What Are the Odds in Craps? A Guide to Craps Odds for 2024

Of all casino games, craps is probably the one that confuses new players the most. Craps odds and bets are some of the hardest to figure out for a beginner, and the speed of the game can be confusing. That said, playing the game is very simple once you’ve wrapped your head around craps rules, odds, and the general game flow.  Stay tuned to learn more.

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What’s Craps?

what is craps

Craps is a game where one of the players — the shooter, throws a pair of dice. The players at the table have to predict the numbers on the dice.

To participate in a game of craps, you place a wager on a bet of your choice. Each bet is standalone and has different odds. Craps is one of the longest-lasting gambling games, being played in the US since 1800

Craps Odds Explained

Two main types of odds are used in craps — payout odds and true odds. Let’s see what they are and how they work.

Craps True Odds

True odds represent probability and show how likely you are to win a particular bet without any other modifiers. 

If you see true odds in craps with numbers such as 5 to 1 or 5/1,  it means that out of six possibilities, five will lose, and you have five times more chances of losing than winning. It has nothing to do with how much you’ll actually win, which is what we’ll discuss in the payout odds section below.

That said, true odds of winning craps game are much higher than in most other casino games. Your chances of winning at casino games are around 37/1, a lot lower than in craps, even with the house edge counted.

Craps Payout Odds/House Odds

In casinos, payout odds are usually just referred to as odds. They are a combination of true odds and house edge — the money that the casino always earns. Essentially, this is your craps odds payout.

To explain it with a simple example, imagine if you have a 3 to 1 payout on six-sided dice. To cover all possible options, you’d have to make six $1 bets for a total of $6. Five will lose, but the winning one will only give you $3, so the house is still up $3. True odds are one in six, but the payout doesn’t reflect that because if it did, the house would earn no money.

Different Craps Bets Odds

different craps bets odds

The rules of playing craps are quite simple, but craps odds and payouts, along with the bets themselves, make it a bit complicated. 

Odds on craps in Vegas or Atlantic City are some of the best ones around: once you understand them, playing craps will be a delight, and you will be able to earn a fair amount. 

There are two main types of bets based on the number of dice rolls — multi-roll and single roll bets. 

Craps Betting Odds for Multi-Roll Bets

As the name suggests, multi-roll bets are bets placed on multiple dice rolls. These bets are the most popular ones around. They offer the best payout of all Las Vegas craps odds

Pass Bets — Best Odds in Craps

By betting on the pass bet, you bet that the shooter (the person tossing the dice) will get either 7 or 11. If they get 2, 3, or 12, you’ll lose automatically.

If any other number rolls, it becomes the so-called ‘point.’ The point must be rolled again – you win if the point is rolled before a 7 and lose if the opposite happens.

When talking about craps, the pass bet has the best odds. The true odds for winning a pass bet are 251 to 244. so with this bet, the probability of winning is 49.3%. 

Payout odds for pass bet are 1 to 1, and the house edge is a low 1.41%. As far as casino craps odds go, you can’t do much better than that. 

Don’t Pass Line Bets

Even if you’re new to bets and odds in craps, this one’s pretty simple. It’s the opposite of the previous bet, but with a twist.

If the shooter gets either 7 or 11, they win, and you lose. However, if they get 2 or 3, you win. 12 is considered to be a tie. Once the point is established, you lose if it gets thrown again and win if a 7 occurs instead (again, opposite to the logic of a pass bet).

True odds are 976 to 949, with a probability of 49.3%. Don’t pass craps odds payouts are 1 to 1. The house edge is slightly lower than for the pass bet at 1.36%. 

Come Bets

In craps, come bet odds are the same as with pass bets. Players usually consider the come bet a sort of a  personalized pass bet. The rules are mainly the same, but the time when the bet is placed is different. You can only place a come bet after the point is established.

You still win on 7 or 11 and lose on 2, 3, or 12. If any number rolls, this is your new ‘point,’ It must be rolled again before a 7 to win.

When making come bets, true and payout odds for craps are the same as for the pass bets: 251/244 and 1/1. The house edge is also the same – 1.41%.

Don’t Come Bets

A don’t come bet is, as the name suggests, the opposite of a come bet. You place the bet after the point is established and win on 2 or 3. You lose if the numbers are 7 or 11, and 12 is a tie. 

