Outsmart, Outplay, Win Big: The Ultimate Guide to Online Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack tournaments offer a great way to earn more while enjoying the game. 

These exciting tournaments involve hundreds of players competing head-to-head to win cash prizes. They come in various formats and rules, yet the common goal is to gather the most chips. 

Learn the online Blackjack rules, winning strategies, and everything else that comes with them. Find a list of top online casinos where you can join thrilling Blackjack tournaments.

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Highlights of the Article

  • Online Blackjack tournaments bring together players to compete for cash prizes.
  • Features of online Blackjack tournaments include competing against other players and the dealer, time limits, and multiple stages.
  • Online Blackjack tournaments offer faster gameplay, lower house advantage, and more seat availability.
  • Mechanics, requirements, and rules govern online Blackjack tournaments.
  • Winnings in online Blackjack tournaments vary based on competition and the casino hosting the event.
  • Tips include learning the rules, starting conservatively, following live standings, and studying tourney formats.
  • Strategies involve playing your position, betting from behind, and adjusting your betting strategy based on the standings.
  • Practice responsible gambling and gamble with expendable funds.

Online Blackjack Tournaments: An In-Depth Guide

blackjack tournaments online

For Blackjack fans, tournament play is right up your alley. These cash-prize competitions bring together gamblers to test their skills at the table.

Before entering a tournament, learning the basics and strategies behind Blackjack is essential.

This in-depth guide overviews the rules, tactics, and typical prize pool structures. Let’s begin!

What is an Online Blackjack Tournament?

Online Blackjack tournaments are thrilling multiplayer games where players compete against each other, not the dealer. 

These tourneys last a few days and may require an entry fee, but some are free for loyal customers. 

The rules and payouts differ across events, allowing you to pick one that matches your budget and expertise. 

Discover all the features and quirks of Blackjack tournaments.

Features of Online Blackjack

Before joining a Blackjack tournament, make sure you understand the key aspects. 

You may play like a tourney pro, using your perfect strategy, card counting, and other tactics, but you must compete with other users. 

The main features of the tournaments will be highlighted below:

  • You compete against other players and the dealer representing the casino.
  • To win, beat the dealer and score higher than your opponents.
  • Tournaments have time limits and multiple stages.
  • Blackjack tournaments can take place on one or more tables.

Exploring the Contrasts of Online Blackjack vs. On-Site Casino Blackjack

The basic principles of any Blackjack tournament, whether online or in a brick-and-mortar casino, are rooted in competition and beating the dealer/opponent. 

Let’s highlight the main differences distinguishing Blackjack tournaments from regular casino-banked games. 

The comparison below concisely compares the two formats of Blackjack play.


  • Players compete against the dealer.
  • The player aims to beat the dealer and win money.
  • With a modest bankroll, winning big is rare.
  • Rooting against fellow players is offensive, even if players usually want the dealer to lose.
  • You can purchase more chips with extra money if you deplete your bankroll.
  • Non-card counting players should follow the basic strategy corresponding to their Blackjack variation.
  • Techniques like card counting and shuffle tracking can help players beat the house.


  • In Blackjack tournaments, players compete against each other while aiming to beat the dealer.
  • Instead of just making money, the goal is to have the most chips.
  • Tournament winners can win five- or six-figure sums.
  • Tournament players may root for the dealer to beat the table, as it can lower their opponents’ chip stacks.
  • The maximum loss is the entrance price, although some events allow rebuys for an extra charge.
  • Tournament players must know the basics but also be able to make strategic changes.
  • Gaining an advantage in tournaments involves skillfully outplaying opponents.

While the basics of Blackjack remain consistent across both online and traditional casino settings, there are several key differences worth noting:

Game Speed

Online Blackjack tourneys speed is generally faster than land-based tournaments. Although online Blackjack is faster, you can still control your game speed. 

It means that you can choose to play each Blackjack round slower or faster as you like. This feature helps beginners learn the game by starting gently and gradually increasing speed.

House Advantage

Online Blackjack tournaments generally offer a lower house advantage than land-based tournaments, providing players with better odds of winning.

These online casinos commonly offer a 0.5% to 1% house advantage over a land-based Blackjack table, which provides a 1% to 2% house edge. 

