New Hampshire Online Gambling Revenue: A Quick Guide 2024

New Hampshire was one of the earliest states to legalize online gambling back in 2019. It has since seen a consistent revenue increase, averaging $25.2 million GGR.

The state has the sports betting market to thank for its continuous growth, with Granite Staters wagering around $883.7 million on DraftKings, NH’s sole betting operator, for 2023.

Look closer at New Hampshire’s online gambling revenue with the following figures and facts and how it has maintained its top-tier status in the casino scene.

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Highlights of the Article

  • Sports Betting in New Hampshire was launched in 2019 with over $300,000 state handle in its first year.
  • New Hampshire is ranked 13th out of 45 reporting state lotteries in the US based on per capita sales.
  • New Hampshire’s revenue is the fourth largest percentage in the US, with a growth of 4% in the fiscal year 2022.
  • The 2020-2021 forecasted budget of New Hampshire from sports betting is $10 million.
  • During the FY 2019-2020, iLottery revenue increased by 137.8%.
  • In 2020, 2.2% of adults in New Hampshire manifest gambling problems.
  • The online sports betting industry of New Hampshire generated over $31 million in GGR for FY 2021.
  • NH Lottery crossed the $1 billion mark in sports wagering in January 2022.
  • FY 2023 generated $81 million in GGR in online and retail sports betting – their highest since FY 2020.
  • DraftKings offered the NH government 50% of its GGR.

The Revenue of Online Gambling in New Hampshire

new hampshire online gambling revenue

Since its inception in 2019, the Granite State’s online gambling industry has thrived based on yearly sports betting.

With only $2.36 million in revenue in their first year, New Hampshire’s sports betting revenue scene started to pick up pace from 2021 up to the present.

Fiscal YearHandleGGRState Revenue Share
2020$67,189,287$5,244,994 $2,365,695
2022$861,106,439$51,608,874 $23,916,631
2023$883,675,664$80,996,813 $36,861,375 

Despite the steady increase, the state faces a dilemma from its neighboring states, including Massachusetts, with their recently legalized sports betting laws.

However, aside from being one of the pioneers of sports betting in the US, the state’s deal with DraftKings still makes them a dark horse in the online gambling competition.

Keep reading to learn just how New Hampshire’s gambling industry continues to shatter its records across different aspects.

Latest Revenues of New Hampshire (2023)

The last six to eight months of the New Hampshire online gambling scene show promising numbers for the years to come.

The state has gathered $45.8 million in revenue for 2023, just $21 million shy of the state’s 2022 revenue. In taxes, New Hampshire has already garnered $20.5 million in 2023.

New Hampshire Ranks 13th in All US States Lottery Capital Sales

In a recent report by LaFleur’s Magazine, New Hampshire ranked 13th out of 45 reporting state lotteries in the US based on per capita sales.

Moreover, New Hampshire’s revenue grew 4% in the fiscal year 2022, the fourth largest percentage in the US.

The table below shows New Hampshire’s gambling revenue from January to July 2023.

January 2023$97,163,182$12,317,53612.70%$5,604,577
February 2023$86,999,460$7,112,9188.20%$3,238,963
March 2023$103,390,747$4,828,0314.70%$2,126,879
April 2023$65,083,883$6,670,48110.20%$2,997,574
May 2023$52,137,614$7,042,46913.50%$3,078,160
June 2023$39,307,739$4,372,42911.10%$1,944,484
July 2023$36,929,342$3,511,8669.50%$1,551,250

Steady Growth of New Hampshire Online Gambling Revenue

Stacked Bar-Line Graph of NH Gambling Revenue (2019-2023)
YearOnline Gambling RevenueHandleTaxes

New Hampshire’s online gambling revenue has seen a 52% increase from 2021 to 2022. The state handle has experienced a 26% increase in the same timeline.

With only figures from January to July of 2023, New Hampshire’s state tax revenue this year has outperformed 2021 with over $20 million in state taxes so far versus 2021’s $19 million.

