How Long Do Online Casino Withdrawals Take: An In-Depth Guide

As a gambler, you want to enjoy the fruit of your labor immediately. With the existence of online casinos that let you withdraw in as fast as 30 minutes, the possibilities are endless.

The advancement of technology and the rise of cryptocurrency contribute to the surge of instant payout casinos. Only time will tell what online casinos can do in the future with these modern features.

Find out in this article how long it takes to withdraw from online casinos, what offers instant withdrawals, the process, and more.

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Highlights of the Article

  • It takes 24 to 48 hours to withdraw your winnings from online casinos.
  • Visa, Mastercard, and Credit/Debit cards take longer for payout compared to cryptocurrencies.
  • Wild Casino and Bet Rivers take 30 minutes to 1 hour to withdraw.
  • Instant withdrawals are only possible through Cryptocurrencies.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can let you access casinos prohibited in your country. Still, they can lead you to jail if detected.
  • Cryptocurrency remains the fastest withdrawal method.
  • The slowest and lesser used withdrawal method is a cheque.
  • Although fast, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller charge for service fees upon withdrawal.

Standard Processing Time for Online Withdrawals

how long do online casino withdrawals take

On average, online casinos usually take 24 to 48 hours for instant withdrawal. Other casinos take three to seven banking days, depending on the withdrawal method.

For Visa, Mastercard, and Credit/Debit card holders, consider adding cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment and withdrawal. 

The perk of cryptocurrencies is that it allows you to take your winnings in as fast as an hour or up to 24 hours max.

The Average Time for Online Casino Payouts

If three to seven banking days is too long for you, carefully research the casinos offering instant payouts.

Here are some of the best online casinos that let you withdraw instantly:

Rank No.Online CasinoWithdrawal TimeWithdrawal Method
1Wild Casino30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Bank Transfer
2Bet Rivers30 minutes to 1 hour
  • Online banking
  • Paypal
  • Physical Sportsbook
  • BetRivers Play+ Card
  • Mail Check
3Fan Duel Casino2 hours
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • ACH
  • Play+
  • Venmo
4Super Slots6 hours
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Money Order
  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Check
  • Person to Person
5Caesars Casino24 hours
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Discover® Card
  • PayNearMe
  • PayPal®,
  • ACH e-check
  • Skrill

Factors to Consider When Withdrawing

Casinos implement best-in-class technology to let players enjoy their winnings faster. Blockchain technology has paved the way for instant payouts. 

Here are some factors that affect how fast you can withdraw your casino winnings:

1. Type of Withdrawal Method – Payment gateways like banks have payment processing that withdrawal processing time.

The rise of Cryptocurrencies allows casinos to bypass third-party payment gateways and process secured payments directly to their players.

Listed below are the standard payment methods you can choose from when withdrawing your winnings:

Payment MethodFastest Processing TimeNotes
Bank Transfer1-2 banking daysThis payment method provides more security and higher limits but has slower processing and additional fees.
Credit/Debit Cards2-8 hoursSome common credit/debit card carriers are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX. 
Wire TransferStandard: 3 days

VIP: 24 hours

Like bank transfers, it also takes days to reflect the amount on your account unless you’re a VIP holder from a casino.
PayPal2-3 banking daysThe most trusted online casinos have PayPal as their option for instant withdrawal.
Skrill24-48 hoursYou can get the amount in less than 24 hours or even as fast as 2 hours. 
Neteller24-48 hoursOften compared to Skrill, Neteller is also one of the payment and withdrawal methods partners of some of the best casinos.
Cheque3-7 banking daysArguably the slowest payment and withdrawal method among all the options.
CryptocurrencyInstantThis is the fastest-growing payment method in online casinos.

2. How Much Money – If you are trying to withdraw a small amount, the minimum limit may stop you, and you will have to win more. 

3. Time of Day – Payment gateways or your bank may have a cut-off time. Transactions done after the cut-off time will normally reflect on your bank the following business day.

4. Day of the Week –  Weekend withdrawals can be subject to processing time cut-off. Bank holidays can also affect how fast your withdrawal appears in your bank account.

