9 Interesting Google Pay Statistics in 2024

The use of mobile payment worldwide is rapidly growing, with 950 million users using cashless payments with their phones. One of the widely-used mobile payment services is Google Pay. 

Google Pay allows businesses and consumers to conveniently manage their payment processes with one tap and swipe. 

Here are the valuable statistics to learn more about Google Pay. 

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Highlights of the Article

  • Around 1,281,838 total transactions online were recorded by Google Pay.
  • Google Pay ranks 3rd in the US as their go-to mobile payment application.
  • One of Canada’s prominent 5 online mobile payment applications is Google Play.
  • Total Google Pay online recorded usage distribution in Russia was 35.18%.
  • There are 67 million active users of Google Pay in India.
  • Millennials are 30% of active users of Google Pay.
  • 2,193 businesses worldwide use Google Pay as their primary mobile payment tool.
  • Google Pay is available in 19 countries.
  • Google Pay owns 36.10% of the mobile application market in India.

150 million users across 42 global markets use Google Pay and other online payment services. The app is one of the go-to payment options for consumers and retailers in a sea of cashless options to pay.

The following sections will explain the Google Pay usage statistics, user demographics, and marker size. 

Google Pay Usage Statistics

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Google Pay has gained immense popularity worldwide. The growth from 2018 to 2019 has reached to additional 69 million users. It has been forecasted to gain an additional 100 million the following year.

See the statistics below on how popular Google Pay is in America and other countries. 

1. Google Pay has 1,281,838 total transactions on the Internet.

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Among the 5,021,077 recorded online payment transactions, Google Pay holds 26% of the share. 

The app ranks 2nd among the online payment services, after Apple Pay. 

2. In the US, Google Pay ranks 3rd as a mobile payment application.

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Over 25.2 million users use Google Pay as the go-to mobile payment option for in-store purchases in America, recorded around 25%. 

Top on the list is Apple Pay (43.9%), followed by Starbucks (31.2%) 

With the widespread use of mobile payment applications, Google Pay is rising among its competitors in the US.

3. Google Pay is one of Canada’s 5 market leaders in online mobile payment software.

(Mordor Intelligence)

Canada’s online mobile payment market grew by 40% during and after the pandemic.  This event allows the 5 prominent market leaders to introduce their online mobile payment services to Canadians.

Google Pay, Apple Pay, Paypal, Samsung Pay, and CIBC were among Canada’s trusted mobile payment applications. 

Google Pay User Demographic

Google Pay offers a featured-package service system to all its 150 million users worldwide. It can be used for services like ordering food and paying for gas.

The app’s convenience invites users of different ethnicities and ages to avail of its payment services.

Get to know the users of Google Pay worldwide through the statistics below.

4. 35.18% online usage distribution was recorded in Russia. 

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In Russia, over 3,549 websites are using Google Pay for online payments; it has a 35.18% usage distribution as a payment processor. This is followed by: 

  • Stripe (30%)
  • Fondy (15.63%)
  • Paypal (6.56%) 

The recorded transactions in Russia using Google Pay are around 10,088. 

5. 67 million active users of Google Pay are in India.


Google Pay users in India have spiked 3 times from its total active users in 2018, with $110 recorded transactions annually.

Over 100,000 retailers and businesses in India accept Google Pay as a payment method for in-store and online purchases. 

6. 30% of Millennials are active users of Google Pay.


Millennials are the most active users among the age group, with 30% of users, followed by Generation X, with 15%.

It was found that 10% of Google Pay users are 59 years old and above.

Google Pay Market Size

Google Pay holds 1.84% of the share in the mobile-payment market, with 29 other competitors in the mobile payments category. The app is slowly making its way to the top as the primary mobile payment tool worldwide. 

Take a look at the achievements and progress of Google Pay in the market after its launch in 2018.

7. 2,193 companies are using Google Pay as Mobile Payments Tool.


2,193 businesses worldwide use Google Pay for their online payment services. Most companies are found in:

  • Germany – 26.84%
  • United Kingdom – 19.70%
  • United States – 16.98%

Employers and employees are now getting comfortable with the all-in-one service feature of the app.

8. Google Pay is accepted in 19 countries worldwide.


Many large retailers and businesses use cashless payment options with Google Pay worldwide.

Hundreds of online stores and brick-and-mortar shops accept online payment services, such as Mcdonalds, Starbucks, ACI, Chase & JP Morgan, and many more.

With the current trend of growing cashless and online payments, it is expected to see many more partnered stores with Google Pay.

9. Google Pay has a 36.10% mobile application market share in India.


Google Pay ranked 2nd among all the mobile application market share in India with 36.10%, and PhonePe leads with a market share of 42.50%.

Mobile payments in India have been deployed under Unified Payments Interface, which has paved the way for the online and mobile application market to rise. 


Google Pay has been widely used not just by Americans but also globally. The online payment service has lesser active users than Apple Pay in America. Still, Google Pay has been leading in other parts of the world.

Given its trend and innovations, there`s no doubt that it will expand its global market share and will increase its active users.


How many users use Google Pay?

150 Google Pay users worldwide, and 42 markets offer it as a payment method.

Which country uses Google Pay the most?

Google Pay is widely used in Russia worldwide, with 29% of users globally.

What is the growth rate of Google Pay?

Kamil Franek says Google Pay can bring more than $4.5 billion annually in 5 years.

What is Google Pay transaction limit per day?

Google Pay has a maximum of $2,000 single transaction and $2,500 daily total transactions per day.