See the data below on how New Hampshire is performing in revenues further to understand the booming gambling economy of the state:

New Hampshire Taxes Revenue

New Hampshire Online Sports Betting Revenue Growth

(NH Lottery)

Sports betting was legalized in July 2019 but was launched later in December 2019 in New Hampshire. 

Since then, it has attracted loyal customers and is considered the state’s bread and butter in online gambling.

Fiscal YearHandleGGRState Revenue Share
2020$67,189,287$5,244,994 $2,365,695
2022$670,336,694 $43,968,702$20,550,458
2023$709,839,827 $69,069,060 $31,655,225 

New Hampshire Online Lotteries Revenue Growth

(NH Lottery)

Online lotteries play a key factor in New Hampshire’s online gambling revenue. On average, it has experienced a 94% growth from 2019 to 2023.

Fiscal YeariLottery RevenueGrowth %
2022$29,856,652 25.9%

New Hampshire Online Gambling Industry Revenues: A Look Back at Past Data

New Hampshire is the forerunner in legalizing the Lottery. However, the state remains steadfast in not allowing commercial and online casinos, contrary to most states in the US.

The legalization of sports betting and the pandemic greatly influenced the gambling industry in New Hampshire. Despite still not having casinos, New Hampshire’s gambling industry continues to grow.

Discover the significant highlights and lowlights in the online gambling business and why New Hampshire’s gambling industry has thrived through the years.

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2019: The Birth of New Hampshire’s Online Gambling Industry

Fiscal YearHandleGGRState Revenue Share

State legislators in New Hampshire passed HB 480 in July 2019.

This law established a system for sports betting, including online betting, within the Lottery Commission. However, commercial or online gambling casinos are still illegal.

Before the passing of HB 480, New Hampshirites gambled through daily fantasy sports, charitable gambling, and iLottery. 

With legal sports betting launching in December 2019,  the online gambling industry was up for a promising new year.

“Sports betting is the right bet for New Hampshire…We moved fast to get this done by partnering with a world-class company to provide a first-rate customer service experience, and the state is poised to dominate the market. The launch of sports betting will also benefit our education system – a win for our kids…”

Governor Chris Sununu, December 30, 2019. Official Press Release launching Sports betting.

Discover the early numbers of the sports betting industry and get insights on how analysts forecasted it to bring New Hampshire’s online gambling to a higher level in the succeeding years.

Sports betting launched in December 2019; the total handle reached over $300,000.

(Sports Betting Dime, Daily Hampshire Gazette)

After legalized sports betting in mid-2019, State Governor Chris Sununu placed the first legal sports bet on December 30, 2019, on the New England Patriots during the 2019 NFL season playoffs.

Right before 2019 ended, over 6,000 players registered online. Reports stated that many registrants are from Massachusetts playing in New Hampshire.

The total handle in FY 2020 was $360,726 from online sports betting since retail sportsbooks didn’t launch until the summer of 2020.

The state expected the measly revenue for 2019 since sports betting only commenced later in the year.


Handle – the total amount wagered on sports.Revenue – the gross gaming revenue kept by sportsbooks after paying out winnings.Hold percentage – revenue sportsbooks are kept as a function of the betting handle.State tax revenue – taxes collected by the state and local jurisdictions. Even if the outcome depends on a player’s skill, the act shall fall as a Contest of Chance if the result also depends on chance.

Prizes from online gambling (excluding sports betting and iLottery) reached over 52% of online sales in FY 2018-2019.

(NH Lottery)

Before the legalization of sports betting, other online gambling games were available in New Hampshire. These gambling games are as follows:

  • iLottery 
  • MUSL
  • Tri-State
  • Lucky for Life

Over $70 million in prizes were won on online games during the FY 2018-2019, representing 52.34% of the year’s online sales of more than $113 million. Compared to instant games, this sales-to-prize rate is roughly 68%.

Sales-to-prize percentage comparison between instant and online games in New Hampshire FY 2019-2020

MUSL Games awarded over $33 million in prizes in FY 2018-2019, the highest in online Lottery games. 

