Shocking New Jersey Gambling Revenue Statistics (2024)

New Jersey gambling revenue stats always involve mind-blowing figures, as this state has some of the least restrictive gambling laws in the US. Casino gambling, sports betting, horse racing, lottery — many elements contribute to the sky-high revenue.

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Top 10 New Jersey Gambling Revenue Statistics

Leading NJ Sports Betting Revenue Stats

new jersey gambling revenue

New Jersey has been recording significant sports betting revenue since 2018, when this type of gambling was legalized.

Now, lets take a look at some of the most impressive statistics in this field.

1. NJ sports betting revenue reached a whopping $82.64 million in January 2021.


This was the highest figure NJ sports betting reached since its legalization in 2018. This record was broken in October 2021, when figures rose to a whopping $84.15 million. 

Thats why its not surprising to see that other states want to make it legal, too. For example, New York is planning to legalize sports betting in 2022.

2. In February 2021, New Jersey gambling revenue related to sports betting dropped by about 44% month-on-month.


After a fantastic start of the year, February 2021 brought a drastic decline. The revenue went down to $46.21 million from $82.64 million recorded in January.

3. According to stats on New Jersey sports betting revenue in 2020, the highest monthly sports betting handle ($996.3 million) was recorded in December.


Expectedly, the figures have fluctuated since then and hit the new all-time high in October 2021, reaching 1.3 billion. 

4. New Jersey online sports betting revenue amounted to $340,511,919 in the period of January—June 2021.


Here are the individual monthly numbers:

  • January: $74,136,826
  • February: $42,853,819
  • March: $56,485,521
  • April: $47,631,275
  • May: $48,136,935
  • June: $62,163,104

5. Around 80% of all handle is generated through online betting channels.

(Legal Sports Report)

The presence of sportsbook apps and websites is this strong, which makes sense in modern times.

6. The New Jersey sports betting tax revenue was the highest in January 2020.


It reached $53.56 million, setting the all-time record.

This shows that the sports betting industry was doing well before the pandemic escalated.

7. FanDuel/PointsBet was the NJ market leader in October 2020, with combined revenue of $29.1 million.

(Roundhill Investments)

DraftKings/BetStars was the runner-up, with about $14.6 million in revenue in the same period.

Fascinating NJ Casino Revenue Statistics

Although recent data indicate that casinos account only for 25% of the global gambling market as of 2020, NJ casino revenue remains impressive. 

Atlantic City gaming revenue is consistently extraordinary, making the city practically synonymous with gambling.  

Heres everything you need to know.

8. Atlantic City casino revenue in  June 2021 exceeded $345 million.

(The Seattle Times)

Atlantic City casino generated the most significant revenue (gross) in this period, setting the new monthly record. This was pretty much expected, as that month is considered the start of the summer season in casinos.

9. Atlantic City casino revenue in May 2021 reached nearly $213.2 million.

(Play NJ)

This was the best collective monthly result after the COVID-19 shutdown in 2020.

10. Slot machine casino revenue in Atlantic City, New Jersey, amounted to $154,120,149 in June 2021.

(Play NJ)

Borgata casino accounted for the largest share with $33,123,188.

We cant compare year-on-year data as NJ casinos were closed in June 2020 due to the pandemic.

11. Atlantic City casino revenue in 2020 plunged by over 80% due to COVID-19.

(USA Today)

The revenue went from nearly $594 million to $117.5 million in gross operating profits that year.

12. Atlantic City casino revenues surpassed $3 billion in 2019.

(The Press of Atlantic City)

The resorts nine casinos managed to reach levels the industry hadnt reported in years before the difficult year of 2020.

13. Golden Nugget Atlantic City has the biggest lifetime total revenue from online gambling in New Jersey

(Play NJ)

Lets look at the most significant lifetime totals for legal online gambling in NJ.

The data was extracted from the Play NJ casino revenue stats and includes revenues from 2013 until the present day: 

  1. Golden Nugget Atlantic City: $1,132, 081,426
  2. Borgata: $941,434,400
  3. Resorts Atlantic City: $726,463,838
  4. Caesars Atlantic City: $457,998,407
  5. Tropicana Atlantic City: $378,977,587
  6. Hard Rock Atlantic City: $154,613,542
  7. Ocean: $34,189,052
  8. Trump Plaza: $7,644,624
  9. Taj Mahal: $6,032,943

NJ Gambling Abuse Statistics

Occasionally trying your luck in casinos can be a fun and potentially lucrative activity. Still, its no secret it can get out of hand for some people. 

So lets look at some gambling addiction stats and see how serious this problem is.

14. A 2017 Rutgers University survey suggested that about 6.3% of the NJ population had a gambling disorder.


This is three times higher than the average rate, potentially explaining why revenue from gambling in New Jersey is so high compared to some other areas.

The data was obtained via a telephone survey involving 1,500 NJ adults (aged 18 and over) selected at random.

15. Nearly 70% of NJ residents engaged in gambling activities in 2017. 


Most preferred gambling at land-based venues (75.5%), while only 5.3% favored online gambling. 

16. Las Vegas had one of the highest suicide rates in the US after casino gambling legalization.

(UC San Diego News Center)

A Sociology Department University of California at San Diego study suggested that suicide levels were high among both residents and visitors of significant gambling areas.

17. NJ state spending on problem gambling services reached $2,636,400 in 2016.


Gambling tax revenue in NJ is huge, but so is state spending on problem gambling services. 

According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, New Jersey provided over $2.5 million for this purpose.


Based on all the information about NJ sports gambling and casino revenue we presented you with, you can certainly understand how big this industry is, but also the risks it may bring.

If the situation with the pandemic allows NJ to keep its casinos and betting shops open, New Jersey gambling revenue will surely continue the upward trends its been reporting lately.


Is sports gambling legal in NJ?

Yes. sports betting in New Jersey was legalized on June 11, 2018, when Governor Phil Murphy signed Assembly Bill 4111 that allowed this activity.

What is the legal gambling age in NJ?

For casinos and sports betting, the legal gambling age in New Jersey is 21. For state lottery, bingo, Daily Fantasy Sports, and pari-mutuel sports betting, the legal gambling age is 18.

Are slot machines legal in NJ?

Yes, they are. The annual license fee for each slot machine is $500.

How much is a gambling license in NJ?

Applying for a sports betting license requires a $100,000 fee. Renewals fees are determined by the costs of the investigation.

As for casinos’ or tracks’ sports-betting partners, a New Jersey casino service industry enterprise (CSIE) license requires an initial fee of $5,000, in addition to regulatory and investigations costs incurred by the Directorate General of Employment (DGE).

How long is a NJ gaming license good for?

The initial term for a Gaming-Related Casino Service Industry Licensee is three years. If renewed, it’s valid for five years.

What is illegal gambling in NJ?

In New Jersey, illegal gambling is defined as “unlicensed risking of something of value upon outcome of contest of chance or future contingent event not under actor’s control, upon agreement that actor will receive something of value in event of a certain outcome.”

In such cases, state law doesn’t punish players but those operating an illegal gambling enterprise or possessing equipment for illegal gambling.