5. KYC Verification – Know Your Customer is the casino’s player verification process. If you haven’t done KYC verification upon sign-up, casinos will ask you to undergo this step before withdrawing.

How To Make An Online Casino Withdrawal

After winning your favorite casino game, the next thing to do is withdraw. The withdrawal process in online casinos is typically straightforward.

Here are the steps you would usually undergo to withdraw your winnings:

Step 1: Open your profile. The first step is to log in to your profile. Usually, casinos will ask for your username/email and password to do this. 

Step 2: Look for the Cashier’s section. Hover your pointer over the cashier’s section and choose the payout option. It may look different in each online casino, but it serves the same purpose.

Step 3: Verify account. Normally, casinos would ask for proof of identification and billing to confirm the transaction’s legitimacy.

Step 4: Choose the withdrawal option. Every payment method will have additional instructions before you can proceed.

Step 5: Fill out the withdrawal form. Add the amount you want to withdraw, accept the terms and conditions, and sometimes pass captcha verification, and click proceed.

The amount you can withdraw depends on the limits set by the casino or the payment gateway. Some casinos set limits and requirements for withdrawal amounts.

Limits can be per transaction, daily, weekly, or monthly. However, there are existing casinos that allow you to withdraw any amount you want with no limits.

Why Online Casino Withdrawals Get Delayed

The last thing that anyone wants to happen is to delay the withdrawal process. Sometimes, it may be a bank issue, but other times it’s human error. 

Read on to find out the factors that delay your withdrawals.

1. Detection of Underage Players

If they find out you’re underage upon a withdrawal request, they can hold your payment for as long as possible or worse, block your account. 

2. Using More Than One Account

Creating multiple accounts is strictly prohibited in online casinos to avoid fraudulent and illegal activities. Casinos can either withhold your winnings or consider it gone. 

3. Failure to Verify the Identification

It could be a failure to verify your email address or provide the requirements, such as a bank statement or utility bill. Failing to address both will likely get your winnings withheld.

Although, some casinos give you the option to withdraw without presenting IDs or providing verifications.

4. Transacting with a Different Payment Account or Credit Card

Ensure that casinos accept the credit card you use upon registration or during the payout. 

Using different cards to test which works can lock your account for a certain period due to suspicious activity.

5. Mistakes with Account or Payment Details

Incorrect numbers or PINs, missing letter/s on your personal information, and the like are the common mistakes you might have committed during payout. 

Double, if not triple, check everything before you click OK or Complete. 

6. Flagged for Abusing Account

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed that you withdraw after a win or even the bonus amount. Be careful, though, as some, if not most, casinos do not allow you to do such. 

You will be flagged for abusing your account, stopping you from doing any transactions until further investigation.

7. Connecting with a VPN

Some casinos are restricted to a certain country for a reason. If you’re using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) from the start, you’re putting yourself in a risky situation. 

Not only will you say goodbye to your winnings but to your life from the outside, as this can lead you behind bars.

8. Reverse Withdrawal

The house always wins. This is the concept that reverse withdrawal draws from, which means re-depositing your win to play again. 

If you do this, ensure you’re prepared for the odds of losing it all and not withdraw them in the long run.

The Bottom Line

Online casinos provide their players with various payment method options to cater to each player’s preferences. 

Players wishing to withdraw their winnings must undergo a series of steps and verifications. These steps and verifications largely affect how fast you can enjoy your winnings. 

As this article outlines factors affecting withdrawal speed and withdrawal method options, choosing the best is still up to you. 

Choose the withdrawal method that is seamless, secure, and fits your gambling lifestyle.


Which online casino has the easiest withdrawal?

The casinos with the easiest withdrawal are Wild Casino and Bet Rivers.

What gambling sites have instant withdrawal?

Bet Rivers, Wild Casino, Fortune Casino, Caesar’s Casino, and other gambling sites have instant withdrawal.

What is the highest payout online casino?

The highest payout online casino is BetMGM.

How to not lose money in a casino?

Several factors help you not lose money in casinos. Still, the best and most practical ways are sticking to the budget and walking away after a win.