Why You Should Come Up With a Catchy Esport Team Name and How

Esports is one of the fastest-growing markets today. Experts estimated Its global market value at $1.44 billion in 2022. From tournament prizes and player salaries to sponsorships, the industry is massive.

At the epicenter of all these is the team name. A catchy name and remarkable skills will help teams attract the right audience.

Coming up with the right branding is more complicated than it sounds. The prospect of business deals and sponsorships adds pressure. 

This short but insightful guide covers you. We’ll discuss some tricks to make the process easier. You’ll also find here a list of today’s top name generators and end with some team name suggestions. 

Esport Team Name Ideas – How to Come Up With a Name for Esports Team 

catchy esport team name

The team name seems trivial, especially if you’re just a group of kids having fun. You may as well get it right now. You’ll find later on that there’s a lot riding on it.

These tips will help you generate an awesome team name that’s hard to ignore.


The esports age profile is around 18-41. Having a cool team name that appeals to a younger audience is essential. It can be a reference for popular songs, movies, or personalities.

Be whimsical and clever but don’t lose sight of your team identity and target audience.


Your team name must be unique. It’s not just about standing out, although that’s one good reason. Having a distinctive name protects you from legal problems later on.

Before using a name, make sure that it’s not yet registered. Do a trademark search using tools like the Trademark Electronic Search System.


Esports rose to fame in the 2000s but have existed since the 1970s. A lot of team names have been used over the years. 

Creativity is key. Try to think outside the box. Toss some unconventional ideas around with your teammates and see what sticks.


Esports fans are younger than in traditional sports like basketball or football. Aside from thinking of cool names that appeal to them, another approach to team naming is to get funky.

Look at what’s trending now and get some ideas from it. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You’ll never know if something fits unless you try it on.


Take things personally. What is your team’s story? Try to think of things that interest your team. Chances are, some esports fans out there like them too. 

Once you catch their attention with your team name, get them to stick around with your gaming skills.


If you have a sponsor lined up, you could name your team after them. It is a boring but effective method.

Associating with a known brand makes your team appear legit. Esports fans are more likely to pay attention.  

Sports Leagues and Franchise-Based

Most professional team names feature the team’s city or state. It is valid for the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Some esports teams are doing this too.

You can rip a page from their book. Think of a word that characterizes your team and combine it with your state, city, or district.

With this approach, you will immediately have a fan base: the locals.

Name Generators – Easy Way to Get Tons of Suggestions

Naming an esports team is hard. It must represent you and resonate with your audience. You also have to be mindful of trademarks. There are other things to consider.

If it sounds tedious, try using a name generator tools such as Squadhelp. Some tools will ask for variables, like an adjective, a place, or an animal. Other tools are much more straightforward — all you must do is press one button.

Here are some name generators to consider:

  • Wooter

Wooter has a team name generator that churns suggestions with one click. They can design and make your uniforms too!  

  • Namify

Namify is another free tool that offers fun suggestions for team names. Type two or more keywords, then press Generate Name to see thousands of options. 

  • Rum and Monkey

Use this tool if you’re looking for an entertaining way to name your team. It asks fun questions and suggests a name based on your answers. 

  • Nerdburglars

Nerdburglars is quick and effective. Select a filter category from a drop-down selection and press Generate Team Name. A list of seven suggestions will appear shortly below the search box. 

  • Wordlab

Wordlab is a crowdsourced naming tool. Its database hosts over 16 million team names for you to choose from.

  • The Story Shack

This tool can offer inspiration for your team name. Just press the Get Ideas button to see random suggestions.

  • BrandSnag

Snag some cool team names with this tool! Just give it two keywords and press Search. It will do the rest.

  • Masterpiece Generator

Its name is a bit cheesy, but it works. Get random suggestions or guide it with a few keywords. Either way, you get plenty of name ideas.

  • Dr. Odd

This tool is easy to use. Just look for the Make Name button and click it until you see something you like.

  • Remote Tools

Remote Tools has a wide selection of team names ready. If none of them suits you, look for the Generate Name button and click it. 

Note: An urban dictionary would be a good reference if you’re looking for cool slang words.

Esport Team Names

Here’s a list of ideas from the team name generators:


  1. Keyboard Wizards
  2. Enemy Monsters
  3. YOLO Wizards
  4. Hidden Kings
  5. Fatal Hell Hounds
  6. Stormy Geeks
  7. Elite Hunters
  8. Space Geniuses
  9. Cyber Wreckers
  10. Exceptional Doom
  11. Silent Spitfire
  12. Prime Seekers
  13. Phantom Commanders
  14. Stealthy Reapers
  15. Lit Instincts
  16. Teenage Vipers
  17. Dark Royalty
  18. Kung Fu Instincts
  19. Death Troopers
  20. Mighty Freaks
  21. Immortal Beasts
  22. Fiery Alphas
  23. Martial Necromancers
  24. Deadshot Avengers
  25. Bloodline Raptors
  26. Immortal Mercenaries
  27. Everyday Obliterators
  28. Fatal Angels
  29. Shooting Rebels
  30. Teenage Bandits
  31. Elite Cougars
  32. Toxic Shooters
  33. Born Clowns
  34. Arsenal Instincts
  35. Legendary Necromancers
  36. Keyboard Commanders
  37. Hardcore Jokers
  38. Mad Hustlers
  39. Lethal Goblins
  40. Havoc Mercenaries