Seat Availability

In general, land-based casino seats on a Blackjack table are quickly filled with players like you. You may need to wait for somebody to leave their seat before you can participate.

But online Blackjack tournaments can accommodate a more significant number of players simultaneously without waiting for a seat to become available.


Participating in online Blackjack tournaments offers the convenience of gaming from anywhere with an internet connection.

You no longer need to leave your home and rush to a land-based casino to get the best seat at the table. 

Dealer Mistakes

In land-based casinos, they employ humans as dealers, and since humans are prone to errors, you may experience dealer error at least once.

But online Blackjack tournaments minimize the possibility of dealer errors as AI typically deals with them. 

Demystifying Online Blackjack Tournaments: How They Work

A typical Blackjack tourney has dozens of players competing for the top spot. Some will have you fight for chip stacks; sometimes, you must survive. 

You must understand the mechanics, requirements, and rules to play in online Blackjack tournaments. Now, let’s delve into each aspect:


Online Blackjack tournaments offer carefree experiences, but you’ll typically need to meet specific requirements before kicking off your gaming session.

These may include:

  1. Creating a casino account with the online casino hosting the event or the tournament platform.
  2. In some cases, there’s an entry fee in order to qualify through satellite tournaments. 
  3. Players must meet the minimum age or jurisdictional requirements set by tourney organizers.

With these requirements in mind, you can save yourself some trouble down the road. 


Online Blackjack tournaments operate using specific mechanics to ensure fair and competitive gameplay. These mechanics may involve:

  • Assigning each player a particular starting chip stack.
  • Limiting the number of hands or rounds played within a designated time frame.
  • Tracking and displaying players’ progress and standings throughout the tournament.


Each online Blackjack tournament may have its own set of rules, but there are common rules that apply to most tournaments. These include:


Players pay a buy-in fee to enter. It can be an entry fee or money into the prize pool. They get chips for betting during the tournament. 

Running out of chips in the first round excludes them from buying back in.

Players start with equal chips. Some casinos allow chips to carry over, called the keep bankroll rule. Most chips after 30 hands win.


To be fair, adjustments are made. Dealers rotate, starting with different players. The first bet is placed by different players each time. Some casinos allow secret bets unknown to others.

Miscellaneous Rules:

✔ House must hit on soft 17 and stand on hard 17 or above.
✔ Pairs can be split four times, except aces.
✔ Six decks are used.
✔ Bets stay between minimum and maximum limits.
✔ Players can buy insurance with the house’s ace up-card.
✔ They can surrender their hands for half their initial bet.
✔ Seven players maximum at the table.
✔ Players get 45 seconds to decide.


Players can be eliminated by losing all chips, not meeting the minimum bet, or having the lowest chip count after a set number of hands.

Winnings in Blackjack tournaments online

In the December BKJK Bowl Monthly Final at Lucky18Casino.com, five players advanced to the $21,000 BKJK Bowl Grand Final. The prize breakdown for the top five players is as follows:

  1. 1st Place – ‘Jef’ – $1,004.22
  2. 2nd Place – ‘mandymoney’ – $597.75
  3. 3rd Place – ‘easymoney’ – $358.65
  4. 4th Place – ‘bucs67’ – $215.19
  5. 5th Place – ‘poser284’ – $215.19

The Lucky 18 Casino’s $1800 Deposit Bonus is known for being the most generous in the industry. 

The tournament series will continue, with the top five players from the January Monthly Bowl also advancing to the Grand Final. The BKJK Bowl will award over $50,000 in cash prizes.

The potential winnings in online Blackjack tournaments vary based on the competition and casino hosting the event. 

Tournaments with many players tend to offer larger prize pools, while free online Blackjack tournaments typically have smaller winnings available.

There are two main ways to determine the prize in a tournament.

1. The pot is calculated by combining all players’ buy-ins and rebuys minus a small house rake. 

For example, if there are 100 players with $5 buy-ins and 50 players with $5 rebuys, the pot would be $750 ($5 x 100 + $5 x 50).

2. The guaranteed prize pool is the casino’s minimum amount, regardless of the number of participants. The pool grows beyond the guarantee as more players join.