(NH Lottery)

MUSL Games have distributed more than $33 million, the largest sum of prizes in FY 2018-2019. Moreover, it has recorded the highest profit margin after prizes among all online games.

More than half of the amount won in MUSL games was from MUSL Powerball. Powerball holds the most significant national Lottery jackpot ever won, of over $1.5 billion. 

2020: New Hampshire’s Online Gambling in the Pandemic

Sales from online gambling surged during the pandemic. While this meant more money for the state, another statistic is also alarmingly rising.

Fiscal YearHandleGGRState Revenue Share
2020$67,189,287 (📈 150013%)$5,244,994 (📈 1354.01%)$2,365,695 (📈 12092.4%)

The National Council on Problem Gambling reported that their hotline received 24% more calls in 2020 from NH. This increase shows how COVID-19 worsened the issue of compulsive gambling.

New Hampshire earned $2.4 million in state taxes from sports betting in FY 2019-2020.

(Sports Betting Dime)

During FY 2019-2020, DraftKings earned over $5 million in revenues from sports betting in New Hampshire. Consistent with its deal with the state, 50% of its income went to state taxes.

It is worth noting that retail platforms started only in March 2020. While there is no breakdown of how much revenue they generated through online channels, it was estimated to be around 80%.

iLottery revenue increased 137.8% in FY 2019-2020.

(NH Lottery)

The iLottery made over $10 million in revenue in FY 2019-2020. The platform generated around $4.5 million in the previous fiscal year, constituting a 137.8% increase year-on-year.

However, FY 2019-2020’s gross profit margin was lower than the last year’s. The margin in FY 2018-2019 was 13.8%, while FY 2019-2020 was down to 13.5%.

 iLottery revenue comparison in 2019 and 2020

iLottery enables gamblers to buy tickets for Powerball and Mega Millions remotely. With travel restrictions and community guidelines implemented during the pandemic, the platform’s revenue increased as expected.

2021: Online Gambling in New Hampshire Reaches a New High

Sports betting in New Hampshire took an exciting turn with the legalization of online sports betting in July 2019. 

Fiscal YearHandleGGRState Revenue Share
2021$435,998,101 (📈 549%)$31,475,396 (📈 500%)$14,478,511 (📈 512%)

In its second year, the state’s online gambling scene, both in online sports betting and online Lottery, grew bigger than the comparative statistics show. 

The NH online sports betting total handle in FY 2021 was more than $430 million, an 85% increase from $67 million in FY 2020. 

Line Graph of NH Online Sports Bets Revenue

NH Online Lottery generated over $23 million in revenue in FY 2021.

(NH Lottery)

In its second full year of operations, the NH iLottery revenue increased $13 million or 121% from FY 2020. The year-over-year statistics show that the iLottery program has experienced significant growth. 

From nearly $520 million in overall Lottery revenue in 2021, the iLottery revenue accounts for 4.6%.

The table below shows the revenue breakdown of the iLottery E-Instant Games in 2021:

NH iLottery Revenue (2021)
Gross Sales$184,597,173
Net Wins$23,715,144

The NH iLottery includes e-Instant Scratch games, draw-based games Powerball, Mega Millions, and Gimme 5. 

DraftKings opened New Hampshire’s third retail sports betting location at Dover in October 2021. 

(Gambling Insider)

DraftKings, the New Hampshire Lottery, and the Filotimo Casino and Restaurant teamed up to open the third location at Dover. It has six DraftKings kiosks and 11 TVs.

The third DraftKings location in NH is said to place the state as the premier sports destination in the northeast. It aims to generate more revenue to fund the schools in the state. 

“Sports betting has been a success in New Hampshire since launching nearly two years ago and we are pleased to continue working with DraftKings and Filotimo Casino & Restaurant to expand sports betting opportunities for our players.”

Charlie McIntyre, New Hampshire Lottery Executive Director, commented on establishing the third retail sports betting location in the state.

The state’s first two sports betting locations are in Manchester and Seabrook, established in 2020. 

