast Facts:

  • Fondly called “The Rock,” Prudential Center has the first Grammy Museum, featuring the works of Grammy-winning artists like Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, and more.
  • Since it opened, Prudential Center has been consistently included in the Top 10 Best US Arena by Pollstar and Billboard.

4. PPG Paints Arena

Owner: Sports & Exhibition Authority of Pittsburgh and Allegheny County

Team: Pittsburgh Penguins

Ticket Prices for NHL: $28-$423

Biggest Events Hosted: 

  • 2013 Frozen Four
  • 2014 WWE Royal Rumble

Fast Facts:

  • When it first opened, Paul McCartney was the first-ever musician to hold a concert in the arena.
  • Their amenities include
    • 1,950 center club seats with the best sightliness.
    • Top-of-the-line 236 Loge Box Seats.
    • Wide seats, up to 24 inches, and more legroom – the most comfortable in NHL
  • As of June 2023, renovations are ongoing with a $30 million budget, including:
    • Two (2) new bunker suites at ice level
    • All-inclusive VIP event-level club
    • 50×33 foot state-of-the-art center-hung scoreboard allows fans to track the duration a player has been on the ice, skating speed, and shot velocity.

5. Bell Center

Owner: Molson family

Team: Montreal Canadiens

Ticket Prices for NHL: $80-$100

Biggest Events Hosted:

  • 2004 World Cup of Hockey
  • 2009 NHL All-Star Game
  • 2009 NHL Entry Draft
  • 2021 Stanley Cup Finals
  • 2022 NHL Entry Draft

Fast Facts:

  • Celine Dion still holds the record with the most concerts held at Bell Center, with 50 performances from 1996 until 2020.
  • Amenities include:
    • Access for persons with restricted physical ability
    • Wi-Fi
    • First Aid Room
    • Referees’ room
    • Media room
    • Athlete changing room
    • VIP area
    • Warm-up zone
    • Restaurant on site and more

These arenas have witnessed the most prominent events the world has ever seen, particularly the NHL games. 

For some, it’s just a venue, but for athletes and celebrities, it’s their home and a testament to their hard work and popularity.

6. Air Canada Centre

Now renamed Scotiabank Arena, Air Canada Centre took 1 million hours to build on a $288 million construction budget. 

Owner:Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment
Year Built:1997
Construction Cost:$288 million
Seating Capacity:18,000 – 21,000
Biggest NHL Game Attendance:19,744
Amenities and Facilities:
  • ATM
  • Lost and Found Area
  • Parking
  • Wheelchair Escorts
  • Assistive Devices
  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Restaurants and Clubs
  • Suites
  • Culinary Program
  • Wine Program
  • Team Stores
  • Premium Membership Facilities include:
    • Suites
    • Suite Catering
    • Sher Club
    • Air Canada Signature Club

7. Madison Square Garden

MSG, or “The World’s Most Famous Arena,” has witnessed iconic events like “The Fight of the Century” in 1971 between two of the greatest Boxers in history, Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier

Any athlete or musician who has ever played or performed in Madison Square Garden considers it one, if not the ultimate highlight of their career.

Owner:Sphere Entertainment Co.
Year Built:1968
Construction Cost:$200 million
Seating Capacity:19,500
Biggest NHL Game Attendance:18,191
Amenities and Facilities:
  • Free Wifi
  • Chase ATM
  • Escalators
  • Family Restrooms
  • Guest Experience
  • Parking

Premium Membership Facilities:

  • Event Level Suites
  • Lexus Suite Level
  • Infosys Suite Level
  • Lounges
  • The Hub Loft
  • Caesars Sportsbook Lounge
  • Delta Sky360 Club
  • Knicks Locker Room
  • Rangers Locker Room

8. Rogers Arena

Rogers Arena is known for having the largest NHL game scoreboard, measuring 28 feet high by 49.5 feet wide. 

The Canadian rock band Bryan Adams performed during its inaugural event in 1995. Popular TV series like “Arrow” and the sports movie “Blades of Glory” had shot some of their scenes in the said arena.

Owner:Aquilini Investment Group
Year Built:1995
Construction Cost:$265 million
Seating Capacity:19,700
Biggest NHL Game Attendance:19,770
Amenities and Facilities:
  • Fan Text Service
  • Wide Variety of Restos
  • Parking
  • ATM
  • Concessions
  • Elevators
  • Entrance
  • Escalators
  • First Aid
  • Restrooms
  • Team Store/Merchandise
  • Water Fountains
  • Wheelchair Escorts

Premium Membership Facilities

  • The Sports Bar

9. United Center

United Center is the largest arena in the United States in the NBA and the second largest in NHL. Since its opening in 1994, the stadium has hosted 200 events with 40 million attendees. 