Craps dice odds for the don’t come bets are the same as in don’t pass bets — 976/949. The craps odds payout is also 1/1 with a 1.36% house edge.

Craps Odds Bet

Also known as the take odds bet, this is an additional bet that you can add to your pass/don’t pass and come/don’t come bets. An odds bet in craps allows you to make your payout odds and true odds the same. This means that the house edge for an odds bet is 0%.

By taking odds in craps, you bet on the point established before. After the pass or come bets, you take the odds that the point will be rolled again before 7. Below you can see the payout for the craps table odds bet.

Point numbersTaking odds payout 
4 or 102 to 1
5 or 93 to 2
6 or 86 to 5

Craps lay odds are the odds bets taken after don’t pass or don’t come bets. By laying odds, you’re betting that a 7 will come before the point. If you’re interested in laying odds, take a look at the craps odds table for payout below.

Point numbersLay odds payout
4 or 101 to 2
5 or 92 to 3
6 or 85 to 6

Remember that when playing odds in craps, casinos limit how much you can bet. This happens because the odds bet doesn’t have a house edge. The limit is different for each casino.

Craps Place Bet Odds

By wagering on a place bet, you choose a number that needs to come before 7 for you to win. This bet doesn’t close until a 7 is rolled. Different numbers have different true and payout odds. You can see the true table odds and payouts below:

Number chosenTrue oddsPayout odds

Place bet odds are definitely not the best craps odds in Las Vegas (or elsewhere) when it comes to payout. They require you to bet a minimum of $5 to win between $7 and $9. 

Their house edge for 4 and 10 is also one of the highest with 6.67%. With 5 and 9, the casino earns 4%, and with 6 and 8, the house edge is 1.52%.

Craps Odds and Payouts for Buy Bets

Buy bets are almost the same as place bets. The numbers are the same, but you ‘buy’ a number instead of placing the bet. Buy odds also don’t fail until a 7 is rolled.

Although they are almost the same, the payout odds are completely different. Buy bets have one of the best craps odds in Vegas. This is because they pay true odds. 

But be careful because even though they don’t have a house edge, you still have to pay the casino. Casinos have a 5% commission on each winning buy bet called vigorish.

Numbers chosenOdds — true and payout
4 or 102/1
5 or 93/2
6 or 86/5

Craps Odds for the Big Six and Big Eight Bet

A big six, big eight bet requires you to bet on 6 or 8 coming before 7. It is the same as place or buy bets for 6 or 8, essentially. 

True odds on 6 and 8 in craps are 6/5 for all bets, but the payout odds differ significantly.

If you want to bet on 6 or 8, place and buy odds are a much better choice because the big six, big eight bet has 1/1 payout odds but a significant 9% house edge. 

Hardways Bets

Hardways or hard way bets require that both dice get the same number. You can bet only on even numbers since they are the only ones you can get with two same numbers on the bet. Odds at craps game for a hardways bet depend on the number you bet on.

Number chosenTrue oddsPayout odds
4 or 108/17/1
6 or 810/19/1

The house edge is high for both hardways bets. 9.09% for 6 or 8 and 11.11% for 4 or 10.

Craps Fire Bet Odds

Fire bet is one of the side bets that makes the game more exciting. By placing a wager on a fire bet, you bet that a single shooter will make six unique points — only points from 4-10 (excluding 7) count. It starts when a shooter rolls the first point.

Fire bet has the best Vegas craps odds for payout but the lowest true odds.

Number of unique points guessedTrue oddsPayout odds
4 points113/125/1
5 points610/1250/1
6 points6156/11000/1

If you happen to beat the odds of 6156/1 and a shooter has six unique points, you will earn $1,000 for each $1 you wagered. People who are that lucky, though, may as well try their hand at Lotto.

Craps Odds for Single Roll Bets 

Bets on a single roll of dice are less popular than multi-roll bets, and there a fewer of them. The odds for these bets are also lower. 

Craps Field Bet Odds

By wagering your money on a field bet, you win if the numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12 come. It may seem to be a fantastic offer, but remember that it covers only 16 out of 36 possible combinations in craps. It also has a significant house edge.