2022: NH Online Gambling Scene’s Continued Growth

The 2022 New Hampshire online gambling stats show the industry’s significant growth from FY2021. 

Fiscal YearHandleGGRState Revenue Share
2022$670,336,694 (📈 54%)$43,968,702 (📈 40%)$20,550,458 (📈 42%)

The online sports betting revenue in FY 2022 increased by over $12 million, while the iLottery platform increased by over $6 million compared to the previous fiscal year. 

Further, FY2022 saw a 1.6% or $2.3 million increase in the distribution of education trust funds.

Line graph of New Hampshire’s Distribution to Education Trust Fund

The Granite State’s iLottery revenue in FY 2022 reached $30 million.

(NH Lottery)

The state’s iLottery revenues in FY 2022 account for 6% of the total operating revenue at $536 million. It increased by $6.1 million or 24% compared to FY 2021. 

The Lottery contributed $147 million of the operating income to the Education Trust Fund, a 1.6% increase from the previous fiscal year. 

The table below shows the iLottery e-instant game sales on a cash basis for FY 2022: 

NH iLottery Revenue (2022)
Gross Sales$249,301,117
Net Wins$30,097,040

NH Lottery surpassed $1 billion in sports wagering in January 2022. 

(Business NH)

The NH Lottery celebrated reaching more than $1 billion wagered through DraftKings. Over $30 million has been raised from this to support the state’s education. 

Chair of the Lottery Commission Deborah Douglas highlighted they have known that sports betting is a significant driver for the New Hampshire Lottery. 

As of January 2022, the NH players have placed over 23 million bets since December 30, 2019. 

“Our success over the past two years demonstrates that sports betting is a perfect fit for our market. We are pleased with what we have accomplished, and we are excited to continue growing sports betting as a revenue driver supporting our schools.”

Charlie McIntyre, executive director of the NH Lottery

New Hampshire’s Deal With DraftKings

On November 25, 2019, the New Hampshire Executive Council approved the 6-year contract between New Hampshire Lottery and DraftKings Inc. through a 3-1 vote. 

DraftKings and New Hampshire Partnership Visualizer

Of the 13 submissions the NH Executive Council received, DraftKings offered the best financial package and the fastest implementation timeline. 

The council’s approval marked the launch of sports betting in the Granite State, with DraftKings as the sole mobile and internet operator.

New Hampshire’s partnership with DraftKings can be comparable to Connecticut’s online gambling scene. In Connecticut, only two online gambling sites can legally operate: DraftKings and FanDuel.

DraftKings logo on mobile

Read on as more exciting facts exist about the deal between NH and DraftKings. 

1. DraftKings scored 810 in the mobile segment and 790 in the retail segment among the proposals.

(iGB North America, NHLottery)

The NH Executive Council awarded licenses for mobile and retail sports betting to DraftKings. DraftKings ranked first both in the Mobile and Retail Channel proposals. 

While the NH government selected the DraftKings as sole betting operator in the state, the law Gov. Sununu signed in July 2019 states that it allows ten retail sportsbooks and five mobile operators. 

The scoring suggests that the other operators who ranked second or third, like Kambi and ROAR, might be able to enter the state’s gaming market.

RankMobile Channel ProposalsScore
1Crown Gaming, Inc./DraftKings810
4IGT/William Hill685
5Fan Duel655
6Churchill Downs/BetAmerica605
9Addison Global(tie w/) Newgioco355
10BetConstructLupoliBoston Billiards270NCNC
RankRetail Channel ProposalsScore
1Crown Gaming, Inc./DraftKings790
3IGT/William Hill705
4Churchill Downs/BetAmerica575

2. DraftKings offered the NH government 50% of its gross gaming revenue (GGR) from the retail platform. 

(iGamingBusiness, Sports Business Journal, iGB North America, NH Lottery)

DraftKings offered the state 50% of its betting revenue in exchange for being the exclusive operator. 

The NH government saw this as a big help to drive funds further to benefit its education sector. In FY22-23, the New Hampshire Lottery gathered $187 million to support NH education. 

