10 Tips on How to Join an eSports Team

eSports teams are among the many gaming industry indicators for their rising popularity. These teams value teamwork, as seen in tournaments which have become one of the stepping stones to a gaming career.

There are about 180 professional eSports teams around the world. These figures reflect the interest of male and female professional gamers and enthusiasts in eSports. 

What are the ways of joining an eSports team? HP’s 2019 study mentioned eight steps in joining a league.

In this article, you’ll explore the ten tips on how to join eSports teams.

Tips on How to be Part of An eSports Team

how to join esports team

eSports had almost 435.9 million fans in 2020. Some of these fans turned gamers want to join eSport teams, and you may be one of them. 

Like the biggest eSports teams in the world, you can take the steps towards joining an eSports team first. The following pointers will help you grow your chances of joining an eSports team.

Tip #1: Choose the Game and Platform: Console, Mobile, or PC

Choosing which game to play is crucial because games have different platforms.

A Call of Duty game only works on Xbox. Mobile Legends is for mobile. League of Legends only works on a PC and Laptop. Specific games work on specific devices and consoles.

The gamer demographics show that gamers use more than one device. Its survey shows that 32% of gamers use mobile and pc together, 36% use mobile and consoles, and 20% use mobile, pc, and console altogether. 

Consider which platform serves you best based on your budget.

Mobiles cost less, and visuals depend on the mobile device’s quality. Consoles are easy to use and cost less. In contrast, computers can have better visuals and are upgradeable.  

When buying a gaming computer, it’s best to consider these factors:

  • CPU processor 
  • Operating system 
  • Video graphics card
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Storage 
  • Monitor 
  • CPU cooling
  • Gaming accessories

Supposing you have chosen your game and platform, it’s time to look for a team.

Tip #2: Look for Teams That are Pioneer in a Given Game

Research the best eSports teams for your game. From there, you can learn something from their strategies. Some of the top teams are:

eSports TeameSports Game
Natus VincereCounter-Strike Global Offensive
FaZe ClanFortnite
OGDota 2
T1League of Legends
OpTic GamingValorant

Team members practice their craft by studying their teammates’ and other gamers’ techniques and tactics. It’s helpful to note how these teams became successful. 

Tip #3: Practice the Game

Practicing is an effective way to learn any game. You can watch Youtube tutorials, Twitch streams or read gaming blogs to learn how to become a pro in a game.

Here are some notable game tutorial channels to watch:

GamesYoutube Game Channels
Dota 2 
  • PurgeGamers
  • BananaSlamJamma
  • Dota D.Bowie
League of Legends 
  • ProGuides Challenger LoL Guides
  • Professor Akali
  • League of Legends: Wild Rift
  • C9 meL
  • Charla7an
  • xtr
PUBG Mobile 
  • Scout
  • GamingProOcean
  • Snax
Arena of Valor
  • Arena of Valor 
  • Koolio Gaming
  • SypherPK 
  • ProGuides Fortnite Tips, Tricks and Guides 
  • Billy Bicep  
Overwatch 2
  • TheRealKenzo 
  • GameLeap Overwatch 2 Guides
    The Gamer
Call of Duty: Warzone 
  • NoahJ456 
  • MrRoflWaffles 
  • iFerg 
Rocket of League 
  • Thanovic
  • SunlessKhan
  • Mertzy
Tekken 8
  • Bandai Namco Entertainment America
  • Maximilian Dood
  • Zanar Aesthetics
Apex Legends 
  • ProGuides Ape Legends
  • Top Apex Plays 
  • ChaoticMuch

Play as much as you can. Focus on improving your skill set and creating your playing style. Once opportunities for tryouts rise, you’ll be ready to show your capabilities.

Tip #4: Take Part as a Volunteer

In eSports, you can volunteer to participate in their events to gain experience.

Extend your desire to volunteer via social media pages’ direct messages or emailing them.

Volunteering lets you gather insights into how the industry works. High-profile gamers and personalities could even be present while you demo games, guide people around, and make decors.

