Recover With Loss Rebates: What is a Cashback Bonus and How Does It Work?

In the online gambling world, luck is not always on a gambler’s side. Winning and losing are two sides of the same coin in gambling, but with cashback bonuses, the outcome may differ with extended gameplay.

Cashback bonuses are gaining traction among gamblers. These bonuses are net loss rebates, allowing players to continue playing without depleting their bankroll. In addition, it enables players to bounce back from a significant loss.

Learn how these cashback bonuses work and how to take advantage of the loss refund.

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Highlights of the Article

  • To activate the cashback bonus, the gambler must first lose within the timeframe specified by the online casino.
  • While the cashback bonus has game restrictions, it applies to various casino games, including slots, dice, and sportsbooks.
  • Cashback bonuses were once restricted to VIP members only.
  • During registration, some casinos allow players to receive a deposit match or cashback bonus.
  • Online casinos with no wagering requirements for cashback bonuses allow their players to withdraw the funds automatically.
  • Claiming a cashback bonus may vary depending on the gambling platform’s rules. 
  • If the cashback is a welcome bonus, players must deposit first and start playing games.
  • Among the new players, regulars, or VIP members, the VIPs will receive the highest cashback percentage.

Explaining Online Gambling Cashback Bonuses in 2024

cashback bonus

Cashback bonuses serve gamblers who lose a certain amount while playing a casino game or betting on sports. Giving cashback is a way for online casinos to compensate gamblers and encourage them to play again.

For example: If the house offers 25% cashback up to $1,000, gamblers can wager and lose $4,000 to receive the maximum cashback.

Online casino bonuses always have wagering requirements and strict terms & conditions (T&Cs). The larger the bonus awarded, the more stringent the requirements. A cashback bonus, on the other hand, has few requirements and almost no restrictions.

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Side Note

Cashback bonuses are not limited to slot games and can apply to classic games like Dice and other provably fair games. Aside from casino games, players can use the cashback bonus to wager on their favorite sports on the platform.

Here are the key distinctions between cashback and other bonuses that share the same concept.

The more losses, the higher the rebate. The more you deposit, the higher the additional reloadsThe more you play, the bigger the rake.The more you deposit, the bigger the match bonus. 
Percentage of net losses Percentage of cashback lower than the welcome bonusIt is a percentage of the rake generated from the wagers.Additional funds are given after deposits. 
For regular players, but can be available to new players.Available for existing or loyal players.Favors regular and high rollers. Designed for poker.Designed for new players.

Read below to learn more about the cashback and how it differs and excels with the other bonuses offered by online casinos. 

Types of Cashback Bonuses

Online casino cashback bonuses enchant gamblers to keep playing amid the losing streak. Cashbacks benefit the house in the long run since only a portion of the net losses return, which lures the gambler to play more.

The incentives received may vary depending on their level and activity. The gambling platforms have expanded and improved their bonuses, making them available to all bettors, not just VIPs.

  • New player: Online casinos provide a cashback bonus as a sign-up bonus or allow players to choose between a deposit match bonus and cashback.
  • Regular player: The house may provide cashback at random or on a schedule, like weekly or monthly. These rewards are available for loyal players.
  • VIP member: One of the perks of a VIP is to receive an incentive package deal daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Tournament winner: In some cases, game developers organize a game tournament in collaboration with online casinos and award the winner cashback bonuses in addition to the winnings. 
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Side Note

Slot competitions are common on online casinos like BitStarz. Players participating in these tournaments can win prizes and bonuses, such as cashback. 

Continue reading to learn more about cashback bonuses on gambling sites and when they are available.

1. Cashback on Deposits

Cashback on deposits is a welcome bonus that online casinos provide to new players. Online casinos set a fixed cashback rate, which players can activate after 24 hours of play. This bonus serves as a safeguard for gamblers following their initial deposits.

For instance, the casino offers 20% cashback, and the bettor loses $150. Once the cashback period ends, the bettor will receive $30 ($150 x 20% = $30).

