Play Regularly and Get a Loyalty Reward Bonus: How Does It Work?

Online gambling bonuses and promotions attract new and seasoned players to register and play on the betting platform. However, keeping them entertained and engaged is a different story.

With the growing competition, online gambling sites must present bettors with a reason to stay loyal to their platform and not look at the competitors; this is where the Loyalty Bonus comes in.

Keep reading to discover how you can participate in a loyalty program. Explore essential details to learn how to unlock and receive loyalty bonus rewards.

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Highlights of the Article

  • The Loyalty Program offers a bonus package and level-up scheme to motivate players to play and wager more.
  • Some casinos offer a VIP tier, the highest level in their loyalty program.
  • Focus on a single loyalty program rather than multiple ones.
  • Check the casino’s loyalty reward bonuses to see if they align with your game strategy.
  • Cashback and Free Spins are the most common bonus packages in a Loyalty Program. 
  • When reviewing loyalty bonus terms and conditions, consider wagering requirements, bonus validity, and eligible games.
  • Free Cash is the only loyalty reward loyal gamblers can withdraw directly.
  • VIP tiers are typically invitation-only, sent to high rollers by the online casino’s VIP Account Manager.
  • Loyal gamblers get exclusive rewards and bonuses compared to regular players.

Explaining Online Gambling Loyalty Reward Bonuses in 2024

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Online casinos develop Loyalty Reward Bonuses to foster regular and loyal gamblers. The program schema follows a rank structure and a point-based system that rewards gamblers with an exclusive bonus package for each level they reach.

Depending on the platform, players can either participate immediately after registering or request to join a loyalty reward program. Loyalty program bonuses differ from regular bonuses since the wagering requirements are less stringent.

The following sections detail the loyalty program’s point system and the bonuses available when you actively participate.

How Do Loyalty Reward Bonuses Work?

BitStaz Road Trip Level-Up Adventure

Gambling sites typically structure loyalty programs into tiers or levels, encouraging gamblers to keep advancing. Players start at zero points and must bet real money to start playing any qualifying games and level up.

With every level increase, the required points also increase, making the higher levels difficult to attain. Once the gambler reaches a higher rank, the loyalty bonus rewards become more generous and substantial. This scheme lures gamblers to play, collect, and receive bonuses, then repeat the cycle. 

Vulkan Vegas Casino Loyalty Program Rankings
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Quick Tip

Read the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) before enrolling in the Loyalty Program. While tiered reward structures are common to online casinos, some sites follow a Flat Reward Structure.
This loyalty reward structure offers consistent rewards. The program only requires the gamblers to meet the minimum requirements and will earn the same rewards. 

Gambling sites’ point systems in their Loyalty Bonus Program may differ: play more, wager higher, or BOTH. Gamblers must strategically choose which games to place their bets on because each game type presents different points.

Continue reading to learn how to calculate the game points to help you with your loyalty plan strategy.

a. Bet More: Varied Game Points

Games have different point contributions, which means the loyalty points vary per game of choice. Earned points are proportional to the bet amount, meaning the more you bet, the more points you receive.

Number of Loyalty Points = Bet Amount (in USD) x Game Contribution Ratio 

The online casino indicates the game contribution ratio. Sometimes, slot games with lower RTP rates provide 100% game contribution, whereas those with higher RTP rates, such as table games, have a lower ratio.

For example:

  • Table Games: 10% Game Contribution, 5% Wagering Weight
  • Slot Games: 100% Game Contribution, 100% Wagering Weight

This point structure allows the player and the house to interact in a mutually beneficial manner.

  • The point system incentivizes players to play games with lower RTPs for more points, which leads to a higher house edge.
  • Playing higher RTP games will result in fewer points and wagering requirements, lowering the house edge.
  • Games with lower RTP have higher wagering requirements, implying that the player will play and bet more before receiving a payout.