Participating in eSports events will help you build your network and grow as a gamer.  This will help people of different ages, including kids, to gain experience.

Tip #5: Go to Tournaments

A fun way to build your network is by attending famous tournaments. This way, you can observe the teams and learn how the event operates.

Sit where you’re comfortable or go inside the conference rooms where you want to spectate. While doing this, you can decide which eSports teams fit your skill level and interest.

You may get information from this method to prepare you for the tournament’s requirements and application. Information includes contact details, locations, schedules, and more.

Tip #6: Get to Know Fellow Gamers

As you attend eSports events, the more you create a network of people of the same interest as you. 

You have more chances to get their details and join their discord channels, social media group chats, or gamer discovery app accounts like a Game Tree account.

You can also connect with gamers through streaming sites like Twitch. This site allows live streamers and their fans to chat and engage. Some of the streamers earn from doing this while having fun. 

Some gamers improve their connections by participating in community days or engaging in outreach programs like Gamers Outreach

Tip #7: Be Active on Social Media

Establish your social media presence. This tactic allows the eSports team to notice you and contact you directly.

Use social media platforms to create gaming and non-gaming content. Grow your audience and build your gaming community. 

Make the most of social media by doing these:

  1. Share your activities by posting game videos, event photos, or other digital content. 
  2. Interact with fellow and professional gamers by commenting or reacting to their live streams, videos, or photos. 
  3. Explore other social media content like “my day,” stories, and reels.
  4. Advertise your other content like podcasts, Youtube videos, and Twitch live streams.
  5. Include your social media handles on your posts for more engagement. 

If you follow these tips, professional gamers, companies, and fans may notice you. You may find more ways to be active on social media as you go along.

Tip #8: eSports Team Finding Websites

Watch out for websites specializing in recruitment and applications. Some of these websites are Seek Team and Gamesync

This way, you can conveniently connect with hiring teams or companies. 

You’ll only need electronic files like resumes and cover letters. Often, they’ll need your contact details, Discord account, or other interests like your preferred position in a team. 

Tip #9: Prepare a Resume and Cover Letter

The gaming industry has many talented gamers who want to join eSports teams and tournaments. Having a resume and cover letter will help you stand out. 

Here are 8 steps to follow to make your gamer resume and cover letter:

  1. Choose a format for your resume 
  2. Add active contact information
  3. Create a concise, professional summary
  4. Emphasize gaming industry-related skills 
  5. Add relevant awards and achievements
  6. List all your professional experiences
  7. Include your academic credentials
  8. Proofread and assess your details

Tip #10: Make Use of Your Unique Talents or Skills 

Building your unique profile may include other skills outside of gaming. 

Assuming you’re into writing, you may explore writing for games or video game journalism.

You may have a talent for verbal communication. Then you can create video tutorials, podcasts or stream on Twitch yourself. 

Graphic designing may be your forte. You can create infographics and other publicity materials related to the gaming industry. 

These ways may help you attract hiring companies and expand your network. These talents and skills can help you navigate your steps toward joining an eSports team. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it — ways to help you join an eSports team. These ways are choosing a game and a platform, practicing the game, and exposing yourself to your network. 

Make the most of what you have, like skills, talents, and resources, to attract hiring companies. It also pays to prepare a resume and cover letter so you may grab the opportunity when it comes. 


Is playing eSports a job?

Many gamers choose eSports as a career because of its growing industry, environment, and flexible skills. Because eSports is booming, start-up companies may have entry-level job openings.

What age do gamers retire?

eSports gamers who became professionals at ages 16-18 retire around 22-24.

How many hours a day do professional gamers play?

Professional eSports players practice around 8 to 10 hours a day.

What is the highest-paying eSports game?

Dota 2 is the leading eSports with the highest amount of pay, with almost 33 million dollars in its prize pool.

What is the longest-lasting esports?

ESL Meisterschaft (CS:GO) has been the longest-running esports tourney since 2002. It celebrated its 50th Season last March 2023.