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Quick Tip

Unlike traditional online casinos, blockchain casinos are more generous and offer substantial bonuses to new players. Gamblers will receive a welcome bonus once and potentially four or five times.
Fortune Jack is an excellent example of a crypto casino that gives new players the option between a deposit match or cashback. New players can choose and receive bonuses four times to get their gambling career started.

2. Game-Specific Cashback

Online casinos reward players with a cashback bonus for playing a specific game chosen by the casino. For game-specific cashbacks, games powered by RNG and Live Dealers have different incentives.

a. RNG-Powered Games Cashback Bonus

Online casinos often conduct tournaments or promotions for Provably Fair Games or games powered by Random Number Generator. These games include but are not limited to:

  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Poker

Slots are the most popular Provably Fair crypto games associated with promotions, such as Slot Tournament. Gamblers can win cashback and a certain portion of the pot money by participating in the event and playing the game.

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Helpful Article

Online casinos provide diverse Provably Fair games that are eligible for cashback bonuses. However, if you want a simple, classic, and fun Provably Fair game, try Crypto Dice. Read the game guide to learn how to play and what strategies to use to win the game.

b. Live Casino Cashback Offers

Most cashback bonuses are only available for specific casino games, meaning live dealer games are not included. However, some casinos reward cashback to gamblers who enjoy interactive game sessions, such as:

  • Live Baccarat
  • Live Blackjack
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Slots
  • Game Shows

Bettors may receive cashback bonuses such as free spins, bonus codes, or hard cash, which the online casino shall send directly to the gambler’s account balance.

3. Timely Cashback Bonus

Online casinos provide cashback bonuses to regular gamblers that differ only in terms of timeframe. These bonuses are available for periods ranging from 24 hours to several months.

Gamblers must only play eligible games within the time frame specified to qualify for the bonus. Players will receive the cashback in their account balance once the cashback period has ended and the bettor fulfills the T&Cs.

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Side Note

Gambling platforms provide bonuses and promotions to keep gamblers interested and engaged. One of the initiatives the website runs is a Loyalty Program in which players who participate in the promotional event receive a bonus package.
The most common reward in the Loyalty Program bonus package is the cashback bonus, which has low wagering requirements and allows gamblers to continue playing even after losing.
Many casinos in their Loyalty programs offer two timely cashback bonuses each month to maintain player loyalty. These cashback offers are available daily, weekly, and monthly.

a. Daily Cashback Bonus

Gamblers can receive cashback for the net losses incurred after playing within 24 hours. This bonus benefits players who can commit to a full day of betting. The more games played in one day, the higher the cashback received. 

b. Weekly Cashback Bonus

Online gambling sites provide T&Cs for their bonuses, including the promotion’s qualifying games. Players must meet the specified requirements to be eligible for the weekly cashback bonus.

After a week of playing eligible games, a portion of the lost money will go to the player’s account. 

c. Monthly Cashback Bonus

The online casino’s Monthly Cashback Bonus is valid all month, with the bonus credited to the gambler’s online betting wallet on the first day/week of each month. 

Gamblers who play regularly throughout the month benefit more from a cashback bonus than those who play frequently.

d. Short-Term Promotion Cashback

Online casinos organize promotions on special events like the platform’s anniversary or during holidays. This promotion can last a day to several months and offers cashback to qualifying bettors.

Depending on the organizer, the Short-Term Promotion cashback may be subject to stricter T&Cs than other timely cashback bonuses, including a loss limit, bonus validity, and game limitations.

Bettors should assume the following bonus T&Cs requirements: (1) lose at least $300 (2) while playing two specified slots (3) within three days. The incentive will only commence if the player meets these three requirements.

4. VIP Cashback

Cashbacks for VIPs are among the top rewards for online casino members. The VIP cashback rate increases when a gambler’s level advances and reaches a particular tier. Members will receive an exclusive bonus on a weekly or monthly basis. 

For example: Gambler A received a VIP membership invitation. The program has seven levels, and each VIP level increases the monthly cashback bonus by 5.