Let’s say two players are playing and must obtain 30 loyalty points to reach a new level. Gamblers A and B play a slot, while Gamblers C and D want to play table poker. 

A$2020 pointsMust bet an additional $10.
B$3030 pointsLeveled-up; Obtained the level points.
C$202 pointsMust bet an additional $280.
D$303 pointsMust bet an additional $270.

As shown in the table above, Gamblers A and B only have to wager $30 to obtain the 30 loyalty points. However, the drawback is the higher wagering requirements the two players must comply with. 

On the other hand, Gamblers C and D need to bet a total of $300 and comply with less restrictive bonus conditions. 

b. Play More: Fixed Game Points

All qualifying games in the gambling platform’s Loyalty Program provide the same points. The fixed game point structure encourages players to regulate their bet amount and play more to progress to the next level.

There are times when the platforms offer more points for a specific game, but the drawbacks can be any of the following:

  • Higher wagering requirements
  • Lower RTP games
  • Minimum bet amount required
  • Minimum payout 

Let’s have an example where three game types are involved with different points. Assume that Gambler A plays slots, Gambler B chooses the special slot game, while Gambler C wants table poker. 

  • Slot Games: 5 points, RTP of 97% – 99%
  • Special Slot Games: 20 points, RTP of 93% – 96%
  • Table Games: 2 points, RTP of 99% and above
A$203 points
B$5020 points
C$202 points

As shown in the table above, Gambler B has a better chance of moving on to the next level, but Gamblers A and C have a better chance of winning their preferred game.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Redeeming a Loyalty Reward Bonus in 2024

Loyalty programs come in different forms, offering various rewards. Online casinos may provide customized rewards specifically designed for each unique user. There may be slight differences in claiming the loyalty reward bonus, but the process is generally the same.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to claim a loyalty reward bonus:

1. Choose a reputable online gambling platform

Choose a reputable online gambling platform

Conduct extensive research before participating in a loyalty program. To have an engaging and rewarding gaming experience, gamblers must consider the following conditions:

  • License and Reputation:

Ensure the online casino holds a good reputation in the online gambling scene. The online gambling site must also hold a valid license issued by a reputable gambling authority to ensure safe, secure, and transparent gameplay.

Online gambling licenses are crucial for casino and sportsbook operators because most reputed licenses are tedious and expensive to acquire and renew.

  • Loyalty Program and Conditions:

Check to see if the casino has a loyalty program that provides generous rewards. Once confirmed, ensure you have read and comprehended the Terms and Conditions before registering.

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Helpful Article

Check out the blockchain casinos if you want to play in a secure and fair online casino with lavish bonuses and promotions, especially for new players. 

2. Create an account

Create an account

Register at a reputable online casino with lucrative loyalty rewards. Fill out the necessary information when signing up, as some casinos require players to complete the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process.

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Side Note

Crypto casinos offer a hassle-free signing process, requiring only an e-mail address and password. However, there are instances of crypto online casinos like Roobet and BetFury that may require gamblers to verify their identity. Players must provide personal details, including full name, address, and birthdate. This verification process usually occurs during payout or when withdrawing significant money. 

3. Make an initial deposit

Make an initial deposit

Make an initial deposit into your account wallet. New players will receive a welcome bonus following the required minimum deposit requirement. This bonus helps gamblers to explore and wager more without depleting the bankroll. 

While these bonuses aim to jumpstart the gambling experience, some online casinos will not accept bets placed with the bonuses. With this condition, the loyalty program will begin after making another deposit and betting from the bankroll.

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Side Note

Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency accepted as a payment method when crypto casinos first emerged. However, with the emergence of cryptos, the thriving online gambling market allowed for more crypto payment options for gamblers to make deposits and withdrawals.

4. Play regularly and collect more points

Play regularly and collect more points

After availing of your welcome bonus, start playing the qualifying games in the loyalty program. Remember that some gambling sites require players to make another deposit and wager funds not associated with the sign-up bonuses. 