3. Fixed prize pools are another type where the prize remains the same, regardless of the number of players.

Fixed and guaranteed prize pool tournaments can provide great opportunities, especially in online casinos, such as events with low buy-ins and high prizes.

In some cases, online casinos may offer incredible prize pools, such as a $5 buy-in tournament with a $4,000 prize pool and fewer than 50 participants.

Tips and Strategies for Winning Online Blackjack Tournaments

As always, no guaranteed method or secret mathematical formula ensures victory every time.

Instead, these practical tips can increase your chances of winning in Blackjack tournaments more frequently.

Let’s start with a basic rundown of how tournaments work and some tips before diving into the specific strategies for success.


Consider the following pointers:

Learn The Rules

Determine equity — ensure clarity on requirements, fees, and prizes. Never break basic Blackjack etiquette. 

Avoid string bets and conversations with observers to stay in good form and avoid disqualification.

Start Conservatively

Begin with smaller bets to gauge your opponents’ playing styles and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Follow The Live Standings

Knowing your position in the tournament is essential for adjusting your betting strategy and leveraging any advantages. This helps you make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. 

If you’re in a favorable position, adopting a more cautious approach can help protect your standing. 

Conversely, if you’re at risk of elimination or lagging behind, it’s time to take calculated risks and be more aggressive.

Be Aware Of The Position Of The Dealer Button

When you’re playing in an elimination tournament, keep an eye out for where the dealer button is positioned on the table. You’ll get the advantage of knowing how others on the table are betting once the button gets to you. 

Study And Compare The Tournament Formats

The old saying that remains true to this day – knowledge is power.
Once you learn the structure and format of the tourneys, you’ll significantly improve your chances of winning.

Here are some of the factors to consider:

  • The total number of hands per round.
  • Total number of players.
  • Gameplay’s rules are maximum and minimum bets, early or late surrender options, etc.

Most casinos have straightforward terms and rules. It’s advisable to pay close attention to your opponents and how the tournament unfolds.

This way, you can know when to get aggressive with your bets.

Compare Buy-Ins And Prize Pools

Before joining a tournament, ensure the prize pool corresponds to the buy-ins.
Consider whether there’s profit and if you stay within your limit, especially in rebuy tournaments.

How to calculate the overall cost?

When entering a tourney, plan for at least 3-4 rebuys on top of the entry fee.

Avoid Taking Blackjack Insurance

In most cases, taking insurance in Blackjack is not favorable in the long run.

Pointers For Splitting Pairs

Knowing when to split pairs can significantly improve your chances of success. Follow the guidelines provided in the outline:

  • Always split your pair of 2s and 3s if the dealer’s upcard is 4, 5, or 6
  • Always split your pair of 7s if the dealer’s upcard is seven or lower than 7
  • Always split your aces and 8s regardless of the dealer upcard
  • Always stand on hard 17 or higher
  • Never split a pair of 5s, 10s, or face cards
  • If the dealer’s upcard is 10, hit until you get 17 or higher
  • Hit when holding a soft 17 if the dealer has a ten as an upcard
  • Surrender hard 15 if the dealer’s upcard is 10.
  • Do the same if you have hard 16, except in situations when you hold a pair of 8s and if the dealer’s upcard is 9, 10, or ace

Vary Your Strategy If You’re Doing Well

Later in a round, players can vary their betting and strategy. They may not want to double down on an 11 or split Aces if they are in the lead.

Only Play Against The Current Table

In order to remain in the tournament, the focus should be on advancing to the next round.
Occasionally, this may lead to rooting for the dealer to win against the table, especially when it benefits the player.

Use A Hit/Stand Chart

Feel free to use a cheat sheet to aid your decision-making during the game. Keep a printed Blackjack chart nearby to ensure optimal play if permitted by the event rules.

Keep An Eye On The Standings

Being aware of the main and biggest competitors at the table is advantageous. This information can help determine the appropriate betting strategies for specific situations.

Size Your Bets As Needed

Knowing when to make smaller bets, matching your competitors’ chip stacks, and deciding when to go all-in is crucial.

If other players are betting large amounts, consider making smaller bets, and vice versa.

Practice For Free

The importance of responsible gambling should be emphasized when gambling online.

Use timeouts and limits on deposits, bets, and usage to gamble responsibly and stop when you lose.