  1. Vengeful Trolls
  2. Shrill Pixies
  3. Quirky Dragons
  4. Quarrelsome Emperors
  5. Malevolent Griffins
  6. Despicable Medusas
  7. Plucky Longswords 
  8. Spiffy Wands
  9. Disillusioned Pixies
  10. Basilisks Victorious
  11. Piranhas Guiltless
  12. Savage Frogs
  13. Malicious Tigers
  14. Wretched Pumas
  15. Deadpan Vipers
  16. Barbarous Hyenas
  17. Sparrows Coherent
  18. Hypnotic Snakes
  19. Fanatical Wolves
  20. Calculating Dragonfires
  21. Lake Swamp Vigilantes
  22. Plastic Whiz Avengers
  23. Paper Hostages
  24. Sucky Milk Butterflies
  25. Clumsy Bedtime Squirrels
  26. Flying Jet Queens
  27. Novelty Kittens
  28. Red Sea Clowns
  29. Heartland Magic Hitmen
  30. Emotional Air Nerds
  31. Magenta Dog Dwellers
  32. Blank Puppets
  33. Leather Skeletons
  34. Slime Clowns
  35. Sunday Liberty Strikers
  36. Bottom Milk Squad
  37. Surf Tarts
  38. End Supernovas
  39. Tainted Brown Skeletons
  40. Instant Picnic Bugs


  1. Majestic Chimpanzees
  2. Hot Manticores
  3. Flawless Wildlings
  4. Mystery Ogres
  5. Handsome Sabretooths
  6. Golden Ghosts
  7. Prime Titans
  8. Proud Orcs
  9. Loyal Gators
  10. Wild Wreckers
  11. Amazing Zombies
  12. Careless Spiders
  13. Spectacular Barracudas
  14. Deadly Mallards
  15. Fiery Donkeys
  16. Colossal Stingers
  17. Str8 Rippin
  18. Ninjas in Pyjamas
  19. Nimble Phantoms
  20. Wrathful Mermaids
  21. Spiffy Red Dwarves
  22. Berserk Star Clusters
  23. Divergent Homeworlds
  24. Sable Meteors
  25. Fierce Satellites
  26. Psychedelic Atomics
  27. Chemical Starships
  28. Nippy Substratospheres
  29. Brave Fusion
  30. No Sleep Snakes
  31. Crypto Soldiers
  32. Raging Insomniacs
  33. Lake Cat Einsteins
  34. Emotional Death Avalanche
  35. Tiny Ozone Pests
  36. Space Shock
  37. Blue Monkeys
  38. Crazy Ninjas
  39. Nimble Spiders
  40. Gifted Suns


  1. Woebegone Gravity Emire
  2. Electric Novelty Monkeys
  3. Simmering Donkey Puppets
  4. Yellow Streak Spores
  5. Dead Midnight Godzillas
  6. Chronic Uniforms Oldtimers
  7. Top Picnic Threat
  8. Tacky Marsh Outlaws
  9. Sealevel Ozone Maxwells
  10. Orange Wood Storm
  11. Electric Brown Spawn
  12. Eastern Drug Logic
  13. Prickl Bug Terror
  14. Hilltop Score Pandoras
  15. Paper Blank Stormtroopers
  16. Curving Mountain Dudes
  17. Walking Fire Titans
  18. Grunting Presidents
  19. Ravaged Nova Longshots
  20. Psychic Happy Stormers
  21. Multiple Goon Trample
  22. Clumsy Free Riot
  23. Boiling Wood Samaritans
  24. Stomping Chemical Predators
  25. Invisible Pulp Hotshots
  26. Purple Thunder Stripes
  27. Dramatic Donkey Leaders
  28. Marvelous Surf Professors
  29. Blank Burnouts
  30. Limping Ocean Hackers
  31. Twirling Mountain Supernovas
  32. Outer Astro Desperados
  33. Silent Grasshoppers
  34. Mad Krakens
  35. Scalding Nova Rockets
  36. Plastic Chemical Monsters
  37. Tiny Sea Mimes
  38. Hissing Surf Squad
  39. Skinny Bug Threat
  40. Deadly Astro Silencers

Final Words

Don’t worry if you can’t think of a team name immediately. Esports is a serious business, but it’s supposed to be fun.

Besides, that’s what name generators are for. Use them for inspiration, or pick one of our many suggestions. In no time, you’ll have an awesome name that fans and brands will remember.

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