Participating in the loyalty program encourages gamblers to play regularly. By “regularly,” it does not imply that you should play daily but, rather, consistently and responsibly.

When looking for games to play, always check out the high-pointer providers, which are usually slot games. Assess the program tiers and strategically plan your next move by answering the following questions:

  • Games: What games should I play?
  • Frequency: How frequently should I gamble?
  • Bet Size: How much should I wager?
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The Crash game is a simple yet engaging Provably Fair game with a simple multiplier mechanic that allows players to employ various effective strategies to increase their chances of winning.

5. Claim the loyalty bonus

Claim the loyalty bonus

Online gambling platforms will notify their gamblers of their loyalty status level once they have accumulated the required points and bet amount. Most loyalty bonuses, such as cashback and money rewards, are credited directly to the gambler’s account. 

After receiving the bonuses tied to the current level, go back to Step 4: Play Regularly to earn more points, increase the rank, and get more bonuses.

Sample Scenario:

Assuming that Gambler A recently leveled up to the 6th Tier. The previous level offers three loyalty rewards, as shown in the second column of the table below: BONUS PERCENTAGE. 

If it took 11 weeks for Gambler A to accumulate the required points, it implies that the player received a total bonus, as listed in the third column of the table: TOTAL BONUS PERCENTAGE.

Weekly Cashback10% cashback110% cashback
Monthly Cashback15% cashback45% cashback
Free Spins on Wednesdays10 free spins110 free spins
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Side Note

For the sample scenario, 11 weeks equates to 2.5 months. However, monthly bonuses are usually available every first day or first week of the month, giving Gambler A 45% monthly cashback instead of 30%. 

The Difference Between The Loyalty Program and VIP Club

VIP Club is the nest of high rollers and the most loyal punters. Becoming a member of the VIP Club means that you either bet frequently or significantly.

  • Frequent bettors must pass through each tier to reach the maximum level of the Loyalty Program, the VIP level.
  • High rollers wager massive bets and will receive a VIP Club invitation, skipping the different tiers or levels. 

From a broader point of view, a Loyalty Program and VIP Club share the same scheme, which aims to retain players through a point system or tier-level structure. However, online casinos may have a different approach when featuring a Loyalty Program and VIP Club:

a. Loyalty Program: The platform offers a Loyalty Program with a VIP tier.

Casinos with Loyalty Programs that include a VIP tier indicate that the VIP is the highest level a gambler can achieve. This casino usually has the following five-tier structure:

Online Casino Loyalty Program Five-Tier Structure

Some online casinos provide a VIP tier wherein gamblers must reach the required wagering amount, while other platforms selectively invite high rollers to become VIP members.   

b. VIP Club: The platform features a VIP Club as a loyalty program for high rollers.

Most VIP schemes are only accessible by invitation. A VIP manager usually contacts gamblers, particularly high rollers, once their account meets the statistical qualification. 

The gambling platform reconsiders frequent gamblers upon request. A VIP application is subject to approval, with three factors to check: 

  • Length of stay
  • Gambling frequency
  • Total wagered amount
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Did You Know?

High rollers and gambling whales often start their initial deposits at $10,000 or more, intending to wager a high amount to any casino games, such as:

Slot Games: wager from $25 to $50 per spin. 
– Table Games: average bets ranging from $300 to $500 per hand.However, Kerry Packer was not the average high roller. Packer wagered on a Blackjack game with a hefty $100,000. With his betting records, Packer won one of the highest Blackjack wins at around $40 million in 1997.  

See the table below to learn more about the distinction between the Loyalty Program and the VIP Club.