Here’s a breakdown of the VIP monthly cashback bonus rewards:

  • VIP LEVEL 1: 15% Monthly Cashback Bonus
  • VIP LEVEL 2: 20% Monthly Cashback Bonus
  • VIP LEVEL 3: 25% Monthly Cashback Bonus
  • VIP LEVEL 4: 30% Monthly Cashback Bonus
  • VIP LEVEL 5: 35% Monthly Cashback Bonus
  • VIP LEVEL 6: 40% Monthly Cashback Bonus
  • VIP LEVEL 7: 45% Monthly Cashback Bonus
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Side Note

The VIP cashback has wagering requirements similar to regular cashback. The key difference would be the bonus frequency.

If the casino offers a monthly cashback, gamblers automatically receive a portion of net losses directly to the account balance.

5. Game Provider Cashback

Online casinos host promotions or events, with game providers acting as facilitators. This promotional event could be a tournament for the game provider’s specific game, similar to a slot tournament.

Gamblers who win the tournament will receive a monetary prize and a cashback bonus. The cashback bonus may be subject to a game restriction and can only apply to games provided by the Game Provider.

6. Progressive Cashback Bonuses

Online casinos may organize a level-up promotion with a cashback bonus as a prize. Players receive a cashback based on their game level, where the bonus increases as the player’s rank advances.

For example, a beginner level receives a cashback of 3%, and the max level gets a 100% cashback bonus. 

7. Cashback on Total Bets

In total bets cashback, the higher the wager, the more the cashback. Bettors will receive a portion of the total amount wagered within the specified timeframe, regardless of whether they win or lose.

For instance, suppose a player wagered $600 and received a 30% cashback on total bets. The casino deposits $180 cashback directly into the gambler’s account balance. 

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Quick Tip

Some sportsbooks like Roobet offer 100% cash insurance on their first sports bet. If the gambler’s bet did not win, the sportsbook ensures that the gambler will receive back the wagered money as a Free Bet.

8. On All Losses

Online gambling platforms usually link their cashback offers to specific games. However, online casinos frequently provide cashback on all losses, with zero restrictions on the games played. 

Gamblers can play any casino game and still get a percentage of their losses. While the unrestricted game selection makes it popular with gamblers, the catch with this rare and highly sought-after gem is the refund cap. 

Let’s say the house offers 20% cashback with a maximum fund of $120 for a week-long loss. 

  • Gambler A loses $500 and receives 20% cashback equivalent to $100.  
  • Gambler B loses $800 but will not receive the 20% cashback of $160. Instead, Gambler B will only receive the maximum refund of $120. 
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Helpful Article

If you received the “On All Losses” cashback and want to play other simple but entertaining cryptocurrency games, you can try your luck with Crash Games.
Crash Gambling offers simple “cash-out” game mechanics and a higher RTP of up to 99%. You can win this game while also recouping your losses. 

9. Converted Rebates

The typical setup for a cashback bonus is that the players receive cash directly to their account balance. However, with converted rebates, online casinos will reward gamblers in another form, such as:

  • Free Spins 
  • Lottery Tickets
  • Crypto Coins 

For example, a player lost $200 and received a 20% cashback bonus. Instead of receiving $40 in the gambler’s account balance, the casino provides free spins worth the same cash value.

10. Wager Free Cashback

The Wager-Free is a rare cashback bonus with a refund-in-real-cash setup. Instead of crediting money to players so they can play again, this incentive allows gamblers to withdraw their net loss rebates immediately.

The house imposes zero wagering requirements. However, the casino will most likely impose a loss limit condition that requires gamblers to lose a certain amount before receiving the percentage loss reimbursement.

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Side Note

For regular players, Wager-Free cashback is difficult to find, but VIPs may be able to obtain this rare gem. Online casinos treat VIPs as Kings, offering punters a wider range of exclusive rewards at a higher percentage than regular players. These VIP rewards will have few to no wagering requirements.
For example, regular players can receive 25% cashback with a wagering requirement, whereas high-roller VIPs will receive a 30% wager-free cashback bonus. 

