Bingo Lingo: A List of Bingo Nicknames

A typical Bingo hall has 100,000 square feet and can shelter almost 2,000 players. When playing Bingo, players usually need help hearing the Bingo caller, the person who reads out the numbers and letters; this problem led to the creation of Bingo lingo. 

Bingo Lingo is used to identify what Bingo numbers are drawn from 1-90 quickly; these codenames are not just the standard phonetics we usually hear but fun and witty phrases surrounding the Bingo hall with joy and waves of laughter. 

Whether you play in a traditional Bingo hall or on online bingo channels, Bingo lingo is commonly used in all modes and channels of Bingo. 

Check out the funny and witty Bingo lingo below that excites every player.

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Top 14 Funny and Witty Bingo Lingo

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Aside from knowing the rules of Bingo, you should also remember the list of slang for Bingo numbers. These are fun and witty number lingo that make the game more exciting and one of the reasons why players survive the entire Bingo game.

The new generation of Bingo players and even online “bingoers ” have adopted these Bingo calls.

1. Bingo Number 8: One Fat Lady

It is an outdated visual representation of an obese woman when people see the number 8.

2. Bingo Number 11: Legs Eleven

A number that looks like a person’s leg; sometimes, when this number is called, “players are howling like wolves or mimicking a whistling sound.

3. Bingo Number 14: Valentine’s Day

The Heart’s Day, or Lover’s Day, is on February 14. 

4. Bingo Number 21: Key to the Door

Parents commonly give their children a copy of the house key when they reach 21 years old.

5. Bingo Number 40: Life begins
It comes from the famous phrase, “Life starts at forty.”

6. Bingo Number 40: Time for fun
When your life starts at forty, then at forty-one – you should start having fun.

7. Bingo Number 44: Droopy Drawers
A visual representation of loose trousers. 

8. Bingo Number 53: Here comes Herbie
In the famous Walt Disney film VW Beetle Car “Herbie,” when the number is drawn – the crowd responds with “beep-beep.”

9. Bingo Number 59:  Brighton Line
There is a train from Brighton to London named “Engine 59,” and Brighton’s telephone numbers start with 59. 

10. Bingo Number 60: Grandma gets a frisky
An average age at which women retire in the UK.

11. Bingo Number 65: Old age pension
It is a typical age when men retire in the United Kingdom.

12. Bingo Number 69: Anyway up
Both numbers face each other in different positions, and this is the dirtiest and wildest Bingo lingo. 

13. Bingo Number 79: One more time
This is not a pop culture reference to Britney Spears, but this is a counting joke with only one number left for it to reach 80.

14. Bingo Number 80: Gandhi’s Breakfast
A pun about believers in Ghandi that he ate (eight) nothing (zero).

Now that you know some of the witty Bingo lingo, take a look at the different Bingo calls used by American and British players.

American Bingo Lingo vs. British Bingo Lingo

Bingo is played in many countries with its own variations and rules. The most popular Bingo versions are the US (75 Ball Bingo) and British (90 Ball Bingo). 

Both variations have the same goal as any other Bingo game; the player who hits the winning numbers wins the jackpot and should shout “Bingo.”. Despite the similarities, American and British Bingo has its version of Bingo calls. 

Take a look at what Bingo calls are used in America and what Bingo lingos are used by British players.

British Bingo Lingo

Number slang in British Bingo was heavily anchored to the culture and history of its people since Bingo has been widely used since 1530 in Europe, and it’s adapted throughout the entire continent. 

Look at the traditional British Bingo Lingo in several Bingo halls and online bingo channels.

Bingo Number 1: Kelly’s Eyes

This codename is from military slang about Ned Kelly’s headgear, the one-eyed helmet. 

Bingo Number 10: Downing Street 

10 Downing Street in London is the official residence and office of the Prime Minister. 

Bingo Number 26: Pick’n Mix, Half a Crown, Bed, and Breakfast

These phrases have historical references to coins and what you can buy with them. 

Bingo Number 30: Dirty Gerie
In a 1946 British film, some people think dirty rhymes with 30.

Bingo Number 31: Get up and Run
A military reference from World War II is when a soldier finishes a 30-push-up drill, the commanding officer mandates them to get up and run.

Bingo Number 45: Halfway there
In the British 90-ball game, number 45 marks half of the game.

Bingo Number 65: Was she worth it?
This refers to the marriage license cost in the UK, which was about 5 shillings and sixpence before.  When the caller draws this Bingo number, the crowd responds with “every penny.”

Bingo Number 90:  End of the line, Top of the shop
The last number of the British 90-ball Bingo. 

Bingo Number 28: In a State & Bingo Number 38: Christmas Cake

A slang created with Cockney’s (a dialect and accent used by working-class and lower middle-class Londoners)  rhyme in the UK.

American Bingo Lingo

75-ball Bingo has a twist and turns with Bingo number slang commonly used by American players. Most of the Bingo slang is related to American pop culture.

Take a look at the commonly used Bingo lingo in America.

Bingo Number 1: YOLO

In almost every song produced in America between 2010-2012, the phrase “You Only Live Once” is where this slang started.

Bingo Number 9: Selfie Time

The American Socialite Kim Kardashian’s favorite pastime. 

Bingo Number 32: Jimmy Choo

The sex and the city character Carrie Bradshaw`s favorite brand of shoes. 

Bingo Number 66: US Historic route

This refers to the famous American Route 66, a 2448-mile covering from Chicago to California. 

Bingo Number 71: J-Lo’s Bum

A showbiz controversy regarding Jennifer Lopez’s insurance with her butt. 

Bingo Number 75: Granddaddy 

The last number of 75-ball Bingo, American players call it the granddaddy.


The bingo language is changing as the game gradually gives way to online platforms. There are new Bingo calls emerging, while some traditional Bingo jargon still exists.

If you want to play Bingo, you should practice your lingos and slang so that you may fully enjoy the fun-filled environment of the Bingo community! 


What are some dirty Bingo calls?

Some of the rated 18+ Bingo calls are 44 – “droopy drawers,” 33 – “dirty knee,” and 69 – “either way up.”

When did Bingo become a game?

Tracing the origin of Bingo will take you to Italy in the 1500s. It began as “II Guico del Lotto’d Italian” and was adopted by the French, where it was named “Le Lotto.”

When was online Bingo created?

The first online Bingo game was created in 2003.