Owner:William Wirtz and Jerry Reinsdorf
Year Built:1994
Construction Cost:$175 million
Seating Capacity:23,500
Biggest NHL Game Attendance:22,859
Amenities and Facilities:
  • ATM
  • Concessions
  • Elevators
  • Entrance
  • Escalators
  • First Aid
  • Guest Relation Booths
  • Hearing and Visual Assistance
  • Parking
  • Restrooms
  • Team Store/Merchandise
  • Water Fountains
  • Wheelchair Escorts

Premium Membership Facilities:

  • BMO Club
  • Budweiser Champions Club
  • Day-of-Event Rental Suites
  • Licensed Executive Suites
  • Lower Level Suites
  • Club Level Suites
  • Penthouse Level Suites
  • Lexus Club
  • Chicago Blackhawks Executive Suite Rental
  • Chicago Bulls Executive Suite Rental

10. Bell MTS Center

The construction of Bell MTS Center only took a year to finish. It has even hosted the second season of the Canadian franchise of “The Amazing Race.”

Owner:True North Sports + Entertainment
Year Built:2004
Construction Cost:$133.5 million
Seating Capacity:16,345
Biggest NHL Game Attendance:15,794
Amenities and Facilities:
  • ATM
  • Concessions
  • Elevators
  • Entrance
  • Escalators
  • First Aid
  • Parking
  • Restrooms
  • Team Store/Merchandise
  • Water Fountains
  • Wheelchair Escorts

Premium Membership Facilities:

  • Private Suite Level
  • Rental party Suites
  • Moxie’s Restaurant
  • Eaton’s Powerhouse
  • Tavern United

11. Capital One Arena

With over 4,000 events hosted and 47 million attendees, there’s no doubt that Capital One Arena makes it to the list of the world’s busiest arenas.

Two events are held annually at this arena: The Harlem Globetrotters and The Washington International Horse Show.

Owner:Monumental Sports & Entertainment and Ted Leonsis
Year Built:1997
Construction Cost:$260 million
Seating Capacity:20,356
Biggest NHL Game Attendance:18,774
Amenities and Facilities:
  • Main Concourse
  • Club Level Concourse
  • Lexus Suite Level Concourse
  • 400 Level Concourse
  • ATM
  • Stairs
  • Concessions
  • Elevators
  • Entrance
  • Escalators
  • First Aid
  • Parking
  • Restrooms
  • Team Store/Merchandise
  • Water Fountains
  • Charging Station
  • Guest Services
  • Jersey Customization

Premium Membership Facilities:

  • The Ultra Club
  • Etihad Airways Lounge
  • Devils Backbone Lounge

12. TD Garden

One notable fact about the TD Garden is the 17 titles of the NBA team, Boston Celtics. The team had eight straight titles at TD, an unbreakable record that made them one of the greatest teams ever.

Owner:Delaware North
Year Built:1995
Construction Cost:$160 million
Seating Capacity:19,580
Biggest NHL Game Attendance:17,850
Amenities and Facilities:
  • ATM
  • Concessions
  • Elevators
  • Entrance
  • Escalators
  • First Aid
  • Parking
  • Restrooms
  • LED TVs

Premium Membership Facilities:

  • Absolut Lounge
  • Club Seating
  • Cross Insurance Boardroom
  • Heineken Star Club
  • The Lofts
  • Rapid7 Rafters
  • Society Suites
  • Ford SportsDeck

13. Wells Fargo Center

The Game Six Finals match-up between the Philadelphia Flyers and Chicago Blackhawks last June 9, 2010 for the Stanley Cup drew the largest crowd for a hockey match in Wells Fargo Center.

Owner:Comcast Spectacor
Year Built:1996
Construction Cost:$210 million
Seating Capacity:21,000
Biggest NHL Game Attendance:19,839
Amenities and Facilities:
  • Accessible Seating
  • Assisted Listening System (ALS) and Captioning Services
  • Auxiliary Aids and Services
  • Concession Stands and Fountains
  • Elevators
  • Emergency Evacuation
  • Entrances
  • Event Information
  • Parking and Paratransit
  • Personal Care Attendants (PCAs)
  • Purchasing Tickets for Accessible Seating
  • Restrooms
  • Service Animals
  • Sign Language Interpreters
  • Text Assist
  • Unannounced Patrons

Premium Membership Facilities:

  • The New Club Level
  • Shift4 Club
  • Adrian
  • Club Level Hospitality
  • Suites
  • Premium Seating Member Portal

14. Staples Center

Staples Center is known for many things, but one thing stood out: “The House That Kobe Bryant Built.” It’s a tribute to two of the best games that the late NBA superstar, Kobe Bryant, had in his career.