Players at any level can participate.Most casinos offer VIP clubs to high rollers.
Automatically includes the gamblers.Invitation only (If not all, but mostly.)
Low minimum deposit requirement.Large deposit fees.
Must level up before having a personal VIP concierge.Immediately has a personal VIP manager.
Extra casino rewards that are good enough already.Higher set of casino bonuses and promotions

Maximize Your Benefits: Types of Loyalty Reward Bonuses 

BetFury Rank System Benefits Banner

An online casino loyalty program is a strategy for attracting new players to register and continue playing on the site. This program provides gamblers a bonus package deal to begin their level-up journey.

Gamblers will receive the associated bonuses of a specific rank until a new level is unlocked. The incentives are automatically credited to the players’ accounts daily or monthly.

Aside from the bonuses, the platform must maintain a level of fun and excitement to keep the hype going. They do this by randomly hosting special promotions and campaigns that offer a new set of rewards in addition to the bonus package.

Read on to determine which type of loyalty reward bonus you want to receive.

1. Cashback Bonus

Cashbacks are the most common bonuses in a loyalty bonus package. Gambling sites give this bonus daily, weekly, or monthly, sometimes associated with game limitations. In some casinos, this incentive is available twice a month for the loyal gamblers.

Here is a sample setup when a casino offers two sets of cashback:

  • Daily cashback without wagering requirements
  • Weekly or monthly cashback with wagering requirements

With two sets of cashback, gamblers experiencing a losing streak can extend their gameplay with the loss refund received. 

2. Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses are additional funds provided by the casino. This bonus is added to the deposited funds for bettors to use for more games and sports betting. Loyalty reload bonuses are more generous, with more lenient T&Cs, such as:

  • Eligible game options
  • Bonus cap

While this bonus is available to all loyalty program members, reloads benefit players who make large deposits. These players are mostly VIP members and high rollers, resulting in receiving the maximum reload bonus. 

3. Free Cash

Online casinos reward loyal gamblers with free cash as a token of appreciation, which goes directly into the gambler’s account balance without wagering requirements. The bonus encourages gamblers to wager their free money on sports, casino games, or live events. Players also have the option to withdraw the cash bonus. 

Gambling platforms like BitStarz offer cash prizes to loyal players ranging from $30 to $20,000. Other sites may provide cash bonuses for birthdays or special occasions, such as anniversaries.

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Side Note

One of the benefits of a loyalty program is that casinos process their withdrawals faster. If the gambler prefers a banking method that may take a few business days, the payout processing time will be reduced, and funds go out sooner than usual.

4. Free Spins

Free spins bonuses allow gamblers to spin reels without placing real bets. This bonus is only valid for slot games. However, some casinos provide free spins that allow loyal gamblers to win cryptos or in-house tokens that they can use to play other Provably Fair games.

5. Birthday Bonus

Birthday bonuses are gifts from the online casino on the gambler’s special day. This bonus is a personalized surprise, which can be in any form, such as:

  • Monetary
  • Free Spins
  • Cashback

6. Prizеs and Givеaways

Loyal gamblers will be the first to know about incoming prizes and giveaways on the gambling platform, and they will have a reserved spot before the event begins. If there are tournaments or events, loyal players will receive various rewards.

Because loyalty programs commonly use a point system, players can convert their points into prizes or bonus rewards. 

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Side Note

There are instances when online casinos send gifts like smartphones or appliances directly to your address. For this setup, the gambling platform will require gamblers to undergo a KYC process and fill out the necessary details, including the current address.

7. Spеcial Invitations

Gamblers actively participating in the Loyalty Program will be invited to exclusive events and holidays, such as slot tournaments and casino anniversary celebrations. The house organizes these invitation-only programs, which may include tailored bonuses or monetary prizes.

8. VIP Account Managеr

Regular players receive customer service, whereas loyal players will be assigned a dedicated account manager. This account manager assists with all queries, from games to finances, and prioritizes gamblers who consistently bet on the platform.

An account manager has a multi-faceted role. Aside from providing assistance, a VIP account manager can be a marketer, promoting exclusive campaigns and promotions with commissions or bonus rewards. 