Aside from the 50% contribution to the state, DraftKings will also pay the state’s Lottery 51% of its gaming gross revenue (GGR) from the online/mobile platform. 

If the NH government decides to add up to 3 additional operators, the revenue share it will receive from DraftKings will reduce to 21%.

Should an additional four to five operators with mobile licenses exist, the Lottery’s revenue share will decline to 16%. 

“The introduction of sports betting will broaden the appeal of the New Hampshire Lottery and engage new and existing customers while generating millions of dollars in additional revenue to support education.”

New Hampshire Lottery Executive Director Charlie McIntyre, on the approval of DraftKings to operate in the state

3. The contract states that DraftKings is responsible for establishing at least 4 and up to 10 retail or physical sports betting locations.

(SportsHandle, NH Lottery)

DraftKings already has three physical retail sportsbook locations in New Hampshire. These locations are:

  • The Brook, at Seabrook
  • DraftKings Sportsbook at Filomito – Manchester
  • DraftKings Sportsbook at Filotimo – Dover

The hours of operation of the retail sportsbook locations is 10 hours per day, seven days a week, from 10:00 am to 1:00 am unless the Lottery grants special permission to operate on extra hours. 

bulb emoji

Did You Know?

In the contract, it is stated that DraftKings must co-brand its mobile sportsbooks and retail sportsbook locations with the New Hampshire Lottery.
The Lottery can approve the final branding for DraftKings mobile and retail sportsbooks.

4. DraftKings and NH Lottery hit record revenue during FY ‘22-’23 (July 2022 to June 2023) at $80.9 million. 

(PlayUSA, NH Lottery, Sports Betting Dime)

New Hampshire saw its most significant sports betting during FY22-23, where bettors wagered more than $883.6 million. The GGR generated in FY22-23 is a 36.2% increase from the previous fiscal year.

Bar Graph of New Hampshire’s Sports Bet GGR

The state’s revenue share also climbed to $36.8 million, a 35.1% increase from  FY21-22. DraftKings’ revenue share from online betting also reached $37.4 million.  

June 2022 saw the NH sports betting industry generate a total handle of over $1.45 million and a revenue of nearly $96 million since its launch in December 2019. 

FY 2022-2023Handle: Combined Mobile and Retails Sports BettingGGRRevenue Share
July 2022$42,653,152$4,476,145$2,115,043 
August 2022$43,372,007$4,199,240$1,927,109
September 2022$78,237,751$7,358,206$3,249,389
October 2022$91,345,018$9,078,684$4,482,596
November 2022$93,090,530$4,963,600$2,176,120
December 2022$90,894,582$8,330,161$3,809,372
January 2023$97,163,182$12,564,448$5,715,687
February 2023$86,999,460$7,112,917$3,238,964
March 2023$103,390,747$4,828,031$2,126,878
April 2023$65,083,883$6,670,482$2,997,574
May 2023$52,137,614$7,042,470$3,078,159
June 2023$39,307,739$4,372,429$1,944,484
TOTAL$883,675,664$80,996,813 $36,861,375 

The Bottomline

Gambling has been pivotal in funding New Hampshire’s education sector. By bringing more budget for education, gambling yields short-term economic gains for NH.

The Granite State is far from becoming the US go-to gambling hub, as commercial and online casinos remain illegal. However, the recent legalization of sports betting has made wagers more entertaining.

Despite the ups, downs, and missed opportunities discussed in this article, one thing is sure: the gambling industry in New Hampshire is growing and is still far from plateauing.


What is the largest jackpot money won in the Lottery in New Hampshire?

The most significant jackpot money won in the Lottery in New Hampshire is $580 million.

How can I wager in sports betting in New Hampshire?

Visit any of DraftKings retail stores, The Brook (DraftKings Sportsbook at the Brook), and Filotimo Casino, and bet in person.

Where can I buy tickets for the Lottery in New Hampshire?

Find the nearest Lottery retail stores in New Hampshire using the New Hampshire Lottery Finder Tool.

Are there casinos in New Hampshire?

As of writing, New Hampshire has no commercial casinos.