Top 10 Metaverse Crypto Games to Play & Earn With in 2024

Most tech visionaries imagine a future immersive virtual world where people everywhere can socialize, play together, share thoughts and ideas, and simply exist.

The first step towards creating this massive virtual world is developing captivating VR games that allow players to express themselves and interact freely. However, if you also integrate cryptocurrency trading, you get an amazing opportunity for profit too!

If you are an avid investor and/or a passionate gamer looking to take advantage of the next best thing, check out our list of the top 10 metaverse crypto games.

The 10 Best Metaverse Crypto Games

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Let’s look at some of the best games produced after blockchain technology merged with the metaverse in recent years. Most of them allow you to build your own world, hang out with other players, and/or earn various crypto rewards by completing tasks.

1. Splinterlands

If you are looking for an extremely fun-to-play NFT game that allows you to earn as you play, Splinterlands is for you! While based on the Hive blockchain, this crypto-based digital card game pits players against each other in strategic matches.

Right from the start, you’ll notice the game is very similar to Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone, so you know that you are in for a treat. While it takes no time whatsoever to learn the rules, you can spend years mastering the perfect strategy.

As you play and win, you’ll earn new cards that you can trade or rent on its very busy marketplace, either for fiat currency or various cryptocurrencies. You can even access the game on mobile platforms so you can have fun and earn on the move.

The main reward you earn is called Dark Energy Crystals (DEC)—a cryptocurrency with monetary value that can be bought and sold with real money.

2. Upland

What if real estate properties around the world could be tokenized, owned, and traded as NFTs? Upland is trying to achieve that by virtualizing the world as a whole and its most famous buildings. Inside, you can socialize, play, and earn money as its digital economy copies the real-world one. Almost 300,000 in-game property owners think so, at least!

If you’ve ever wanted to own and customize your property in San Francisco, NYC, London, or other famous megacities, now’s your chance! You can even drive cars, build in-game businesses, and group up and socialize with other players.

Upland is based on the EOS blockchain developed by Block.One, but you can still import crypto assets from other popular blockchains. Currently, the game is available on the web, and the main mobile platforms, and the main method of making money involves selling the properties you develop for U.S. dollars. 

3. The Sandbox Game

Now let’s check out The Sandbox—a game that has been combining interactive experiences with metaverse gaming since 2012, thanks to the Ethereum blockchain.

However, as the name suggests, The Sandbox is more than a simple game, as it allows you to create your own little 3D games without coding and create new 3D objects that you can later sell to other players as NFTs thanks to its native token called SAND.

The first thing you do after logging in is buy a land plot as an NFT, which you can rent to other players or build your dream house (or even castle) on. The game’s user-friendly interface and host of tools and resources will get you started right away.

4. Lost Relics

Do you want to scratch that dungeon-crawler itch? Then, you should look into Lost Relics, an action-adventure RPG game released in 2019 that allows you to fight monsters, cook food, get your own pet, and find and sell in-game NFTs to other players.

Designed by the one-person developing studio of Cliff Clawley, Lost Relics is an impressive game with a rich world and plenty of dungeons to explore. As with any other RPG, you accept quests that take you to dangerous locations full of loot.

If you decide to sell your blockchain items, you can access the Enjin marketplace to make trades after linking your Enjin wallet. The currency used to purchase various items are Gold Coins found everywhere in the in-game world.

5. Farmers World

Hailed as one of the best play-to-earn blockchain games, Farmers World is an extremely popular Web3 game built on the WAX blockchain. As the name implies, to make your profit in Farmers World, you have to get the right tools and farm resources.

However, to start, you have to get some WAX tokens in your crypto wallet that you can use to buy the starting NFT game cards you need to play Farmers World. For instance, you need to get some tools (such as chainsaws, axes, and fishing rods), buildings, farm plots, and even farm animals. Then, after logging in, you have to equip all these items.