For example:

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Side Note

A VIP Account Manager will only be available once the players have reached the VIP level. Gamblers must progress through each tier and level before being assigned a dedicated account manager.

What Makes a Good Online Casino Loyalty Program?

Staying with just one casino is essential if you want to sign up for a loyalty program. Distributing the betting bankroll and playing on multiple platforms will earn loyalty points more slowly than they should have.

Players must weigh their preferences before deciding whether an online loyalty program is good. These preferences can be divided into several factors to provide players with the best gambling experience possible.

Continue reading to discover the criteria for choosing a good online casino loyalty program. 

1. Loyalty Bonus Terms and Conditions

Loyalty Bonus Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions detail the rules and expectations that come with the loyalty bonuses. Reading and understanding the T&Cs are crucial in determining if the program is adequate. These requirements should explicitly describe the necessary details to assist gamblers in strategizing ways to maximize their benefits.

Gamblers should pay close attention to the following factors:

  • Loyalty Point Validity Period
  • Redemption Options
  • Wagering Requirements

2. Eligible Games

Eligible Games

Online casinos may have game restrictions for their loyalty programs, meaning only certain games will earn you points. The gambling platform should allow their gamblers to explore and have a wide range of game selections from the leading software providers, like Pragmatic Play.

Slots are the most popular casino games associated with loyalty bonuses. However, several casinos don’t have game restrictions. Others accept Provably Fair games, such as Dice and Blackjack, providing more options. 

3. Bonus Types and Prizes

Bonus Types and Prizes

A gambling platform’s loyalty program should be profitable enough for gamblers, with fewer restrictions than regular bonus offers.

Bonuses may include the following options:

  • Free spins
  • Cashback
  • Rakeback
  • Monetary prize

These rewards may boost the player’s chances of winning any eligible games. Aside from that, the bonuses offered may assist gamblers in recovering from significant losses.

4. Maximum Bonus Amount

Maximum Bonus Amount

Many online casinos provide loyalty programs with maximum bonus amounts set daily, weekly, or monthly. The bonus money cap limits the amount of money you can win when you use the bonus to play casino games or sportsbooks.

For instance, the maximum daily bonus amount is $15,000.

  • Gambler A wins the $10,000 slot jackpot and receives the entire amount.
    • If Gambler A wins again and exceeds the limit, only $5,000 will be deposited into the account.

5. VIP Tiers

VIP Tiers

VIP tiers are mostly invitation-based and are determined by the gamblers’ activities and bet amounts. Only a few casinos offer an inclusive VIP club, wherein gamblers automatically enroll in the program.

Once the gambler completes the required activity, the gambling platforms will offer new exclusive bonuses and prizes. 

Top Online Casinos With The Best Loyalty Programs in 2024

With more bonuses available to players, there is undeniably fierce competition in the online gambling market. It has become customary to entice new players with bonuses and promotions has become customary to win their loyalty to the platform.

Here are the top online casinos with the best loyalty programs:

duckyluck logo

Ducky Luck


30 Free Spins + 10% Daily Cashback

BitStarz Logo



180 Free Spins + Unrestricted Cashouts

BetFury logo



225 Free Spins + Personal Bonuses

The Final Tier

Loyalty bonus rewards are the most effective way to retain players, with a generous bonus package, low wagering requirements, and an engaging level-up adventure. 

When joining a loyalty program, stick to one platform only to avoid splitting bets. Remember, plan out your game strategy ahead of time, play consistently, and gamble responsibly.


How do you become a VIP at a casino?

Aside from reaching the VIP tier, other factors to consider include wager amounts and play frequency. Most high rollers can skip straight to the VIP Loyalty Program.

Can I withdraw my loyalty reward bonus? 

Except for the free cash, the rest of the bonus cannot be withdrawn directly due to wagering requirements.

Can I transfer to another site and retain my VIP status?

Yes, there are online casinos that recognize the status from the previous platform.