Your Blackjack tournament strategy can always use some improvement. If you ever decide to play it consistently, prepare yourself. 

Below are some essential strategies to incorporate into tournament gameplay:

Playing Your Position

In Blackjack tournaments, the position of your bets at the table is key. Players who wager last have an advantage as they can observe other players’ bets. 

Waiting until the button passes before placing your bet prevents opponents from reacting immediately.

Betting From Behind

If a player is trailing by more than one maximum bet, they must make a larger “catch-up bet” to regain their position in the game. 

However, ensuring they have ample chips to double or split when the chance presents itself is vital.

Betting In The Lead

When you’re on a winning streak, you want to match the wager of the players on your tail. By doing so, if both parties win, you can maintain your lead.

Opposite Betting

Another betting strategy that certain players use to catch up is betting in opposition to their opponents. If they go small, you bet big. If they go big, you pull back.

Keep Half-Back

You may want to wager less if the maximum bet limit exceeds half your chip stack.

Keeping at least half of your chips back ensures you have enough remaining to double or split when the opportunity arises.

Types of Online Blackjack Tournaments

Similar to slot tournaments, multiple types of Blackjack tournaments exist. Each variety has various rules, scoring methods, and player counts, requiring different strategies. 

Likewise, the methods to win a Blackjack tourney depend on these variations. Here are some common types of Blackjack tournaments: 

Freeroll Tournaments

Online casinos also provide free-entry Blackjack tournaments, where players don’t have to pay an entry fee. The casino, rather than the players, fully funded the prize pool. 

However, one downside is that free Blackjack online tournaments are often exclusive to VIP members.

Scheduled Tournaments

The name of the tournament itself conveys its meaning. The tournament begins at a specific scheduled time with the number of players who have bought in until the registration deadline. 

As the prize pools mentioned previously, combining a scheduled event with a guaranteed prize pool offers the best odds for participants.

Sit & Go Tournaments

The Sit ‘n’ Go (SNG) format typically has six players, enough to fill a standard Blackjack table. 

Once the required number of players have joined, the tournament commences. A winner is determined after a designated duration of time has passed.

Live and Online Blackjack Tournaments

In a live money Blackjack tournament, participants are required to purchase chips to enter.

Players use actual money to bet in the tournament instead of paying an entry fee and receiving a stack of chips.

Elimination Tournaments

The elimination-style tournament is prevalent in online and land-based casinos. Players with the lowest chip counts get eliminated at the end of each round. 

The number of rounds in these tournaments can range up to five, depending on the number of participants, with each round typically comprising 20-30 hands.

Non-elimination tournaments

In this scenario, players get to participate in each tournament round, aiming to accumulate more chips than their opponents.  

The non-elimination format often leads players to avoid excessive risks during the competition.

Mini and Major Tournaments

Mini online Blackjack tournaments usually conclude within a day, offering affordable buy-ins ranging from around $10 to $20. However, the prize pools tend to be relatively modest. 

On the contrary, major tournaments involve higher buy-ins, attract more participants, and can span several days.

Rebuy Tournaments

Rebuys allow re-entering tournaments for an additional fee, even after being eliminated. 

Typically, the cost of rebuying is the same as the original buy-in. The purpose of rebuys is to enable casinos to enhance the prize pool and subsequent payouts.

The $500 Blackjack Attack

This multiplayer tournament is a weekly tourney with a guaranteed prize pool of $500. Qualification to these tournaments can be achieved via daily qualifiers.

Satellite Blackjack Tournament

This is similar to a screening tournament or a qualifier. These events may be free to enter or offered as promotional rewards. 

Finishing near the top of the leaderboard grants players free entry into the real money tournament.

Top 10 Online Blackjack Tournaments in 2023

Let’s start by jumping right into the absolute best Blackjack tournaments online casinos in the business.

Each of the following operators picks up top marks for the quality of tourneys and the overall casino experience:

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Betway Casino

Since 2006, Betway Casino has attracted international players with over 400 games.


✅Uses Microgaming software.

✅Speedy cash outs in just 1-7 days.

✅Online, mobile, live & instant play.


❌Slots-oriented welcome bonus.

❌High playthrough requirements.