The real craps field odds are 5/4, with the probability of around 44%. Payout odds for 3,4,9,10 and 11 are always 1/1, while 2 and 12 are paid differently depending on the casino policy. Here are all of the options you can find:

  • Both are paid 1/1
  • 2/1 for both — the most common offer
  • 3/1 for 12, 2/1 for 2
  • 3/1 for both. 

The house edge goes from 5.56% for 1/1 payout to 2.78% for 3/1 payout odds.

Any Craps Bets/Odds on Craps Numbers

Numbers 2, 3, and 12 are called craps numbers, and getting them is called crapping out. 

If you take craps bet or craps number bet, you bet that one of these numbers will come in the next dice roll. 

True odds on craps here are 8/1, while the payout odds are 7/1. House edge is quite high — 11.11%.

Any Seven Bet

In this bet, you win if a 7 is rolled in any way. The real odds of winning Any 7 bet are 5/1. Payouts are 4/1, and the house edge is 16.67%.

Other Craps Number Odds

Apart from the previously mentioned bets, there are horn and horn and whirl/world bets. With horn bets, you are splitting your wager between four numbers (2, 3, 11, and 12), and if 3 and 11 come up, they multiply your bet by 3, while 2 and 12 do so by 6.75.

The odds of craps number bet wins are not high, but the payout is one of the highest in all craps games. Whirl or world bets are simply a combination of horn bets any seven bet.

Type of betTrue odds and probabilityPayout oddsHouse edge
3 or 11 Bets17/115/111.11%
2 or 12 Bets35/130/113.9%


As we’ve hopefully shown, craps odds are not as complicated as people often make them out to be. Once you’ve mastered the basic craps rules and all bet types you’re interested in are learned, craps becomes a fun and easy-to-understand game. 

There is just one more thing to be aware of. Craps is a highly profitable game for the casinos, earning those in Las Vegas $264.1 million of revenue in 2020 alone (more than roulette). So try not to spend too much and stick to the bets with a good probability of winning. After all, you want to come home with more money than you brought in.


What are the odds of winning at craps?

The true odds for winning a come or pass bet are 251 to 244 or 49.3%.

Other bets have lower chances, and craps odds of winning can be as low as  6156/1 or less than 1%, for 6 points fire bets.

Does craps or blackjack have better odds?

Craps have slightly better odds than blackjack.

Blackjack’s true odds are somewhere around 1.40/1 for all bets. This is a probability of around 42-43%, though some scenarios offer better chances of winning.

When playing craps, odds can go as high as 49.3% chances for a win.

However, the payout odds for the classic blackjack bets are higher than for the classic craps bets. For the classic bets, blackjack pays 3 to 2 payout odds, while a craps game pays 1 to 1 odds.

Blackjack is a hugely popular casino game, and the winnings are a lot higher. Odds and payout in craps are fair but cannot reach the likes of $40 million — the highest prize won playing blackjack.

How do you find the probability in craps?

To find the probability in craps, you first need to look at the real or true odds.

Craps probability is calculated by first adding the left and the right side. Then we need to divide the rightmost number with the number we get. And lastly, multiply the result you get by 100.

Here’s an example. If your true odds are 5/1, we add 1 and 5 together to get 6. Then we divide 1 with 6. 1 divided by 6 is 0.167. We then multiply this number by 100 to get the probability of 16.7%.

The good news is that you don’t need to do this maths by yourself. If you’re interested in real craps odds, there are tools that convert odds to probability for you automatically. They make the process a lot easier.

What is the probability of rolling a 7 or 11 in craps?

The probability that you will roll either 7 or 11 in craps is 49.3%.

The true odds of rolling a 7 in craps or rolling 11 are 251 to 244, which is a 49.3% chance of winning.

What is the probability of winning craps?

The probability of winning craps depends on the type of bets you place. While craps don’t always have the best odds, they are still higher than many other casino games. Plus,  playing craps is great fun for many players.

How do you increase your odds in craps?

To increase your odds in craps, you need to follow certain rules.

  • Choose pass/don’t pass or come/don’t come bets.
  • If possible, choose an odds bet because it lowers the house edge.
  • Try gambling online because even the best craps odds in Vegas are sometimes lower than online ones.
  • Try not to get taken by the atmosphere and never chase losses.