How to Claim a Cashback Bonus

Claiming a cashback bonus is simple, but it differs depending on the online casino and the type of cashback. Generally reserved for seasoned and VIP players, cashback bonuses are available as a sign-up bonus, allowing new players to take advantage of it. 

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Quick Tip

If you have yet to begin your gambling journey, always check the bonuses available to new players. In most cases, deposit match bonuses are the most common offers of online casinos to new players. With a deposit match bonus, you get back what you deposit, up to a certain percentage. If the casino offers a 100% match bonus, you can wager $100 and receive $100.

For new players who want a cashback bonus as a welcome bonus, here is the overview of how to claim the reward:

  1. Choose a reputable casino: Choose and verify the validity of a casino’s license to ensure a safe and transparent gaming experience. Aside from the license, check the cashback bonus offered and its T&Cs.
  2. Create an account: Register to the chosen casino. Use a strong password for an added layer of security. 
  3. Make a deposit: Ensure you understand the requirements and limitations of the cashback bonus before making an initial deposit. Make the minimum deposit; otherwise, you will not receive any bonuses.
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Side Note

Deposits are optional. Players must make an initial deposit if the cashback bonus is available as a sign-up bonus.

  1. Claim the bonus: Use and enjoy the bonus funds received for eligible games before expiration.
  2. Play and lose: Before you can activate and use the cashback bonus, you must lose first. Remember to play within the specified games and period.
  3. Meet the bonus conditions: Make sure you meet the bonus wagering requirements. Once completed, the cashback amount might go directly to the gambler’s account.
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Side Note

Gamblers can always refer to the Terms and Conditions to see if the requirements are reasonable. Conditions for cashback may vary, such as the range or minimum, whereas the terms are the same for all online casinos that offer cashback. 

Maximum cashback: The maximum money you can receive from a cashback bonus.
Minimum payout: Cashback will only be available if the gamblers reach the minimum level of activity. 
Minimum deposit: Check the required minimum deposit to claim the bonus.
Expiration date: Gamblers must use the bonus within the set timeframe.
Game restrictions: Use the bonus and play the eligible games only. 

Play More With Cashback Bonuses: Are They Worth It? 

Cashback bonuses are worth having, allowing players to extend their gameplay. Gamblers can enjoy the game and keep it from rolling without depositing or betting money again.

The bonus increases the gambler’s winning odds with the newly added funds, allowing them to regain their footing and continue playing. In some online casinos, cashback is available for withdrawal without wagering requirements. 

Take a look at the disadvantages and advantages of cashback bonuses:

✔️ Reduces losses
✔️ A chance to win the game
✔️ Has low to no wagering requirements
✔️ Easy to claim 
✔️ Extends the playtime 
✔️ Fast withdrawal of real cash
❌ A time-limited bonus
❌ You have to lose before you win 
❌ Restricted to certain games
❌ Not widely available to most online casinos

Online Casinos with Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses were once only available to VIP members. However, more online casinos provide cashback as a sign-up bonus and weekly or monthly rewards for loyal customers.

Visit these top online casinos that offer cashback to new, regular, and VIP customers.

duckyluck logo

Ducky Luck


10% Daily Cashback

BetUS logo



Up To 20% Daily Cashback

7Bit Casino logo



Up To 20% Weekly Cashback

Final Thoughts

Cashback bonuses are becoming more popular in online gambling, especially since it has less restrictive rules. Gamblers can choose whether to play further or withdraw the rebates they receive from the net losses.

Choosing the latter option would mean the gambler can recuperate on some losses incurred during the gameplay. However, if playing more is the option, make sure to use the rebate wisely. 


Can you cash out cashback?

Yes. Some casinos have no wagering requirements for their cashback bonuses, allowing players to withdraw their bonus balance immediately.

Is cashback bonus free money?

No. A cashback bonus is not free money because it is given to players as a reward for continuing to play on the platform even after losing.

Does cashback expire?

Yes. Most casinos provide a cashback bonus with a time limit. The validity period may range from 24 hours to a month.