Owner:Anschutz Entertainment Group
Year Built:1999
Construction Cost:$375 million
Seating Capacity:18,000-20,000
Biggest NHL Game Attendance:19,017
Amenities and Facilities:
  • Assistive Listening Devices (ALD)
  • Accessible / Disabled Tickets
  • Captioning Service
  • Disabled Parking
  • Elevators/Escalators
  • Emergency Evacuation Procedures
  • Medical/Parental Bags
  • Restrooms
  • Sensory Sensitivity Accommodations
  • Service Animals/Guide Dogs
  • Sign Language Interpreters
  • TTY/TDD Service
  • Website
  • Wheelchair Escorts
  • Wheelchair/Scooter Storage
  • Wheelchair and Accessible Seating Policy

Premium Memberships Inclusions:

  • VIP Entrance
  • Exclusive Members-Only Events
  • Tickets to All Lakers, Clippers, Sparks, and Kings Regular Season and Playoff Home Games
  • Preferred parking
  • Exclusive Members-Only Events
  • Access to Top Concerts, Family Shows, and other World-Class Events
  • Members-Only Clubs & Lounges
  • In Suite/Seat Food & Beverage
  • Dedicated Premium Service Manager

15. Bell Centre

It wasn’t until 2008 that UFC 83 first held the mixed martial arts event in Bell Centre. This marked the first UFC event ever conducted in Canada.

Owner:Molson family
Year Built:1996
Construction Cost:$270 million
Seating Capacity:15,000-21,000
Biggest NHL Game Attendance:22,288
Amenities and Facilities:
  • ATM
  • Concessions
  • Elevators
  • Entrance
  • Escalators
  • First Aid
  • Guest Relation Booths
  • Hearing and Visual Assistance
  • Parking
  • Restrooms
  • Team Store/Merchandise
  • Water Fountains
  • Wheelchair Escorts

Premium Membership Facilities:

  • Hartland Molson Lounge
  • Mythik Lounge
  • Director’s Lounge
  • The Amphitheatre
  • The Parterre

Priciest NHL Games to Watch

priciest nhl games to watch

There are several venues worldwide where you can watch NHL games. In doing so, you pay for the experience, the athlete, and the forum. Hence, their expensive ticket cost.

Most of the biggest Hockey arenas are located in the US and Canada, as the sport is most popular in these areas.

Here are the priciest NHL games to watch to help you decide which ones are worth your time and money:

VenueGame/Team To WatchTicket PriceInclusion of Ticket Fees
Air Canada CentreToronto Maple Leafs$275-$350Food: $7-$15

Drinks: $11-$17

Parking Fees: 

$6 (20 minutes or less)

$15 (12 hours)

$24 (24 hours)

Madison Square GardenNew York Rangers$275-$335Food: $7-$10

Drinks: $12-$20

Parking Fee: $40-$60

Rogers ArenaVancouver Canucks$260-$322Food: $15-$20

Drinks: $14-$20

Parking Fee: $24

United CenterChicago Blackhawks$269-$315Food: $9-$15

Drinks: $8-$10

Parking Fee: $24

Bell MTS CenterWinnipeg Jets $238-$291Food: $10-$15

Drinks: $4-$8

Parking Fee: $15

Capital One ArenaWashington Capitals$220-$272Food: $3-$15

Drinks: $5-$10

Parking Fee: $27

TD GardenBoston Bruins$166-$250Food: $5-$20

Drinks: $10-$15

Parking Fee: $48

Wells Fargo CenterPhiladelphia Flyers$189-$243Food: $5-$10

Drinks: $8-$11

Parking Fee: $33

Staples CenterLos Angeles Kings$175-$230Food: $10-$15

Drinks: $10-$15

Parking Fee: $25

Bell CentreMontreal Canadiens$181-$220Food: $4-$6

Drinks: $7-$14

Parking Fee: $13.50

The Wrap-Up

NHL players’ hard work and dedication to their craft are unmatched. Arenas witness all the blood, sweat, and tears they have poured out to give their fans and foes a match to remember.

Spectators can watch from the comfort of their homes. The ticket and food costs alone are some things that one needs to consider to watch the game live in the arena.

Die-hard fans would do everything to secure that ticket regardless of price. Watching the action unfold before your eyes and cheering for your team with thousands of crowds remains priceless.


What is the cheapest arena to watch an NHL game?

The FLA Live Arena is the cheapest arena to watch an NHL game.

Who has the biggest NHL stadium?

The Montreal Canadiens in Bell Centre holds the biggest NHL stadium record with 21,301 seating capacity.

Which NHL team has the largest fanbase?

The Chicago Blackhawks has the biggest fanbase in NHL, with 2.7 million fans based on game attendance and social media presence.

What are the least desirable NHL cities for players?

Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Toronto are the least desirable NHL cities for players.

How to get NHL for free?

You can get NHL for free by streaming it online through various streaming sites such as NHLBite, NHL Live Stream, NHL66, Buffstreams, and more.