Farmers World has one of the largest NFT gaming communities, with over 150,000 gamers worldwide. So whenever you need assistance with the game, you can join the corresponding Telegram and Discord communities and immediately get your answer.

6. Axie Infinity

If you’ve ever wanted to play a Pokémon-style crypto game, Axie Infinity has what you need, as it allows you to breed, catch, and trade unique creatures called Axies.

Like some other titles on our list, Axie Infinity is a blockchain gaming platform operating on the Ethereum network. The game also features its own marketplace and native token—AXS—that can be used to purchase Axies and Axie Infinity lands.

The game’s main objectives include battling your Axies in both PvE and PvP environments. Should you come out victorious, you claim your opponents’ Axis. At this point, you can also purchase land to house all your pets—they are literally worth money.

7. 9D NFT

Hailing for Southeast Asia, 9D NFT is an online MMO game that brings real-life value to its players via blockchain technology and crypto assets.

So hoping they’ll profit and allow other investors to do the same, they based this unique metaverse game on the Binance Smart Chain and developed both its play-for-fun and play-to-earn aspects with equal importance.

You will immerse yourself in a huge virtual world and experience all of the world’s cultures through their weapons, clothing, unique buildings, and customs. To get started, you will have to create a MetaMask wallet, get and invest some COGI tokens, create your character (up to 300 COGI), and play to earn various crypto assets.

8. Wilderness P2E

Becoming a wizard and earning some crypto along the way sounds good, right? Well, you can have that and more by playing Wildnerness P2E—a role-playing PvE and PvP game with a prosperous economy that includes various crypto assets and NFTs.

Those gamers and investors that prefer an engaging magic-based MMORPG combat will feel like they belong in Wilderness’ game world. They don’t even have to pay to be there, and they get an opportunity to profit from the platform’s vibrant economy. Even if you are not a born fighter, you can participate by baking, brewing potions, or exploring.

The native currency used in Wilderness is the WLDY Coin—an ERC-20 token built on the Polygon blockchain, and it can be easily earned by playing the game. Then, you can spend it on various NFTs or trade it with other players across the Decentraland metaverse.

9. Alien Worlds

This list wouldn’t be complete without a space-based metaverse game that puts players in the role of a galactic adventurer who mines resources, visits new planets, plays mini-games, and participates in various quests—all with the goal of earning Trilium.

Known under the token symbol TLM, Trillium is the in-game currency meant to incentivize your exploration of the universe within Alien Worlds. Unlike most of the games here, you can store your Trilium coins on all major blockchains, including Ethereum, WAX, and BSC.

However, players mine Trilium to stake their participation in planet governance, thus increasing the payout they receive from the smart contracts of the central metaverse.

Best of all, Alien Worlds has a thriving community of players who share their unique additions to the game with everyone else, including new landmarks, trivia or puzzle games, and fascinating quests, all of which drive further success to the platform.

10. My Meta Farm

Last but not least, let’s look at My Meta Farm—an innovative new metaverse title that allows its citizens to build their worlds, own their creations, and profit from them.

Conceived as a fertile land in which everyone can socialize, build, and work together, My Meta Farm allows you to own a piece of its world and make it your own. However, you have to splurge some crypto and get new vegetation, furniture, and building NFTs to do so.

At least you can design your own clothes and put them up for sale. While waiting for someone to buy them, you can make new friends, farm, fish, cook, and earn various rewards that you can trade for new in-game decorations.

The developers guarantee that you will never get bored in this fantastic game both as a gamer and an investor, since its ever-evolving storyline and opportunities to increase your profits will keep you hooked for the long run.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it, a quick look at the ten best metaverse crypto games in 2023. They leverage the blockchain to offer heaps of fun and the opportunity to earn crypto rewards by simply playing them. For instance, most of these games allow you to take full ownership of your in-game items and sell them to like-minded players and investors. Hopefully, our list has helped you identify the next gaming and investing opportunity to sink your teeth into.