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Unibet Casino

This is a popular UK casino with many gambling tournaments. 

The £25,000 “Game Show Extravaganza” event features Lightning Blackjack, Crazy Time, and Power Up Roulette.


✅Game-specific promos.

✅Big jackpots.


❌Casino lobby design.

❌No reload bonus.


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Jackpot City Casino

This offers a 100% up to €1,600 welcome bonus and blackjack tournaments. 

The pleasant customer support team, trustworthy banking alternatives, and trusted licenses enhance the experience.


✅Great banking options.

✅Quality sportsbook.


❌Restricted countries: Spain, Malta, South Africa, UK.

❌Welcome bonus exclusive to slots players.


Click Here to play! 


The first US-licensed online casino, it is reliable and innovative. 

Its many games, including branded slots and accessible native apps, make it a great gaming experience.


✅Operates with integrity since 1997.

✅Great music and images that update often.

✅Fast and secure credit card deposits.


❌No live chat.

❌Limited filtering system.

❌Slow withdrawal times.


Click Here to play! 


BetOnline is a popular casino with over $1 million in monthly Blackjack tournament awards. 

Daily races and $5,000+ freeroll Blackjack races add excitement.


✅They welcome US gamblers.

✅Great banking options.

✅Quality sportsbook.


❌Poor customer service.

❌Security concerns.


Click Here to play! 

Wild Casino

USA gamers’ top pick, with live dealer Blackjack games in Red and Black casinos, including Blackjack HD and Early Payout Blackjack.


✅Lots of bonuses.

✅Live casino options.

✅Various banking choices.


❌Some banking fees.

❌So-so game options.

Wild Casino

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Golden Nugget Casino

Since 2013, Golden Nugget online casino, founded in Las Vegas in the 1940s, has led online gambling. 

US gamblers can enjoy 800+ games from 25 suppliers, bonuses, and native apps.


✅Rewarding welcome bonus.

✅Packed games library.

✅Proper search and filtering.


❌Lacks no deposit bonus.

❌Slower email response.

❌Payment policy transparency.

Golden Nugget Casino

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PlayOJO Casino

Since 2017, PlayOJO has offered a wide range of games and bonuses. 

With a UK Gambling Commission license and industry recognition, it offers a safe and fun gaming experience.


✅Cashback on all bets, win or lose.

✅Wide variety of games.

✅Playthrough is optional.


❌No phone support is offered.

❌Live chat could respond quicker.

PlayOJO Casino

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21 Casino

It is a stylish online casino known for its great promotions and various games from top providers. 

Licensed by reputable authorities, it offers a sophisticated and enjoyable gaming experience.


✅Diverse games from various providers.

✅Desktop and mobile compatibility.

✅Attractive deposit bonus.

✅Secure SSL encryption.

✅Responsive live support.


❌Restricted access for certain countries/regions.

❌Games from specific developers may load differently.

21 Casino

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BetMGM Casino

In 2018, BetMGM Casino expanded online to multiple states from its 1975 Vegas roots. 

It’s a good US casino with many games and a big welcome bonus.


✅Solid game library.

✅Casual-friendly slot races.

✅Prompt support response times.


❌Support needs improvement.

❌No game filter. 

❌Slow withdrawals.

BetMGM Casino

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Key Takeaways

In a Blackjack tournament, a unique strategy is essential for success. Knowing the game’s rules and odds and employing quick-thinking skills are vital. 

Implementing the right betting strategy and making smart decisions, such as splitting pairs and doubling down, increases winning chances. 

But most importantly, remember to enjoy the thrilling experience of the tournament.


Can I play Blackjack online for real money?

Certainly! You can play online Blackjack tournaments real money; all the casinos on this list offer online Blackjack tournaments with real money deposits.

Are there Blackjack tournaments?

Yes, certain casinos offer online Blackjack tournaments. These multiplayer games are played in multiple rounds, with some requiring an entry fee and others being free to participate.

How to win 247 Blackjacks?

To win in Blackjack, aim to get a card count of 21 or have a higher count than the dealer without going over 21.

How to practice Blackjack online?

Learn online Blackjack in 7 steps: Bet, get cards, double bet (optional), hit (if needed), stand, observe the dealer’s hand, and determine win or loss.